Modular Night Vision Goggles 1.0.3

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Tired of the Grainy and Shitty NVGs? Also want a nice Thermal?

This is an update to my old mod and an upgrade as well.

Features all the NVGs in game with new filters to make each one unique and making the N-15s compatible with the TATM mounts. (Also features a better T-7)

Everything is fully configurable with the config file included, so you can make your own unique NVG Filters.

Thermal Scopes/Sights had been modified as well.

Special Thanks to the following people:
MC Witch Doctor - helping figure out the T-7 and FLIR/REAP-IR values.
The Katto - Tips and Tricks.
Limbo - Showing me on how to edit bundles.

T-7 Optional Config:
- Change the value of the T7ramppalette to "Fusion" if you want a colored version of the T-7s.

If you want non-blinding lights sources, set the "intensity" of each NVG setting to "1.0".





  • Version 1.0.3

    New Additions:
    - Ultima Thermal Camera is now added.

    - Doge Box for the Ultima Camera has been resolved.

  • Version 1.0.2A

    Hotfix for minor issue:

    - Server printing a lot of messages relating to the thermal scopes.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Thermal Scopes:
    -Added the T12W with a new reticle

    -All Thermals have been updated to have extended range of 1000 units (default: 250)

  • Version 1.0.1

    Updated Config file settings:
    - Added new options to enable/disable.
    - New T-7 customization.

    New additions:
    - Modified FLIR
    - Modified REAP-IR

  • Version 1.0.0

  • there's a problem in latest 1.0.3 that REAP-IR's crosshair is too dark to aim,can you fix it please?

  • Is there any option for the screen glitches in thermal scopes? Is the only thing that bothers me when I use the mod.

    • The Glitch effect was intended.

  • hi, im just wondering is there in the config where i can change the saturation esp. in factory night. the color isnt the same with other map. anyway thank you for this mod!

    • What do you mean?

    • I set the values to make it look like the image above works on every map except in factory the nvg looks like the bottom image. its too saturated

    • Seems like a BSG thing.

      I can't help you with that.

  • Do you have a list of filters for T-7s? I know there's Fusion and BlackHot, but are there any more?

    • I would've listed them if there was more.

      That's the only 2 I know of.

  • Would it be possible to use the custom setting to make thermal sights usable by lowering the brightness in the config file?

    • What do you mean specifically.

      The T-7 or the FLIR/REAP-IR/Ultima/T12W?

      If it's the T-7 you can adjust the settings.

      If it's the Optics, no it's hardcoded in the bundle. Also IDK how it's unusable as it works perfectly fine for me as it is fine in my screenshots.

    • Opps sorry i left out a whole part of my question. i meant to ask if it would be possible to make thermal sights like the FLIR usable with night vision by lowering their brightness in the config file

    • It doesn't work like that chief.

      Thermals weren't even supposed to be useable under night vision.

    • ok thanks anyway

    • If you really want to, you can set the Intensity of each NVG setting to 1.0 so the blindness of light will be less/non-existent.

  • the refresh effect for flir changes reticle position and aim position with it.

    • I left glitch effect on because i liked it.

    • If you want an alternate version.

      I can make one tomorrow or the days after since I mod on my free time.

    • would love to have tutorial for how you did this

    • Unity Asset Bundle Extractor

      Play around with it and you'll eventually get it, and trust me it's hard at first until you finally get it.

      Thanks 1
  • As you’re aware, the server prints the thermal optimization line like 100 times, but also, the mod now turns the Ultima Thermal Camera into a dogebox, and when equipped causes all sorts of weird stuff with the characters movement

    • Hotfix is in the works.

      Expect it later today. (for the server print)

      I will have to check the ultima camera, and I have not touched that and idk how is that related.

  • suggestion for T7

    fileData._props.farClipPlane = config.T7.T7farClipPlane;

    "T7farClipPlane": 1000

    (default is 250)

    i usually mod all my thermal scopes to cut off on 1000, work with goggles too

    • Thanks for this, will try this out and ship out a quick update whenever I can!

    • sadly, this setting doesnt work for scopes.

  • Any chance you can make the Thermal Red Dot less grainy and more clearer?

    • It's in the works.

      The recent update does not cover that yet.

  • Are the standard settings for nvgs in file somewhere, really I got this mod for the n15 adapter and dont mind the graininess with nvgs.

    • GPNVG-18




      I will add an enable/disable feature in the future updates.

      For now, just copy the numeric/decimal values of each one.

    • Thanks man I appreciate it

  • Nice mod, would it be possible to make scopes compatible with this, especially T7? There was a mod for it in A5 i think.

    • That mod modified all the optics to make them work for the T-7.

      Not worth the effort.

  • Just wanna ask, do you can think add a dual AN/PVS 14 for this one?

    • This mod's focus is about modifying vanilla NVGs, not adding more NVGs.