Munitions Expert - Ammo stats in inspect view 1.2.1

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Adds most ammo stats to the inspect view as well as making it a little better overall.

As with every client mod, Munitions Expert is built for a specific client version. See version details for compatibility.

Mostly clientside, but if you want the custom icons and localizations to load, it needs to be installed on the server as well. (on a local server this doesn't matter)


  • Adds Damage, Damage to armor, Armor penetration, Fragmentation chance and Ricochet stats to the inspect view
    • All of these have icons
    • Damage shows total as well as individual damage of all pellets!
    • Armor penetration also shows what class it's rated/good against (this also adapts to changes in armor class resistances)
  • Adds icons to bleed chances
  • Standardizes formatting of attributes
  • Changes Accuracy, Recoil and Durability burn stats to a colored style (negatives are red, positives blue)
  • Has full localization

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  • Version 1.2.1

    Compatible version of EFT: v0.12.11.15426

    - Updated for AKI-2.1.1

    - Minor assembly info changes

    - Removed log spam for adding info to bullets

  • Version 1.2.0

    Compatible version of EFT: v0.12.11.14290 | AKI 2.0.0

    • Updated to AKI 2.0.0
    • Added formatting to Durability burn
  • Version 1.1.1

    Hopefully the last one today!

    • Added missing French, Mexican-Spanish and Hungarian localizations (oops!)
    • Added localization for armor class in Armor penetration value
  • Version 1.1.0

    • Added armor class rating to Armor penetration stat
    • Minor refactoring
    • Changes to assembly info
  • Version 1.0.1

    Changed the name because funny

  • Version 1.0.0

  • give us the update, king/queen <3

  • Can't wait too.

    I love this mod :love:

  • Can't wait for the updated version. Would also love to see item approximate value listed in the description so you know what to loot.

  • I'm actually a lost baby noob without this mod

    "Waiting desperatly for 2.2.0 version" gang rise up

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  • Without a doubt, a very helpful Mod. Waiting for this mod in version 2.2.0

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  • Favorite mod. Waiting update for 2.2.0

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    • Not for me.

    • hello, for functionality just adjust the value "akiVersion": "2.1.1" to "akiVersion": "2.1.2" in package.json

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    • + thanks for adding the line "akiVersion" to the package file

  • How do you install this mod?

  • Thank god its back, I've wanted this mod for so long

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  • This is one of those mods thats so good it really should be in the base game, well done! I didn't realize how much QoL this mod adds until I didn't have it available anymore lol

    Any chance of updating to work with 2.1.1 ??

  • Could it be that the DLL file have to be rebuilt ?
    I would love to try and update it, while waiting for a proper update by Faupi.

  • Playing without this is suffering killme

  • Can you update for the new 2.1 aki release? LOVE this mod btw, one of my must haves.

  • seriously, this is amazing, thanks! BSG should hire you.

  • does it work with ammo from Thunderbags-BiggerBang-2.0.0 mod ??

    • Hello, it's good practice to browse previous comments before you ask a question. Nonetheless, yes it should :)

    • sorry and thanks :)

    • It does, Capussi show as lvl 9 ammo, and BOOF as lvl 7, if I remember correctly.

  • when will it be ready for 2.0.1 ?

  • Ive tried adding it to my modlist but for some reason it does not make any changes....

    is there a way to check up on why it is not working?

    • If anything goes wrong, it should appear in the client logs. Make sure to check "SPTarkov/Logs/log[timestamp]/[timestamp] errors.log".
      Also make sure you're running the correct version the mod was made for, as it's possible that other versions might not hook correctly.

    • Im using the correct one, i dont see that directory (not in server files or in game files)

  • Просто спасибо

  • does this mod works with ammo added by other mods ?

    • Yes it does

  • can you make armor level penetration stat? like in ammo stats in description mod

    • I thought about that, but I'm not sure how I'd access the armor class data to make it accurate. If I'd just do it by dividing by 10, it wouldn't actually represent the real state in games where the classes are overhauled, but this might come later.

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    • nice, thank you for doing that stat!

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