Kiki-RemoveTediousQuestConditions 2.1.0

This mod gives you a config file which enables you to remove certain requirements from quests. (full explanation In description, All option are disabled by default!)

# Mod RemoveTediousQuestConditions

This is based on Toasty remove tedious quests, but uses non of their code.

Add more conditions ie. time, map number of kills required..
Add options for other annoying quests ie. kill killa 100 times.
Further work on Locales probably.

***This probably won't work with mods that add quests, you can try adding some aa's in front of the folder name so it runs first***

***Detailed config explanation with lists of effected quests (at time of writing)***

For each option, set to true to enable, false to disable.

weaponModsInclusive = Requires you to use a specific attachment when you get kills.

The Punisher Part 2
Wet Job Part 1
The Tarkov shooter Part 7
Silent caliber
Silent caliber
Test drive Part 1
Hunting trip

weaponModsExclusive = Requires you to NOT use a specific attachment when you get kills.

The Tarkov shooter Part 1

weapon = Requires you to use a specific weapon when you get kills.

The Punisher Part 1
The Punisher Part 3
The Punisher Part 4
The Punisher Part 6
Spa Tour Part 1
Wet Job Part 1
The Tarkov shooter Part 1
The Tarkov shooter Part 2
The Tarkov shooter Part 3
The Tarkov shooter Part 5
The Tarkov shooter Part 6
The Tarkov shooter Part 7
The Tarkov shooter Part 8
Silent caliber
Test drive Part 1
Peacekeeping mission
Hunting trip

equipmentInclusive = Requires you to use specific equipment when you get kills.

The Punisher Part 4
The Punisher Part 5
Humanitarian Supplies
Decontamination service
Peacekeeping mission

equipmentExclusive = Requires you to NOT use specific equipment when you get kills.

The survivalist path Unprotected but dangerous
The survivalist path Eagle-owl
Swift One

distance = Requires you to make kills from a minimum distance.

The Tarkov shooter Part 1
The Tarkov shooter Part 2
The Tarkov shooter Part 3
The Tarkov shooter Part 7
A Shooter Born in Heaven
Decontamination service

bodyPart = Requires you to kill by hitting a certain body part (leg, head etc)

Spa Tour Part 1
The Tarkov shooter Part 2
The Tarkov shooter Part 2
A Shooter Born in Heaven
A Shooter Born in Heaven
A Shooter Born in Heaven
A Shooter Born in Heaven
The survivalist path Cold blooded

Locations = Requires you to perform actions on a specific map

Ice cream cones
Cargo X Part 1
Friend from the West Part 2
Spa Tour Part 1
The Cult Part 1
Wet Job Part 3
The Punisher Part 3
The Punisher Part 2
Polikhim hobo
Shootout picnic
Spa Tour Part 5
Chemical Part 4
No offence
The Punisher Part 1
Spa Tour Part 6
Postman Pat Part 2
The Punisher Part 5
The Extortionist
Spa Tour Part 3
Scrap Metal
Sanitary Standards Part 1
Wet Job Part 4
Spa Tour Part 2
Chemical Part 1
General wares
Supply plans
Wet Job Part 5
Wet Job Part 2
The Cult Part 2
Wet Job Part 6
Operation Aquarius Part 1
Friend from the West Part 1
Sanitary Standards Part 2
Wet Job Part 1
Chemical Part 3
Golden swag
Eagle Eye
Big customer
Kind of sabotage
Shaking up teller
Chemical Part 2
Cargo X Part 2
Whats on the flash drive
BP depot
Gunsmith Part 5
Humanitarian Supplies
Tigr Safari
The Punisher Part 4
Car repair
Loyalty buyout
Spa Tour Part 4
Fishing Gear
The Punisher Part 6
Cargo X Part 3
Postman Pat Part 1
Spa Tour Part 7
Gunsmith Part 2
Health Care Privacy Part 2
Health Care Privacy Part 1
Signal Part 2
Gunsmith Part 1
Farming Part 1
Health Care Privacy Part 4
Health Care Privacy Part 5
Gunsmith Part 3
Bad rep evidence
Delivery from the past
Gunsmith Part 4
Farming Part 2
Lend lease pt 1
Gunsmith Part 14
Farming Part 4
Vitamins Part 1
Signal Part 1
Gunsmith Part 15
Signal Part 4
Health Care Privacy Part 3
Psycho Sniper
Gunsmith Part 6
Gunsmith Part 16
Gunsmith Part 7
Informed means armed
Gunsmith Part 10
Huntsman path The trophy
A Shooter Born in Heaven
Hunting trip
Gunsmith Part 11
Sew it good Part 3
The key to success
The survivalist path Combat medic
Gunsmith Part 8
Sales Night
Farming Part 3
The Blood of War Part 3
Perfect mediator
Decontamination service
Silent caliber
Gunsmith Part 9
Sew it good Part 2
Huntsman path Secured perimeter
Database Part 2
Only business
Peacekeeping mission
Dressed to kill
Signal Part 3
The Blood of War
The Tarkov shooter Part 6
Test drive Part 1
Huntsman path Eraser Part 1
Living high is not a crime Part 2
Bad habit
Database Part 1
Hot delivery
Sew it good Part 1
Private clinic
Vitamins Part 2
Gunsmith Part 12
The Tarkov shooter Part 5
Lend lease Part 2
Courtesy visit
The guide
The Tarkov shooter Part 2
Make ULTRA Great Again
The Tarkov shooter Part 8
The Tarkov shooter Part 7
The Tarkov shooter Part 3
No fuss needed
Gunsmith Part 13
The Tarkov shooter Part 1
The Blood of War Part 2
The survivalist path Unprotected but dangerous
Sew it good Part 4
Charisma brings success
The survivalist path Wounded beast
The survivalist path Zhivchik
Big sale
The Tarkov shooter Part 4
The survivalist path Tough guy
Huntsman path Woods keeper
The stylish one
Living high is not a crime
Textile Part 2 - Bear
The survivalist path Thrifty
Huntsman path Justice
Huntsman path Sell-out
An apple a day - keeps the doctor away
Textile Part 1 - Bear
The survivalist path Cold blooded
Huntsman path Woods cleaning
Huntsman path Eraser Part 2
Shady business
Fishing place
Huntsman path Evil watchman
The survivalist path Junkie
The chemistry closet
Regulated materials
Huntsman path Controller
The survivalist path Eagle-owl
Rigged game
Bunker Part 1
TerraGroup employee
Huntsman path Sadist
Colleagues Part 3
Colleagues Part 2
Bunker Part 2
Pest control
Colleagues Part 1
Lost Contact
Mutual Interest
Long Road
Surplus goods
Night Sweep
Inventory check
Revision Part 2
Huntsman Path- Factory Chief
Experience exchange
The Hermit
Capturing Outposts
No place for renegades
Easy Job Part 1
Huntsman Path Outcasts
Search Mission
Disease history
Energy Crisis
Corporate Secrets
Cargo X Part 4
Back door
Easy Job Part 2
Operation Aquarius Part 2
Seaside Vacation
Fuel matter
Communication Difficulties
Out of curiosity
Long Line
Compensation For Damage - Trust
Trust regain
Hippocratic Vow
Textile Part 1 - Usec
Textile Part 2 - Usec
Safe corridor
Huntsman Path - Relentless
Swift One
The Choice

setPMC = There is one quest which requires you to kill USEC
(this can be an issue if you are playing USEC with all AI PMC set to Bear)
If true this will allow any PMC kills to count.

Friend from the West Part 1

debug = will show in the console the condition affected, and all the quests impacted by this.

  • Version 2.1.0

    Added Location option to config. If true, removes requirement for actions to be completed on a specific map. (to do, clear up locales to reflect this too)
    Added debug option to config, if true, will display the condition name, and every quest affected, in the console log.

  • Version 2.0.1

    Updated to AKI 2.3.0 ++.

  • Version 2.0.0

    I have given all my mods a sizeable refactor which should make the code a fair bit easier to follow. I have also added most of my todo list (any specific changes below), and want to release everything before things get hectic in my life again ^^.

    RTQC, I have a bit of a backlog to get through on this one, will be top of my list for additional features when I find time.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Update package for 2.2.0. No change in method.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Forgot to remove a Logger line :kannatiredofthis:

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Just downloaded the newest release and found that having the 'location' functionality of this mod set to true results in an error related to the Additional Gear - Tan mod (via Kobra's portpack) on server startup.

    A flood of [WARNING] Item id: blah blah has no presets also pops up, but I'm not sure if those are related. Both the error and the has no presets warnings disappeare if location is set back to false.

    • Sorry mate, I am not downloading a 500Mb mod to find his mistake. Will have to use it without it I am afraid.

    • add a couple of Zs at the beginning of the filenames for each mod and see if it is a load order issue

      Thanks 2
    • OK I have found the issue. If location is enabled then it is being spliced out of the conditions array. The conditions are then being referenced directly by number (for example

      as the array is no longer the same, the 2 now points to something that doesn't exist.
      In general it is best to do a look up if you can. In this case,searching for parent equipment perhaps?
      Either way, not sure if there is a quick fix which isn't going to be a PITA I am afraid.

      Thanks 1
    • It occurs to me that load order will totally fix this. Just rename my mods folder to zzKiki-RemoveTediousQuestConditions and you will be good to go <3 (as the items will be injected before I splice out the locations :D )

      Thanks 1
    • Thank you both for responding, and thanks for taking a look anyway Kiki, I can't blame you at all for not wanting to download a 500mb mod.

      So, I tried renaming this mods folder with a zz as per your suggestion, and that sadly didn't work, still getting the error. However, I removed the Z_ from all of the Additional Gear folder names and then went into their respective .js files and made sure the Z_ was removed from the internal references to their folder names, and that seems to have fixed the issue.

      I was a bit weary of renaming the Additional Gear mods since I figured the Z_ in their folder names was necessary, but there are no errors in the server log at all after renaming them, and the tan, black, untar etc gear all still appear just fine in the flea market, and the traders. I also left the zz in front of this mod just in case, but renaming it back to Kiki-RemoveTediousQuestCondition causes no errors.

      EDIT: Renaming mod folder to Z_Kiki-RemoveTediousQuestCondition also lets everything work just fine, without needing to rename or edit the Additional Gear folders or files. I guess AKI loads mod folders with a Z_ after ones with a 'z' or 'zz'. Bloody WIndows, fooling me by showing Z_ mods above those with a 'z' or 'zz' when using its default sort by 'Name'

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  • I appreciate this mod, been doing the obvious SBIH and 100 meters feels like an absurd distance after scoring 2 headshot kills without either counting.

    Another thing I wish this changed was location based kills, I don't think there's many of them but Evil Watchman is pain. PMC's never seem to go to dorms, just scavs. I guess another solution would be remove the PMC requirement so just kills at dorms. Either of these would be so helpful if it was possible.

    • It is genuinely top of my list, but I am working mad hours atm, so I can't tell you when I will get a chance to write additional parameters in. Fingers crossed it will be within the next few days, but I can make no promises.

    • Nice to hear, don't worry about it.

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  • Love the mod but is there a way to just change the distance on SBIH quest? Thanks

    • Yeah, set the distance, then remove when complete animesmugidk

  • Great mod!!!!

    Could you please take a look at removing extract requirement from all quests? This would make this mod absolutely the best one for me!

    Either way, thanks for the good work!

    • It is actually top of my todo list. When I find the time to even begin working through that is anyone's guess right now though I am afraid. Expect an update

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  • I would love to see a config option for "location" ie raiders in the command bunker, pmcs in stronghold, dorms, factory office area. Just change it to the whole map. Thanks for the awesome work, definitely makes the annoying tasks much more playable *cough* tarkov shooter series *cough*

    Thanks 1 Like 1
    • this would actually solve some broken quests that dont work with SPT because of the spawns. For example Lighthouse has that problem afaik.

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  • Does it work on version 2.2.0?

  • This mod is a dream come true. Many thanks!

    Thanks 1
  • So should I switch to this one if I have your previous one installed which is not here anymore? The one I mentioned works perfectly fine tho.

    • Up to you, this just has more functionality. Use whatever works for you :) (I removed it and shooter born in heaven tweaker, as the options are present in this, so no need to keep 3 mods maintained :) )

      Thanks 1
  • nice, no more arbituary bullshit like wearing the antichrist gear and peacekeeper omniciently knowing you didnt actually wear it

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