Examine Items by Category 1.0.0

Select which item categories you'd like to be examined by default.

Other mods exist for examining all items, but leaving some items unexamined can be useful, like keys. This mod lets you pick which item categories you want to be examined by default.


Settings are available in src/config.json.

enabled: true | false global on/off switch for the mod

notExaminedByDefault: Array of item categories categories included here will be unexamined by default. Base config only includes Keys and Keycards.

allCategoriesForReference: Array of item categories Does nothing in the mod, just lists all item categories, so you can copy and paste the ones you want. Just make sure each one has quotation marks around it and they're all separated by commas!


This mod does not change the examined status of anything you've already manually examined in game.

I don't know what happens if you include things like "Hideout" or "LootContainer", so good luck if you choose to include those.

Should work on AKI 2.2.* as well, just update the akiVersion in package.json to what you're using.