Custom Quests Editor 1.1.0

Online tool to create/edit custom quests json files, this is the ideal companion for Custom Quests mod.

Designed to work with Custom Quests mod <3

This tool will allow you to create and edit quest files for Custom Quests mod.

Main features

- just select what you want

- handle several quest files

- you can duplicate a quest

- search for items

Usage tips

- Warning: if you reload the page, all data are loose (for now).

- Drop a custom quest json file to import it.

- Double click on a quest file to rename it.

- Create chainable quests with `locked_by_quests`


Thanks to Gave_Over for making the image ;)

  • Version 1.1.0



    Added quests persistance in local storage.


    Editor can load file quests for Custom Quests > 2.0.0 (@group and @build directives are ignored for now)

  • Version 1.0.5


  • Version 1.0.2


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Missing features in editor since Custom Quests 2.0.0

    - start_rewards (2.0.0)

    - @group special directives (2.0.0)

    - @build special directives (2.0.0)

    - Any target for Kill missions (2.1.0)

    - FindItem quests (2.1.0)

    - one_session_only property (2.1.0)
    - repeatable quests (2.3.2)

    - weapons_whitelist for Kill missions (2.4.0)

    - traders_reputations for rewards (2.5.0)

  • Still plan to update this beatuiful thingy? :)

    • Yup, still planned, but I have to update PTT and CustomQuests to 3.3.0 first.

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  • Hi,

    love the idea of this.

    I tried to do my own quest series but after i launch the game and try to accept a quest, the following error shows up in my server:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    at QuestController.acceptQuest (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:5277:57)

    at Proxy.acceptQuest (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:2090:37)

    at QuestItemEventRouter.handleItemEvent (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:13298:44)

    at ItemEventRouter.handleEvents (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:13467:38)

    at ItemEventCallbacks.handleEvents (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:1659:63)

    at $de60112e0288ef4d$export$1dd35d19c79daa7c.action (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:14008:48)

    at ItemEventStaticRouter.handleStatic (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:12648:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:12943:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:12933:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (E:\Tarki\SPT AKI Game_3.0.0\obj\bundle.js:14510:38)

    After a few minutes i got a backend error and the quest is accepted and shows up at the trader.

    Any idea on what i did wrong?


    • Hi, thanks for reporting.

      Can you provide your json custom quest here ?

    • Thanks I'll take a look this week-end and I come back to you

    • Ok I found why, apparently the client is not happy when quest ids has spaces.

      Try to replace all your ids, for example:

      `Scav 10x` replaced by `Scav_10x`

      In next versions of custom quests this will be prevented by an error, thanks for reporting and have fun.

    • This is fixed in 2.4.3.

      Now `Scav 10x` is automatically replaced by `Scav_10x`.

      But be careful, this is not the case for ids in `locked_by_quests` and `unlock_on_quest_start` properties (for now)

      EDIT: it's better to avoid spaces even in 2.4.3 (it allows retrocompatibility with your quest file)

    • Thank you very much!

      I love your mods and will go on working and experiment with them ;)

  • Is there a way to import a Json into the quest editor site, in case I messed up? I accidentally put customs as the location, even though this objective is to place a jammer in nightfactory

    • Yeah you can just drag-n-drop your file to import it ;)

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  • This mod is very good, I want to ask is there a way to set trader's loyalty as a reward ? and how can I add a custom image as the quest image ? thx

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  • Loving this mod, I did just want to ask for clarification, is there a way to set Trader Loyalty as a reward or is that still a planned feature in the future?

    • yes it's planned for now

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    • Since this is a very asked feature, I'll make this as my priority for next Custom Quests updates.

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  • Yes! This makes it so much easier. Thank you trap.

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  • A Very beginner and user-friendly way to make quests.

    I'm impressed with how easy it is to make quests with this mod.
    It's incredibly simple, beginner friendly.

    There are some things lacking such as reputation at the moment and the UI of the custom quest maker isn't the neatest.

    But you can get seriously creative with this and come up with some genuinely fun quests.

    Thank you for all your hard work.