Take A Break 1.0.0

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Freezes time so you can go take a shit or sum during raid

Have you ever needed to go do something but couldn't cause you were in a raid and your PMC had some fat shit you didn't want to lose?

welp I got bored at 5AM and decided to write a script just for you

by pressing the base keybind P (or whatever you set it to) this script will freeze the in-game timescale so your PMC will be safe while you go make a sandwich

  • didnt want to put in the review section but a longer raid timer mod was mentioned. i couldnt find it in mods section so can anyone suggest one or do we change in game files?

    • My AIO mod has lets you config it and sets it to 24hrs default

  • This doesn't work for me followed instructions but extract clock continues to count down

    • did you even read the github note

    • I dont see a note what am I missing?

  • I found a glitch, sometimes after a pause, the game will continue running, but bullets won't be registered, so, everyone will shoot at everyone without a chance to kill, also any objects like doors won't be interractable.

    What might possibly cause such a problem?

    • dunno as I’ve never had such problem

    • just had it happen to me and I reckon it might be a map-specific thing?? I've never had it happen on say customs or the such but it has happened to me on labs

    • It happened to me on Factory, I guess it is caused by multiple pauses during one raid, I have reinstalled the game and will try to play around with it, Alt + F4 helps in such cases and saves the loot, but anyway, this is awesome mod and thanks for your both time and efforts, much appreciated!

    • Guess it just happens on the small maps then

  • I have a big problem... sometimes I pause the game and when I get back and press P again my screen goes black and death screen. (Soo I dies somehow)

  • where has this been my entire life

  • I am having a problem getting this to work. I have downloaded it twice now and both times it doesn't have a .json file in it that it needs to run. The Aki Sever launcher thing gives me an error saying "Invalid mod Encountered"

    "Mod Kobrakon-TakeABreak is missing package.json"

    I'd really like to use this mod, as I have a 4hour timer and it would be nice to pause for drinks or potty breaks.

    • its not a server mod, its a BepInEx plugin, so just drop the DLL into the BepInEx/plugins folder

    • Thank you so much. That was excellent advice.

    • So, I did as you said and everything loaded fine, however. P is not pausing anything. XD

    • Have to have every other key not pressed in order for the bind to work

      just a bepinex thing

    • I dont believe I have any macros set that auto click. Could it be the DPI button on the Corsair mouse? Cause when I hit P I am not pressing anything else.

  • Wow, now I can actually pause the game when I need to go do errands. Thanks! 5/5 stars from me.

  • so wait, there's a possibility to change the speed of the game? does that mean there's a possibility for a "Slow-Mo" mod?

    • I'll waiting all the time 4 this :D :D :D maybe in the future....

    • its definitely possible but an oddity I noticed during testing is that guns on full auto maintain their base RPM despite slowed timescale

    • maybe the weapon handling is handled differently? cause i also noticed that the slowdown or pause of timescale also slows or stops the zoom of scopes.

  • Thank you so much for this. This is a life safer

  • Playing this at work, this mod is perfect.

  • I've been practically begging for this for so long. Excellent work again!

  • The hero we didn't know we needed.

  • Wholy shit...10/10 must have mod

  • finally i don't have to extract to take out the trash or some shit thanks

  • Fantastic work again, man; thank you for creating this mod! I'm going to try and see if I can use this with your Camera Unsnap mod to see if I can get some mid-shot pictures of muzzle flashes and etc. Keep up the good work, brother! ^^:thumbup:

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  • This Just Made My Raids 100% Better

    I listen to podcasts and watch documentaries while I play sometimes. I know, it's a bit weird, but with maps I know like the back of my hand that are pretty safe (Customs, Interchange, Factory), Tarkov is mostly something to do while I listen. However, whenever the podcast or documentary I'm watching gets to a part I want to pay attention to, I would have to hide in a corner to pay attention and worry about being interrupted.

    Now I can just pause!

    Edit: The only real issue I've noticed so far is that the timer doesn't freeze. As far as I can tell, the only things that pause are actors and animations. In other words, this mod is only useful for making sure a bot doesn't walk up on you while you're away, but you'll still have to come back before the timer runs out. So, it only support quick breaks at the moment!

    Reply from Kobrakon ():

    yeah unfortunately the whole timer thing isn't something I'm too sure of on how to fix but then again at this point if you don't have a mod that extends the raid timer then you're really missing out

  • Amazing.

    A must have for any singleplayer game.