Coolest DevTac Ronin with thermal vision. 1.0.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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This mod adds two new textures, on the DevTac Ronin and Slick. Makes it possible to install night and thermal vision modules on DevTac, as well as two dynamic electromagnetic protection modules for helmet and vest.

Items available for purchase from a merchant (Mechanic):

Ronin, Ronin Headset - 1lvl

Ronin Armor, Night Vision - 2lvl

Thermal Vision, Slick, Slick Armor - 4lvl

Mod installation:
Place Ronin.rar in /user/mods and unpack

Best with Atlas wear.


  • Just out of curiosity, why does linked search on the helmet lead to Rechargable batteries and green batteries?

    • They are supposed to be a power source and can be mounted on the helmet.

  • Will you be bringing this to SPT 3.0.0? Just wondering since I already deleted all my files from version 2.3.1 XD

  • Everything worked, thanks. It was necessary to create a folder called "Ronin" and put it in the mod folder, and also change the version in the package.json file. Thanks to the author of the mod for the help!

  • Will this mod work on version 2.3.0?

  • The mod is very cool. You did your best!

    But there are some flaws:

    1) The presence or absence of batteries in the helmet does not affect anything;

    2) It is not possible to switch between the modes of thermal signatures and night vision (you can switch if you swap the modules, it is possible and conceive, but this is not convenient).

    What is missing modification:

    There is no way to install headphones, despite the fact that the helmet itself muffles the sounds. I would like that headphones could be installed together with the mask, or it would be possible to put modules in the mask that worked as headphones "GSSh-01 active headset", "Peltor ComTac 2 headset".

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.


    Sorry for grammatical errors in the text. (I don't know English well)

    • The batteries are added for the sake of realism, they really do not affect anything, as soon as the spt aki will be added a repair kit, I will try to make a charger based on it, and then, maybe, the batteries will make sense.

      I also thought about headphones, this case is easy enough, today I will try to add.

  • How to install this mod and where?