(10 New Songs!) Hex's Custom "SPEC OPS" Themed Stash Music 2.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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26 "Special Operations" Themed Musical Compositions for Your Stash. Ranging from Games to Movies and Independent Artists.



-26 Tracks Total (May add more in the future)

-Carefully Selected (There is a distinct vibe within the collection)

-Each and every song has been normalized, trimmed and mastered to ensure proper volume levels with Tarkov's menu and stash in mind

-The genre is pretty much stealth mission, covert military operations-ish.


-To install this mod, extract the .zip file contents into root SPT-AKI directory where "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" is located. Replace files if necessary.

-After extract, you should find SamSWAT.CustomMusic.dll in BepInEx/plugins folder.

-Songs can be added or deleted via BepInEx > Plugins > SamSWAT.CustomMusic > music

-If you want these songs to be added to the playlist with the existing tracks in the game,

open config.json in the root folder of the mod and replace parameter "ReplaceOriginalMusic" with false.


-Sometimes the playlist will stop after certain songs.

aquadance^ RESOLVED IN VERSION 1.1+ ^aquadance


-This mod would not be possible without @SamSWAT <3



  • Version 2.0

    -10 new tracks added to playlist.

    -26 tracks total.

    -If you are still using Version 1.1, just replace the old zip file when downloading from the link, then press "Yes to All" when prompted to replace existing files when extracting the "Hex'sSpecOpsMenuMusic" folder to your SPTarkov directory. chikadancing

  • Version 1.1

    -16 tracks total. * If you want a smaller file size and less songs, you can download this version. *

    -"Ghost" track issue has been fixed.

    -Files are now .WAV instead of .MP3. (better sound quality and fixed muted audio/ghosting)

    -Reduced playlist count to 16 to be more in line with the vanilla Tarkov playlist. (will do further testing with more tracks and release another version pending stability) > 10 more spec ops vibes in 2.0!  animeokay

    -Added limiter to all tracks. (further ensuring similar DB range of all songs)

    -If you are still using Version 1.0, delete all current audio files and replace them with the .WAV's from Version 2.0 in BepInEx>plugins>SamSWAT.CustomMusic>music animehappyhop

  • Version 1.0

    Obsolete. Please Download Version 2.0 animeokay

  • Hey there, having issues with installation. I dropped the BepInEx folder in the main SPT-AKI directory, and nothing is changing. Just a little confused on which zip file to extract! Thanks!

  • OK I tried it and I have to say not bad at all.

    I do like the Tarkov music but I keep the volume down because I like to chill the original music can be a little to upbeat for me after work.

    Your mix is great for that and your description of it fits definitely has an intense spec ops dramatic feel to it but its more sort of ambient?? don't know how to describe it.

    Anyway thanks and I recommend anyone reading this to try it, I'll definitely keep using it.

    Thanks 1
  • Great Playlist!

    This is such a well curated playlist, I appreciate it very much! EFT's soundtrack is iconic but it's nice to switch it up with more ambient stuff, thanks! <3

    Reply from VirtualHex ():

    thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

  • I think this music fits quite well for an ambient menu background music for this game. Very well put together.

    Reply from VirtualHex ():

    I put a lot of time into finding songs that fit the vibe. Glad you like it, thank you. 😊