Andrudis-QuestManiac Updated 2.0.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

This is a reupload of Andrudis-QuestManiac for SPT AKI v3.0.0

This is a reupload of Andrudis-QuestManiac for SPT AKI v3.0.0

I've updated the mod to work with v3.0.0. The original description is included.

For information on the mod, you can see the original page here. I left some of the install information and warnings for ease of use.

Known issues have also been left in just in case, but I don't know if they still apply.

Some features have not been included. I made the decisions to exclude them because I felt they were outside the scope of the primary purpose for me personally. I apologize if they are missed.

All credits to the original mod for all the work that was done!


1. Unzip and copy Andrudis-QuestManiac folder in user/mods/

2. Change config options to your liking (Andrudis-QuestManiacsrcconfig.json)

3. Delete unwanted bundles from Andrudis-QuestManiacdbQuestBundles or replace with alternatives from Andrudis-QuestManiac_AlternativeBundles

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Normally all new traders will start with blank inventory and all assortment is intended to be unlocked with corresponding quests. If you want all trades to be available from the start - check config options.

NOTE: "### Trade" and "### Barter" bundles can be used together, but will lack internal dependencies between Barter and Trade quests present in original full bundles

WARNING: do not use "### Trade" or "### Barter" bundles along with original full bundle. You will have to wipe if you switch from Barter/Trade bundles to original full bundle or back!

### Mod options

* AllQuestsAvailableFromStart - FOR DEBUG! Make all mod's quests available from the start, leave 'false' unless you know what you are doing. Does not affect vanilla quests.

* AllTradesAvailableFromStart - when enabled, will remove quest completion requirements for all trades added by this mod (does not affect vanilla quests and trades).

REMOVED * EnableJaegerFromStart - Jaeger will be unlocked without Introduction quest. Introduction quest will still be available to complete, just not required for unlock.

REMOVED * ProgressionOverhaul - when enabled, changes XP progression up to lvl 100 and locks flea Market till lvl 50. Will also change Fence inventory size to 3 items per refresh. This can be overridden with new "FenceInventorySize" settings to whatever value you like. Read "Recommended configuration" for best use.

WARNING: some mods like 'Ereshkigal-TerragroupSpecialist' may override XP progression. If you use such mods, make sure only one of them overhaul XP progression.

REMOVED * FenceInventorySize - changes number of items Fence sells per refresh. Default is 'null' which will not change anything. Valid values are between 0 and 200. If set to integer value - will also override changes made by "ProgressionOverhaul".

REMOVED * EnableBarterOnly - when enabled, will override all vanilla trader's assortment and remove all money trades leaving only barter trades.

WARNING: will conflict with any other mod that overrides vanilla trader's assorts.

REMOVED * EnableBarterOnlyQuests - when enabled, will lock barters for Vanilla traders behind quests which will literally require you to complete first barter trade for each item as quest before that item will be unlocked for good.

NOTE: EnableBarterOnlyQuests - does nothing if EnableBarterOnly is not enabled.

* ShouldAddGammaContainer - Enable to Add Gamma secure container as reward for one of the quests

* QuestIdForGammaContainer - UID of quest which will get Gamma secure container as additional reward. Default is "Wet Job Part 4"

* RemoveAllMapsRestrictions - when enabled, remove map restriction from all mod's quests enabling them to be completed in any location. Does not affect vanilla quests

* RemoveAllGearRestrictions - when enabled, remove gear restriction from all mod's quests enabling them to be completed with any gear equipped. Does not affect vanilla quests

* ReplaceKillCounterForRaidersWithPMCs - If set to 'true' will count PMCs instead of Raiders for all conditions that require Raiders kills. Quest description, name and counter will still list Raiders.

REMOVED * TraderAvatars - select which avatars to use for mod's traders. Valid values between 0 and 4, any other value is counted as 0. Old avatars from Beta have id = 1. You can preview all avatars at "<mod folder> es raders"". DO NOT FORGET to clear cache after each change at: %LOCALAPPDATA%TempBattlestate GamesEscapeFromTarkovfiles raderavatar

### Known issues:


Infinite loading circle after completing/accepting any quest forcing you to restart after each ACCEPT/COMPLETE action with quests.

Possible cause:

This is a know BSG issue that happens in Live also: https://forum.escapefromtarkov…o-restart-my-game/page/2/ It is caused by one of active Started quests being in invalid state. Supposedly this may occur when you have 2 or more quests getting completed at the same time, for example if you are trying to complete quests "Colleagues - Part 1", "Anesthesia" and "Rigged game" during the same raid it may (not 100% guarantied) bug out one of these quests. Obviously, the more quests you have, the more likely you may encounter this issue.


You need to edit your profile, go to "characters"->"pmc"->"Quests" and delete records for quests where "status": "Started" - that unfortunately will cause you to lose some progress on these quests, but should resolve this issue. Leave quests with other statuses as is, especially where "status": "Success". Be sure to backup your profile before editing!

  • Does anyone now how to update this for newest build? Or can tell me how to do it, this mod is THE reason I play tarkov.

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    • Lua-CustomSpawnPoints and ANDRUDIS-QUESTMANIAC

      are my reasons

    • The update broke it ?

    • I wish, maybe they'll update it for 3.2.2 someday, who knows

  • I don't know if I did something wrong but after starting my server I got this message :

    (node:15848) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Unsupported issue: Expected string but "\\" found. (please open an issue at the repo)

    at runFixer (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:91:16)

    at fixJson (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:103:21)

    at doubleCheck (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:29:44)

    at fixJson (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:105:10)

    at fixingTime (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:113:11)

    at checkJson (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:146:12)

    at JsonUtil.deserialize (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\obj\bundle.js:16296:99)

    at QuestManiac.delayedLoad (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\user\mods\Andrudis-QuestManiac\src\mod.js:85:48)

    at DelayedModLoader.executeMods (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\obj\bundle.js:12313:21)

    at DelayedModLoader.load (E:\Pause\SPTARKOV\obj\bundle.js:12302:14)

  • What a nice news that someone resumed the mod project.
    I would like to know if you will put all the functions that the mod already had that were you.
    I'm playing on the old version just because of this mod and would like to know.

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  • Glad to see this mod is back, loved the original
    Just thought you should know, in the config file, you've left on all the debug options, I only realised after getting 600+ quests show up on all traders, had to reimport my profile from a backup and reinstall the mod to fix it

    Other than that, it seems to work just the same, I hope to see more support and more fixes in the future for any potential bugs


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    • Yeah very sorry about that, I noticed after I started up a new game. I think the new version should have the correct file. Glad you had your profile backed up.

    • All good, glad to know you've fixed it now, thanks a lot for your service and help


  • Thanks for update! animeokay Are you keep updating this mod? or just make working with 3.0.0?

    • Currently just updating for 3.0.0. I really wanted to use it with the new version so I thought I would share it after doing the refactor. I'd like to maintain it for future versions and potential bugfixes.

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