Boomsticks 1.2.1

Adds new weapons, better armor variants and ammo.


This mod aims to provide new weapons, better variants of vanilla armors and also ammo. The inspiration for the name and also the mod came from the mod "Boomsticks and Sharpsticks" for STALKER Anomaly.




Currently, Boomsticks adds a trader called Boom, with 4 loyalty levels, as well as 2 new guns:
- .300 Blackout AAC Honey Badger assault rifle
- 5.56x45 Noveske Diplomat assault rifle

- 5.45x39 Booms Armament AR-545

Planned items:

- 5.56, 5.45, 7.62 and .300 Blackout ammunitions;
- Better armor variant for the PACA.

These guns have been tested and work perfectly, but if you find any issues on your end, please do tell. There are tons of new guns planned, and once I figure out how to add custom models, I plan on porting some guns from other games and adding them to my mod.

Simply drag the folder inside the zip to the regular /user/mods/ folder. !! DO NOT RENAME THE FOLDER INSIDE THE ZIP WHEN YOU MOVE IT TO YOUR MODS FOLDER !! No extra steps needed. Please do let me know if you get any weird errors coming from this mod; this is my first attempt at making a mod for a game.

Special thanks go to K4_a, Shirito, RaiRaiTheRaichu, life, Alex, and CWX for all the tips and help, and all the users that reached out to me on Discord with ideas as well as providing me vital troubleshooting information.

  • Version 1.2.1

    Quick patch for 1.2.0 that adds the new magazine to the AR-545 preset sold by Boom! Thank you life for your help ^^

  • Version 1.2.0

    - Add new Booms Armament AR-545 gun;
    - Add new 5.56-styled 5.45 Magpul PMAG.

    - Remove burst fire mode from the AAC Honey Badger.

    - I can't get the trader to offer the AR-545 for purchase with the new mag equipped. If anyone figures it out and wants to help out, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Version 1.1.0

    This update adds the Noveske Diplomat assault rifle:

    - Chambered in 5.56x45;

    - Semi or full auto;

    - Includes an Aimpoint T1 red dot sight already installed.

  • Version 1.0.1


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Really love the mod. Great to finally have a honey badger in SP Tarkov post version 3..0. Really enjoying using it. Easily one of my all time favourite assault rifles to use.

    The Diplomat and the AR-545 don't appear to be part of any existing weapon family and their weapon mastery never goes up even after many raids. The honey badger works and is classed as an M4 for weapon mastery. Could it be possible to add these other two guns to be classed as an M4 for weapon mastery?

    If I knew what to change I would do it myself but I'm not sure where to look and what to edit. Thanks.

  • Will it upgrade to 3.2.4?

    • I have been using it on 3.2.4 with no issues for several days now. Also running maybe 10 other mods alongside and not experienced any problems.

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    • Thank you, i'll try!

  • Is there a way to disable the trader?

    • If you disable the trader then you can't buy the weapon presets.

  • Amazing mod I love the AR platformed baby ak. mind me asking are you planning on adding 60 rounders for it in the future? if you are no rush man I apricate the work your doing!

    • Yes I do plan on bringing more magazines to the AR-545. Just been taking a little break from things.

  • does the guns in the flea markete meant to be so cheap? i mean they are just the receiver but i feel its way too cheap being sold for 5-7k roubles

    • Not intentional, it's something I need to look into and release a patch for.

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  • Will it work on 3.2.3?

    • It does, nothing really changed from 3.2.2 to 3.2.3 in terms of mod compatibility.

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    • Thank you!

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  • why dont you port the honey badger mod by carl? cuz Kobra already ported it to like 2.1.2

    • I would prefer to create my own guns and presets instead of porting older mods

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  • eRmA2BY.png

    Boom sells Noveske rifle without any parts. Don't think this was made intentionally tho. Aside from that, this mod is magnificent

    • Yup, not intentional, forgot to make Boom not sell it because it’s obviously WIP but it’s okay since i’m going to finish it in a little bit.

      And thank you for your kind words! I’m happy you enjoy my work. ^^

  • i downloaded hotfix it still crashes..deleted cach an it still crashes

    • DM me on Discord, @andre.#2001. I’ll try to help you sort the issue out

    • did im wolfofvalhalla on discord

  • Bad that you give us no pictures to showcase your mod. I've been tricked by too many bad mods that i'm not installing it if i don't see pictures of it when it's necessary. New weapons ? Let's show us

    • Sorry mate, the page was made in a bit of a rush. I’ll take some pictures of the guns and record some videos too to showcase the mod.

    • Alright, you should be able to see the images now. Took some time to make the mod page look nicer while providing screenshots of all the currently present weapons. Sorry that they weren't there in the first place.

    • Appreciate it :)

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  • I saw the title and about shat! I'll still gladly take a Honey Badger :)

    I saw a bit of a preview in the discord and have been keeping an eye out for this! Will continue to keep an eye out for updates, but I couldn't download this fast enough. Thank you!

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    • Currently adding the Noveske and I got a few more AR-15's planned for the mod, then i'll add a couple of AK's, some ammo for both and improved variants of some armor that I personally feel should be a bit better.

      Glad you enjoy it and thank you for the support! :)

    • Absolutely! Thank you for your work, can't wait to get my hands on the Honey Badger :D

      Edit-- below issue has been resolved by the author

      Currently the mod is causing my server to fail to start, it very well could be a mod compatibility issue?

      I'm not very fluent with this stuff, but I'll try to describe what is happening to the best of my ability- let me know what else, if anything, you need!

      When starting the server, your mod will state that it is loading, & that it has successfully loaded, then it will begin to import data from your mod, and crash the server window.

      I tried deleting the contents of user/cache and renaming your mod fold to load later in the order but the same thing happens.

      I'll try it in a few with no other mods- I'm running the latest hotfix of .3.2.3

    • DM'ing you on Discord as we speak.

    • Same thing happening to me...terminating server

    • Fixing that error in a quick patch! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Some very welcome additions to the game

    Really great mod. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Guns are done really well and i have had no issues at all. Great to finally have a Honey Badger in SPT 3.0+. This is long overdue. Much needed alternative to the MCX, so it isn't anymore the sole gun that uses 300 BLK. Another gun I always wanted to see in Tarkov was a S&W M&P15R in 545x39. This mod provides yet again with the 545 AR. Also cool to have a short barrel Noveske as well as Noveske products are known for very high quality. Some more variety in 5.56 is always welcome.

    Can't wait to see what other things this mod will offer in the future. :thumbup:

    Reply from andre1337 ():

    Thank you for your kind feedback! As for your comment, the issue with the mastery for the Noveske and the 545 will be addressed soon, just been on a bit of a hiatus.