Angel in white Kiriko 1.0.1

Change the therapist to a beautiful girl and add heartwarming quests with civilians on the battlefield like in This war of mine.

*This mod requires customquest mod

*After installation, some images will not be reflected unless you do launcher setting → clean temp files

*Some of the original images have been changed. If you need it, please backup Aki_Data→Server→image

Help heroine with your help!

We had long been frustrated with BSG, which added only tasteless quests and rare items that could only be given to the Fence.

This mod changes the therapist to Kiriko Yuukoku, a character the Idol m@ster shiny colors, and adds a circular quest focused on merc life in Tarkov like stalker and this war of mine.

All quests can be taken at the therapist, feature new thumbnails, and can be played over and over again!

About Kiriko Yuukoku

She is a student idol aspiring to go to medical school.
By chance, she was assigned to Tarkov for an educational internship.
Kiriko is selected to be the medical officer because her predecessor, Elvira Khabibullina, retired due to a strained back while carrying car batteries.

She is also responsible for the care of Tarkov's children.

example image

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  • Hey there! just here to say Custom Quests 3.0.2 is out and it works with spt-aki 3.3.0 ;)

    Have fun :*

    • Thank you very much for letting me know

      And thanks to you, I was able to create your mod, the ideal SPT!

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    So glad to see new custom quests :thumbup:

    btw, I don't know why but the link to custom quests in your mod description is broken: Custom Quests