Make PMC Bots Talk 2.0.0

A simple mod that makes all PMC bots talk in 3.4.1 like they used to.


Download the .zip file, extract all, and add the folder MC-TALK to your user/mods/ folder in SPT. Make sure it is just the folder with all of the contents, not a folder with another MC-TALK folder inside of it, else the mod will probably not work!

The directory should look like this:


and not this:



Read the README file included with the mod to learn how to change talkative presets and individual values if you are interested!

Let me know if there are any issues with it!


  • Version 2.0.0

    This update should make PMCs more talkative than the original version, as it alters more relevant variables. I recommend updating if you already have version 1.0.0 and don't feel that the PMCs in the original version talk enough.

    Also, this update adds some customization - read the README file in the mod if you want to learn more. You don't have to change anything if you don't want to, it is the same plug-and-play as the original version in that regard.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Is there any way to separate the PMCs? I would like to make only friendly PMCs announce themselves

    • Yes the next version you can choose for all of the AI types. I'm not sure yet when that will be released but hopefully in a couple days. I'm also not sure yet if it will be a new mod or the third version on this one :thumbup:

  • Can someone tell me in what version of the game, or what version of SPT-AKI that the PMC's stopped talking? I've Googled this question, and can't find a specific answer. Thanks

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    • I'm honestly not sure myself. They should talk in 3.5.0 by default though, at least the easy and normal difficulty ones.

  • Works just fine it was getting kinda lonely only hearing scavs complain in a language i didn't understand anyways

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  • its cool

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  • By chance could this also include other AI types? Thanks!

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    • Seconded!

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    • I will look into this today! I'm still not 100% sure what is possible but will try. :thumbup:

    • Progress update: Made significant improvements so far but it will still take a while as it is considerably more complex of a task.

      By a while, maybe a day or two, not sure yet.

    • Another update: Still going to be a while unfortunately, lots of stuff has come up but still intend to do this.

    • No worries mate, take your time.

  • the PMC's being silent made them kinda spooky.

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    • True. I think there is character to the game both ways - the liveliness of the talkative PMCs and the challenge of the silent ones.

  • Feels a little too real sometimes

    The PMCs will now swear at you just like you're playing online!

    Honestly though, it does add another level of immersion and I really enjoy this mod.