launcheraio but not as advanced 2.0

vbs file to start your server.exe and launcher

first ever time uploading here just a simple bat and vbs file to start everything with 1 double click :) (vbs is only to not show batch file cmd lol)

to use this you have to place the run.vbs and akistart.bat into your client folder (where you start aki.server and stuff)

and if you want to you can right click the run.vbs and go to send to and create a desktop shortcut

The launcher delay is by default on 10 seconds (i have a lot of mods lol) but if it says Server is running Happy playing!! way before 10 seconds you can make it shorter by editing the akistart.bat file and editing the 10 in "@timeout /t 10 /nobreak >nul" to a shorter amount (the time is in seconds)

(ig i took a bit of inspiration of LAUNCHER AIO) :)<3

(works on 3.4.1 but should prolly work on older versions aswell)