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If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.
Backup Escape From Tarkov
2.0.* mods aren't working on 2.1.0.

    Can you replicate this without mods installed for me please, and send fresh logs when it crashes?
    How is performance with live for you? if you struggle there, then here will be worse (as you don't have a server doing the heavy lifting for the bots etc, so take extra load)

    Yes I did the same with an fresh install without mods, it was the same. The performance ingame are smooth.

    But I think I found why it crashes. I lowered my resolution from 2560*1440 to 1920*1080 and it works fine on all the maps I tested (factory, customs, interchange, woods). No more crashes here. But still crash when loading the hideout.

    I found a workaround. To enter the hideout, I set the resolution to the lowest one available and I set the downsampling to 0.5. Then I set the graphics options to the ones I use to play.

    It's not ideal but it works !

    Thank you for helping me.

    PS : Do you still want me to try without mod and post the error log ?

    Hey fellow tarkovers !

    I experience CTD every time I try to enter in the hideout. It's loading and as soon I can see and hear the sound of the hideout it crashes.

    I have the same when I try to go to Factory. At the end of the loading screen it crashes.

    I have some random crashes when I go to certain area on others maps to. For exemple on Custom, when I go to the dorm I have a CTD in a minute more or less. If I play on the rest of the map, everything is fine.

    (I tried so far only Factory, Custom and Woods)

    I tried to do a clean install without mods and test it in the hideout but it crashed all the same.

    My spec : Intel i5 7600k, 16GB RAM DDR4, Nvidia GTX 1070.

    I know it's not the top tier gear but normally it can handle Tarkov good enough without issue. Hell it handles FS2020 and others high ressources demanding games, so I hope it's good enough for Tarkov SP !

    I don't know where to dig to make the game working fine, I hope you guys have some ideas !

    PS : I remember one odd thing. The first evening I installed the game, I didn't do anything in it, just assigning keys and options. And I could go in the hideout without CTD. Since, even with a fresh intall I can't anymore. This was 2 days ago and as far as I remember nothing changed on my computer since.