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    Game was working fine just before I decided to craft up two gas analysers in my hideout, the first one worked perfectly though with slight lag, the second one gave an error stating something along the lines of "Client hash does not meet expected server hash", the error you get when an item hasn't loaded properly and it backlogs the server to a couple minutes before.

    My game was in a frozen state where it wouldn't load but the server was still logging so I restarted the game, and got this error:

    (image is attatched)

    I've tried deleting every mention of e7f833b50c9a5adc74054271 from my profile, I've tried changing the positions manually, making sure to save each time, but somehow even with it all removed, the server still gives this error, expecting an item that doesn't exist.

    I hope this gives you the information you need, I really don't want to lose the progress I've made on this profile

    Also, I have manually updated some mods to not give me an error when running on this server version, since some are old but still work perfectly fine, again, haven't had any issues until now, so I suspect a gas analyser spawned in the wrong place, overwriting a mag, and is now causing me this issue, any help would be great, thanks.