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  • Hi dear moder TEOA.

    thank you for your cool mods.

    can you update the gunsmith reboot mod for 3.4.1?

  • hey, nice mod but wen i put it in the gun slot it dupe, any idea why?

    • Which mod? I made 12?

    • ho yea my bad, the amw

    • Any other mods running?

      Also what SPT version?

    • I also cannot recreate the bug.
      Please leave detailed steps for the bug to happen.

    • after trying with no other mod, the bug is still ther so not an exterior issue (i belive). when i buy awm and mod it nothing hapend but when i put it from thestash to the weapon slot of the caracter it dupe. only the original duplicate, the duped one can't be duped again. also when i close and re open the game the duped awm become jusrt the internal. sory if it's not clear english is not my main la

  • Hey ty for work. Are you going to reboot Alex's AIO too?

    • Yes I will probably out today and if not tomorrow.

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    • I'm actually installing the Alex AIO mod for the "Operator" trader. If you have time, it would be great if you could release this trader as a separate mod as before.

    • Is planned as well and actually before AIO

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    • AlexAIO is online!

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