Valens-RecoilReduction 1.1.0

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Reduce Recoil to manageable levels like real life, kekw

Install to SPT/user/mods via unzipping the folder

Your directory should then read SPT/user/mods/Valens-RecoilReduction_v*.*.*



  • Look at me!! I am now gigachad!

  • For some reason I dont seem to get it to work. The directory is the same as what it's described....Patch is 3.5.2 as well.

    • Does it show loading/loaded in the server? If so, should be fine. There's no turn off/on switch.

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  • does it also affect bots?

  • Very nice mod. Some people says that this recoil is too low, but i have over 6000 hours in tarkov and i remember the time, when i and my dudes was abusing recoil control skills and that was really low, much lower than the recoil in this mod. Fully graded M4-s and AK-s had 0.0001 kick from the first shot and absolutely laser beam at any distances. I even have effectivly played labs with stock AKM just with silencer. This mod has 10 times more recoil than vanilla Tarkov with graded skills about 2 years ago. The only one thing i think is too low is pistols, just feels and looks a little bit weird sometimes, but overall a really great mod. I use it to have the ability to play with stock and beautiful weapon kits, not with this shitty looking meta bullshit. Thank you! :thumbup:

  • Seems to be working with 3.5.0

  • Super nice config, but I'm a bit confused by some values. I found this link that explains the terminology for recoil parameters:

    Recoil Values and What They Do

    However, I personally would like to have everything default but simply remove the initial kick that BSG added. The recoil was fine for me personally before they added the kick. Any tips on what to set for that to get as close as possible?

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    • No clue. I recommend you play around with it and compare values to the globals.json for default BSG values.

      I hate BSG's recoil, so definitely not something I'll myself be pursuing lol. I can handle an M4 in real life no problem, my PMC can't.

    • If you want the recoil without the kick, try the standalone recoil mod from realism mod, it does something close to what you're describing. if not, I guess just play around with the settings in this mod until you find something you like ^^

  • v1.1.0 just released w/ the config option as requested.

  • Like the mod, but I think it's more of a recoil eliminator rather than a reduction. Like other's have been commenting, presets or a customization option would make this mod amazing. Keep up the great work.

  • Yeah, like 0kae said, a config in a future version of this mod would be amazing! Feels like this nullifies recoil, which is great!! But it would be nice if we could, say, reduce recoil by 70%, or have a few presets to go by, "low", "medium", "high", "max", for example, with "max" being the mod as it is now.

    Very cool mod! Thanks for sharing. Just some ideas for future versions and ways you could consider expanding the mod's functionality :)

  • Hey, could you add a config for this? I would love to tweak it to more my liking. Personally for my gameplay, the reduction is too significant.

  • anyone know if this works for 3.5?

    • Presumably, dunno though.

  • I've been using Kobra's realistic recoil

    It seems this mod reduces the recoil even more!

    Finally don't have to play with PMC made of paper ;(

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  • Repo's public now, lel. Coding when I should be in bed always a bad idea.

  • Does it work for 3.5

    • Presumably, dunno though.

  • I think your repository for this mod is still set to private.
    There are only 3 visible on your GitHub at the moment; AIO, Progression, and AmmoOverhaul.

  • link not working..?!

  • Download and log links are broken, page not found