Item Tweaker 1.1.0

Edit item properties in batch or individually.

Initially made this for myself, since I wanted to balance and play around with item properties.

I wanted to do things like:

  • setting recoil/other stat multipliers for some weapon groups based on their caliber or their name(MDRs, SCARs, Glocks, ect.)
  • removing turn rate modifier from any equipment(including face shields, SLAAPs, etc.) lolipanic  
  • making earpiece wearable with heavy helmets
  • NVGs wearable with face shields :isawthat:
  • combining different helmets with different visors (not always pretty)
  • changing food/medical items use time and other props
  • changing tactical headset properties
  • and so on...

So basically this mod lets you do exactly that and anything else you want to do with item properties.

In general to use it you set up a query which will filter items by set conditions and then multiply or set those item's property values. So you can change several items at the same time or just one individually.

While already mentioned in the Readme, here are resources I used which might help you understand what properties do Tarkov items have and how you should edit them:

  • SP-Tarkov Database Search. Very convenient and was enough for me in most cases.
  • Recoil Properties Explanation
  • Your SPT-AKI's \Aki_Data\Server\database\templates\items.json, more relevant to your SP Tarkov version than DB search, but use it only as reference, do not mess it up.

It's recommended to use an editor which supports JSON format (e.g. VSCode/VSCodium) to avoid making mistakes in the structure.

Always keep a profile backup if you are worried about how some item changes you've set up might affect your profile.

More details and examples on how to use it are in Readme.pdf.

  • Version 1.1.0

    The most recent version with queries and nested property access.

    Developed for SPT-AKI 3.5.0, should probably work for newer ones too.

  • Version 1.0.0

    The first version with pretty basic filtering based on only one property.

    I just want to keep it here to be consistent with versions on the repo.

  • Also i have found how to remove face shield overlay to have clear view without bullet marks. Its buggy because closing and opening face shield is playing strange hand animation without sound and its stuck in open position, but armor zone works. I didnt apply it for Gorilla and Killa for a reason though.

  • Hi man, i saw you wanted to make "add" feature, that would be very usefull, thank you for your work already btw. Im writing because i have issue of "operation": "greater_than" and "less_than" not making any changes to item property. Basic multiplying works but it multiplies negative numbers e.g. from -10 to -3

    In both cases logger outputs:
    Applying "change_mag_modifiers"...

    "change_mag_modifiers" made 0 changes to 0 items
    aki 3.5.0, mod 1.1.0

  • Hello, i want to increase the armor class of an helmet. That's what I did :

                "armorClass": "7"

    I put this in manual overwrite. I have Realism mod that modifies the armor class of helmets so I loaded last this mod to overwrite Realism mod. I don't see any changes, can you give me a clue to how I can fix ? Thanks

    • It seems that Realism doesn't display the actual armorClass when inspecting an armor. For Vulkan it shows "GOST 5", but the actual armorClass value is 8, so you would be lowering it. Also looks like it changes it to an actual number, instead of a string, so your "7" has to be without quotes.

      You can set verbose to true in Item Tweaker's config.json, so it will show you any mistakes and also the original value and whether it was changed. This should help you confirm that any changes actually applied since you can't see them on the UI.

      For reference on Realism's values you can look around in it's files, but you should probably avoid editing them unless you're sure about what you're doing. The "GOST 5" armor class for Vulkan you can find in Realism's db/templates/gear/Realism/helmetTemplates.json. The actual armorClass values seem to be in src/armor.ts.

    • Thank you, removing the quotes fixed it. Weirdly enough, the initial armorClass wasn't 8 but 4 in the armor.ts:

      And it wasn't GOST 5 but GOST 2 in helmetTemplates.json :

       "5ca20ee186f774799474abc2": {
              "ItemID": "5ca20ee186f774799474abc2",
              "Name": "item_equipment_helmet_vulkan5",
              "AllowADS": true,
              "LoyaltyLevel": 3,
              "ArmorClass": "GOST 2"

      I only have realism that changes armor classes though, i don't know why it's a different armor class than yours...

    • Dunno, maybe the versions are different. I simply downloaded the latest version to try it and find out what's the issue, but the principle is the same anyway. Good to hear that it worked for you.

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    • I did this :

      I wanted to add the LShz aventail on the vulkan 5 with the face shield. I had to see how to do it in the item.json. It worked, I see 2 slots and I can place them but I don't see the faceshield and the aventail on the helmet when I place them on the slots.
      But it still physically works, I have them, it's just that I don't see them.

    • Yeah, that might happen. When I wanted to combine Killa's faceshield(or Rys-T, don't remember which) with Vulkan it appeared on my PMC's neck or something. But on the other hand I've successfully combined Killa/Maska faceshield with Altyn and Rys-T and it looked pretty well, so it might work well for some items.

      I didn't really play around with it much but I suppose such things would have to be tweaked in the assets(bundle files) or somewhere else, but that goes beyond messing with item's properties.

  • The mod doesnt seem to work even when i did a full re-install and while using several of the examples that come with the mod. I dont know if im doing anything wrong or the mod just doesnt work. If anyone could give me a working example i would be very grateful.

    • Try to CTRL+A, CTRL+C from selectors_example.json and CTRL+A, CTRL+V into dynamic_selectors.json. If it doesn't work, tell me what errors does your server console show.

    • My brain must have fried itself seeing as it actually does work now, thanks for helping anyways though i appreciate it.

    • Just make sure the JSON structure is correct. If you use VSCode or some other proper editor it shouldn't be a problem, since errors will be highlighted.

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  • Love the mod so far, and have been able to do a lot of cool things to make the experience the way I like it, but I've ran into a little bit of a snag.

    Ive looked over the item finder and I can't find the cost of an item. If I wanted to multiply the cost of all ammo in the game, would that be doable?

    • The cost of an item is mostly determined by it's handbook price. The "handbook" is a different database table, this mod only works with the "items" table. So it's not possible to change the price of any item with this mod.

      If no other mod editing item prices exists it's possible that I could make one some time in the future, though I don't have such plans for now.

    • I see, that explains why I couldn't find anything on price in the item finder. Thanks for clarifying.

  • is there a way to Edit a Scope? I would like to Tweek a few optics for Snipers etc maybe even add a Custom Redical of my own.

    • You can edit any properties which scopes have in their item templates, but how will that affect them in-game needs testing, since these are only server values and some things are handled client-side. To change reticles you most likely need to change/add actual assets, this mod doesn't do that. Every items seems to have a line which you could change, like e.g.: "path": "assets/content/items/mods/scopes/scope_30mm_eotech_vudu_1_6x24.bundle",

      which seems to specify a bundle path, but I don't really know how assets are handled in this game.

      As far as I've checked these are some scope-specific properties that scopes have in their templates and some of them don't seem to change much. I've tested "Zooms" and "CalibrationDistances". Zooms seem to only change the values in item description, zoom itself is probably handled somewhere in the client. Calibration values seem to actually work and you can zero on newly set values, but I didn't test how precise they are.

    • Thank you for the help but I remember there was a Bug/Glitch where you could use someone's distance Spotter and it would show up in your Scope Redical as the Distance you were aiming at I wanted to try and make that as a Scope in SP Tarkove

  • The mod looks awesome, despite my inability to use it correctly :)

    Well done, mate!

  • Finally I don't have to keep manually editing the items file when changing SPT releases!
    Changes to everything including NVG, food, backpack sizes, weapon stats and more!!! Thank you for sharing this, although not new user friendly, certainly helps do it yourself manual editors like myself.

    • yeah i've tried this mod to change med values but i'm not good enough to understand it and make it work, but seems like the possibilities are endless!

    • It certainly might look overwhelming since it's more like a tool rather than a mod where you tweak a few predefined config values. But it's also not that complicated.

      Perhaps I can assist you a bit with an example in the spoiler below.

    • thx for the help