SNACCPACK - Revival 1.0.1

The Beloved SNACC Pack™ makes a comeback to the world of 3.8 SP-Tarkov

This is a return to the classic SNACC Pack™!

This is a revival of a revival of a revival of a mod (something like that, this is getting complicated :S), that adds the awesome SNACC Pack™ to Jaeger.

Jaeger has two options for the player, one involving straight cash, and the other is a whacky item barter.

It can hold whatever the Mr. Holodilnick thermal bag can hold plus the Holodilnick itself (cause why not idk)

There is a config file for editing things such as:

The money needed for the money barter

The loyalty level needed for the money barter

The item amounts for each item in the item barter

The loyalty level needed for the item barter

The size of the container

The items barter offer is quite the shopping list that Jaeger has put together for you:

Hello comrade, you want this cool pouch?

either you give me some cash of else I want you to find some things for me, understood?

Purified Water, Vodka, Moonshine, Delicious Rat Cola, Kvass, Aquamari, Whiskey, and some Emergency Water Rations.

- J <3

Some Example Images:

File description and link to the last iteration of the SNACC Pack™
SNACCPACK uploaded by TEOA

DigitalBarrito, DUCC, TEOA, iForgor for all/any contributions for the SNACC Pack™ and its lifecycle

Revingly for an awesome frame of reference

  • Hello, the mod installs and the pack even works but it does not have an image in the stash and it just has a little loading circle going forever

  • Now we need a grenade PACC.

    Good job!

  • hello, will this mod not work if you have other mods adding things to jaegers inventory? I use olympus for the extended mags it offers and i cannot find the snaccpack in jaegers inventory.

    • ok, after a jaeger level up, i can see the item barter pack, but not the cash barter.

  • As a dad bodied 30+yo boomer with a unhealthy relation with food, drinks etc. Allow me to offer the most humble and sincere gratitude of your work. Tank you my good dude. Whenever technology takes the quantum leap in the kudos field. The coveted "pat on the back" will be sent to you, person, charity or foundation named in will of testament or next of kin.

    TL:DR Thanks for your work and time my dudebroguyfriendbuddy!