BlackCore 1.1.1

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

New black (or close to) variants of weapon mods and gear

The trader Painter is required for this mod
It's VERY IMPORTANT that the trader is loaded BEFORE BlackCore


Weapon Mods

  • EOTech EXPS3 holographic sight (Black)
  • Insight WMX200 tactical flashlight (Black)
  • 5.56x45 HK 30 STANAG polymer 30-round magazine (Black)
  • AR-15 Daniel Defense RIS II FSP 9.5 handguard (Black)
  • Bastion Upper Reciever (Topographic)
  • Holosun LS321 Tactical device (Black)
  • AR-15 Noveske Upper Reciever (Topographic)
  • Vortex Razor HD Gen.2 (Black)
  • Wilcox RAPTAR ES Tactical Rangefinder (Black)
  • Steyr AUG 5.56x45 30-round magazine (Black)
  • SilencerCo Hybrid 46 multi-caliber sound suppressor (Special)
  • M14 TROY S.A.S.S. Chassis stock (Black)
  • VPO-101 Vepr-Hunter stock (Black)
  • AK Magpul MOE pistol grip (Special)
  • AK Zenit PT-1 stock (Special)
  • RD-704 SLR ION Lite gasblock / handguard (Special)
  • AK TWS Dog Leg Rail dust cover (Special)
  • Glock Viper Cut pistol slide (Special)
  • Angled Grip (Custom Foregrip)
  • AR-15 Magpul MOE SL-K buttstock (Black)


  • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle (Topographic)
  • Kalashnikov AK-103 7.62x39 assault rifle (Topographic)
  • Remington R11 RSASS (Black)
  • CMMG Mk47 Mutant (Topographic)
  • Steyr AUG A3 5.56x45 assault rifle (Black)
  • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle (Flames)
  • SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 assault rifle (Black)


  • Black Balaclava
  • Gradient Sunglasses






To install the mod, just drag and drop the folder inside the archive into user/mods

To uninstall the mod, REMOVE all of the modded items from your stash / player, and make sure the profile is saved. Then you can delete the folder inside mods folder

I really recommend ATLAS mod for more weapons and retextures. I do have a Ko-Fi if you want to leave a donation.

  • Version 1.1.1

    • Updated for SPT 3.9.0
    • This release will not work on previous versions of SPT
  • Version 1.1.0

    • Added Lancer magazines to Remington R11 RSASS
    • Added Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier (Black)
    • 5.11 Tactical TacTec plate carrier (Black)
    • WARTECH TV-110 plate carrier (Black)
    • Crye Precision AVS plate carrier (Black)
    • Added a new version of the pristine M4A1 receiver and lower


  • Version 1.0.9


    • Changed some textures for SIG SPEAR. Made the silencer and charging handle darker
    • Made Magpul SL-K black stock darker
    • Updated unlock loyalty levels for the new version of Painter

    New items

    • Added black balaclava
    • Added gradient sunglasses
  • Version 1.0.8

    Download Mirror

    Added a black SIG SPEAR (with a very small hint of blue). All these parts have gotten the blackcore treatment:

    • AR-15 Magpul MOE SL-K buttstock
    • MCX/MPX folding stock adapter buffer tube
    • MCX SPEAR SLX68-MG-QD 6.8x51 sound suppressor

    • MCX SPEAR charging handle

    • MCX SPEAR 11 inch M-LOK handguard
    • AR-15 SIG M400 Reduced Angle Pistol Grip
    • AR-10 7.62x51 Lancer L7AWM 25-round magazine
    • AR-10 7.62x51 Lancer L7AWM 20-round magazine
    • MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 upper receiver
    • SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 assault rifle


  • Version 1.0.7

    3.8.0 Update

    Some items were probably added since the last update. Can't remember. More is coming soon tho!

  • Version 1.0.6


    • Glock Viper Cut pistol slide (Special)
    • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle (Flames)
    • Angled Grip (Custom Foregrip)


    • Fixed EOTECH sight wrong handbook name (Thanks Lunnayaluna for the report)
    • Improved some textures





  • Version 1.0.5

    • Updated trader loyalty levels for special paints
    • If you use Painter (trader) latest version, you should download this update
    • Added: Glock 17 Slide (Topographic), SLAAP Armor (Skull), AR-15 Precision Reflex GEN III Delta Carbon handguard (Black)


    I will make another Glock slide for next version. It will look insane!

  • Version 1.0.4

    • This mod now requires the trader Painter (if you don't want to play with another trader, use the previous version, it works with all the newest SPT versions from 3.5.5)
    • Added new special camo parts to AK Magpul MOE pistol grip, AK Zenit PT-1 stock, RD-704 SLR ION Lite gasblock / handguard, and AK TWS Dog Leg Rail dust cover
    • Added new weapon presets sold by Painter for all weapons in this mod


  • Version 1.0.3

    Added items

    • Steyr AUG A3 5.56x45 assault rifle (Black)
    • Steyr AUG 5.56x45 30-round magazine (Black)
    • SilencerCo Hybrid 46 multi-caliber sound suppressor (Special)
    • M14 TROY S.A.S.S. Chassis stock (Black)
    • VPO-101 Vepr-Hunter stock (Black)


    • Made the Eotech darker
    • Changed topographic pattern for the MK47 Mutant


    Steyr AUG A3 5.56x45 assault rifle (Black)


    M14 TROY S.A.S.S. Chassis stock (Black)


    VPO-101 Vepr-Hunter stock (Black)


    SilencerCo Hybrid 46 multi-caliber sound suppressor (Special)

  • Version 1.0.2

    New items

    • CMMG Mk47 Mutant Topographic Skin
    • AR-15 Noveske Reciever Topographic Skin
    • Vortex Razor HD Gen.2 Black Version
    • Wilcox RAPTAR ES Tactical Rangefinder Black Version


    • The server console will no longer complain about incompatible versions for 3.5 - 3.6 SPT




  • If you use magazines or ammo presets, do not use this mod.

  • UPDATE: had to redownload painter 3 TIMES, before it worked, not sure why, but it fixed itself it seems

    Hi, i just installed this, and the Tactical Gear Component mod, and obviously, Painter, but i get this error

    am i missing something?


  • Hate to be one of those guys but do you plan on adding a black version of the Sig Tango6T?

    • I don't add more items now because I focus on the mod WTT. Updates for these mods will be more to maintain and improve the mod's stability. But there is a custom made Tango6T (black) scope in tactical gear component. It's not as good as the original scope though.

    • Oh okay thanks good to know also thanks for all these amazing mods lol

  • Black GPNVGs PLS and Thanks

    • Just use ATLAS, it has em there

  • Pettan took down his mods, so AnyStand isn't obtainable anymore.

    Also, may I suggest tuning some of the prices? A fully kitted spear for 170 grand is a bit nuts lol.

  • I can't find the handguard for the AUG

    • It's missing. I will probably add it one day.

  • i love your mods mono but i have a question is it possible to make a black mk-18 mjölnir variant for future updates? thanks for the great works!

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  • Thank you for the awesome mod!

    How do I modify the magazines ammo count?

  • Hi. Little bit curious how to contact you about some errors that appear with this mod, cause support thread isn't loading, don't know why. thanks

    • Start by reading the FAQ on Painter mod overview. Thank you. There should not be any errors if you install it correctly. Also if you use FIKA or REALISM, I do not offer support.

  • Is it compatible with Realism?

    • No, I rely on the community doing those patches. It takes too much time to add new content already.

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  • Amazing. Thanks for the update. Just one thing as I can't figure it out. How can I get the handguard on the AUG as you showcased on the picture? Or is it the new AUG just leaked? ;) :)

    • Thank you! I think I used another mod that added that handguard. AUG pack something lol. Can't remember.

    • Got it. Thanks again for your amazing work.


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    • Looks great! You're welcome

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  • I have a problem. Loading cartridges into the magazine for 7.62x51, and loading the magazine into the weapon, the game writes that the weapon and cartridges are not compatible, although the caliber is the same (but differs in the absence of a point between 7 and 62, and "mm").

    Image of issue:…ovT5r/view?usp=drive_link

  • Hey I just wanted to ask, is there any alternative way to download your core mods? The downloads take super long for me with 10-20kb/s, it's so painfully long and I swear my internet is not the issue

  • Hey loving the mod so far. Was wondering if you had plans for a blacked-out version of the SIG scope on the spear. love the scope, but It's only obtainable when buying the entire gun, or for an insane price on the flee.

  • I also cannot access the support thread so my apologies...Not sure if it is BlackCore specific, but I have your TGC mod so I need all mods mentioned there, but I noticed stock's like the black MOE SL-K, or both colors of the MOE SL-M do not change the MOA of rifles when installed on buffer tubes. Other stat's like Vert. and Horiz. recoil update when installed but MOA stays high as if you never installed a stock on the buffer. Still on AKI 3.8.0

  • Would we be able to see a black variant of the M45A1 with this mod in the distant future? Or if not, is there a guide I could reference to try my own hand at it? Thanks for the mod by the way - absolutely love the look of the black attachments!

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  • Awesome mod, any plans for a black 5.56 MDR?

  • Is there any way to have the scopes added in by this mod be affected by the mod "EFT SCOPE AND RED DOT SIGHT OVERHAUL BY GEFF HANNIGAN - REUPLOAD"? I've tried changing the load order to no avail, so I'm wondering if there are any files I can swap around or something similar. The scope I want to change in particular is the "Vortex Razor HD Gen.2 (Black)".

  • I've been trying to figure out why, but your weapons do not take the mastery level from the related weapons, (black spear at 0 mastery, regular spear at 2), and cannot level up mastery either. Thank you for the awesome mods

  • Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but you cannot put the black L7AWM magazines into the black RSASS, just as a fyi for whenever you do your next update. Mod has been very enjoyable though appreciate the work

  • I love this mod, the added black textures to otherwise only FDE weapon mods, makes it so much more immersive to actually mod your weapons in the game. I would LOVE to see a black version of the "Recknagel Era-tac 30mm ring scope mount" And a black version of the "Schmidt & Bender PM II 1-8x24 30mm riflescope" Because it goes so well with the Wilcox RAPTAR ES Tactical Rangefinder (Black) that you already have in the mod.

    Either way, love the mod and keep up the good work!

  • Could you please upload the mod either to google drive or dropbox? For some reason the site absolutely tanks the download speed

    • There is a download mirror now in versions tab

  • Love the black spear with the new version. I only have one question and that's this: Will we see a clean black version of the 6L23 mags for AKs sometime in the future for this mod or in WTT? Regardless, you've done amazing work.

  • Thank you for your update, I like the black SPEAR! Appreciate the work! :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Forgive me a stupid question, but I would like to understand. The black Spear does not show any progress in weapon mastering like the vanilla one, same with the sand M4. Does this mean, there is no progress in skills when using these weapons? I believe with ATLAS mod in 3.7.6 the ATLAS-Weapons showed up in the Mastering-Page of the character menue. Do your weapons have to be added to some file manually? Or ist this a conflict of mods? :/ I´d be glad, if s.o. could explain...

    • I also need some help with this, the black SPEAR will not level mastery.

  • god bless you for the black sig spear

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  • You are absolute legend for black SIG SPEAR

    It's also free TriHard 7

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  • incredibly thankful for this mod. any chance we can get black versions of the glock slides? pisses me off to no end how there are like 9 glock slides and only two of them are black

    • Thank you! I never use pistols in the game. Someone else got to make pistol related items. Not doing that for free lol.

    • unfortunate but understandable!

    • But, when the mod Welcome To Tarkov release, there will be about 100's of added pistol parts, new pistols, etc. Tron has made a lot of those.

  • hi moxo can you make an alternative download link for this mod ? the SPT server is sucks right now ;(

    • My mods are hosted on a swedish server. That's why the download speed for you is so bad. I will switch to Google drive for my future releases. I'm at work now so can't do anything right now.

    • May I ask if the google drive is on? download speed is super slow and keeping losing connection :(

  • Great mod!!

    But I can't find the black AUG foregrip...

    I've added all the required mods, the load order is correct, but I'm still unable to locate this attachment.

    Is there another mod for that? Like AUG Attachment Pack?

    • Thank you! It's not included in this mod. If it was, it would be listed in the overview.

    • Ooh okay! Thx =D

  • will black tango6 be added?