Tactical Gear Component 1.0.6

Adds more unique gear and attachments for Tarkov



Before posting your error code IN SUPPORT THREAD, read the overview and FAQ carefully. Thank you!

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Each item took about 2 hours to make. 220 hours spent only on making TGC (so far). All to make your SPT experience more fun for free. This is why I include a donation link.

  • Version 1.0.6

    3.8.0 Update | Download Mirror

    Compressed bundles HARD to keep file sizes down. From 700MB to 400MB.

    A lot of new items:

    • Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system (M90, Black Topo)
    • Magpul 5.56/7.62 kitted magazine
    • M16 Daniel Defense 14" handguard
    • Magpul MOE2 pistol grip (FDE, Black)
    • AR-15 Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension buffer tube with adapter
    • AR-15 BCM MCMR-10 handguard (Black, FDE)
    • AR-15 Daniel Defense 15" handguard (FDE, Black)
    • AR-15 Daniel Defense charging handle
    • SureFire flashlight with pressure pad (FDE, Black)
    • FTX tactical device (Laser, flashlight)
    • Wilcox tactical device (Laser, flashlight)
    • M16 5.56x45 barrel
    • Hoodie (New clothing)
    • TGC Medical Pouch
    • TGC Toolbox Case
    • Ops-Core FAST MT MODXII helmet (Multicam)
    • GP-9 gas mask
    • SGE 400 gas mask
  • Version 1.0.5

    It has taken countless hours to bring these items in through the amazing SDK we have. I have gone through many older items and updated them to look more in line with BSG's items. But here are the new items added in this content update:

    • Transparent 5.56 magazine (bullets can be seen feed and be removed for every shot)
    • AK AKademia Bastion transparent dust cover
    • INFORCE WMLX GEN 2 rifle flashlight
    • Sig Sauer Tango4 1-4x24 scope
    • M700 7.62x51 15-inch threaded barrel
    • SAKO Vertical Foregrip (Dark Green)
    • Ops-Core FAST MT MODX helmet (M90)
    • New clothing: Pants M90
    • AR-15 5.56x45 200mm barrel
    • AR-15 5.56x45 180mm barrel
    • TGC Ammo Pouch
    • KAC Hard Rail Covers

    No items/ids were removed or changed from the 1.0.4 update so just replace prior versions with this one. No more "can't be found in your db" issues!

  • Version 1.0.4

    • Fixed all helmets to accept NVGs (including ATLAS NVG) and be able to use them in raid.
    • Added two DevTac Ronin helmets/masks. DevTac is now worth using in Tarkov. v2.0 - Better armor (level 4), new cosmetic skin, slot for earpiece. v2.1 - As v2.0 but with black skin, ability to mount NVG, ability to mount flashlight.
    • Fixed both silencers to not show muzzle flash.
    • Fixed so the shapeshifter mask/helmet doesn't accept masks and eyewear while equipped.
    • Added clothing to Painter (through this mod).
    • Switched to 7z archive format so file sizes can be compressed even lower. TGC is getting big!
    • Texture improvements for some items.

  • Version 1.0.3

    Please update to latest Painter release.

    • New weapon flashlight and fix to previously added flashlight.
    • New AVS vest black and woodland, with combat belt.
    • New helmet with a mask on it. WTT concept design for a new boss.

  • Version 1.0.2

    New items:

    • Rail Skin Covers for AR weapons (Black, OD, FDE)

    • SureFire X300U-A Flashlight
    • Daniel Defense 5.56 32-round magazine
    • MCU-2/P protective mask
    • AR-15 TRIARC RECCE 5.56x45 upper receiver (Removed for copyright reasons... )
    • TRIARC TRILOK handguard (Removed for copyright reasons... )
    • Back Panel for vests (Black)
    • PARACLETE APC - New version (multicam)
    • MSA Gallet TC 800 High Cut combat helmet (Upgraded)


    • Fixed the weird circle glitch for MRO and Nomad sights
    • The radio antenna on one of the vests now animates correctly
    • Various texture improvements for a lot of older added items
    • Magpul MLOK grip now is plastic instead of metal
    • Minor changes to pricing
  • Version 1.0.1






    Also added: Daniel Defense Vertical Foregrips with rubber pads (Black and FDE version)

    Known bug: The new vest has some weird glitching on the radio antenna but it's not that noticeable. I will work on it for 1.0.2.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • any change to make a 16" or 18" m16 DD handguard? would love a longer one for my Seal team SR-25 build

  • This is great mod and I love it.

    but I have questions about items stats.


    this mod include m16 18" and 20" barrel and those barrels has exactly the same stat as ar-15 270mm barrel


    compare with tarkov's original 20" barrel

    is it intentional?

  • If your download speed is slow, use the mirror link in the versions tab.

  • I've noticed a strange issue with the FTX Tactical Device, where the light from the device will stop shining/become blocked by the gun if any action (quick melee, throw grenade, med, etc.) is performed. The only way to fix it is by moving the device from one rail to another and then back again.

  • Love this mod but there is one really minor issue. For some reason weapons with the custom receivers can't be put on the weapon rack in the hideout. Not a huge deal at all but it would be nice to store weapons there. Thanks

  • is there any way of editing helmet armor class? i'm using realism mod and it seems to mess up some things

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    • I would also like to know how to edit this.

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    • I have no idea how realism manipulate stuff. I do not do realism compatability like I state in the FAQ. The best bet is to get the guy who made my last version compatible. Check the FAQ ;)

    • He's sadly been inactive for a long time. If anyone else can step up to the plate it'd be amazing.

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    • Give me a day (or two) and I'll get one up again

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    • I will kiss you on the mouth

  • Hello, i dont know if i am right but this Helmet looks a lot like the the ones in your mod, just wanted to show you in case he stole your stuff.

    The name of the game is Incursion Red River.


    • Thank you for the consern but it's fine. I would not care if someone used my models tbh.

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  • Excellent work, mate!

    Mode 4 of the Wilcox Tactical Device does not show anything visible/IR.

    How about an IR option?

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    • if it is supported in the sdk, it will probably be in this mod next update I release.

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  • Absolutely amazing mod! I love the armor and helmets it adds! <3

    One question though, do you plan on adding a set of black GPNVGs that can work with the added-in FAST helmets? I absolutely love the "blacked out" look and would love the functionality of black GPNVGs too.

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    • Thank you! Glad you enjoy it :) Download ATLAS equipment mod! A lot of cool stuff in there too.

    • I have (and love) the ATLAS equipment mod and sadly the NVGs in that set don't work with the FAST MODXII helmet. Otherwise I'm enjoying it so much!

    • Ahhhh so Atlas mod updated their ID's for all items. In previous TGC version I had the old ID for the filters for my helmets. I'm going to update this for next update but it will be kinda long until I can release the update. Weeks.

      BUT, if you really want to get it working by editing one file in this mod. Make a backup of modTGC_items.json, open it and search for every mention of 0010321_GEARSET_GPNVG000 and replace it with 4D4341544C41534745415206.

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    • Works amazingly. Thank you so much!

  • There is no doubt that the Painter mods are excellent,but it conflicts with some other mods that are equally excellent,such as the BRNVG mods and the Kawaii Merchant mods,and it would be nice if these mods could exist on my computer at the same time.

    • I have no idea why those mods doesn't work with mine. I don't have time to look at their mods and spend 10 hours researching why. I'm sorry.

  • is it a bug to not be able to reload from the belt when its in the armband slot?

    • You can't, it acts like an extra secured container if you don't turn lost on death on for armbands with another mod like TMS. Reloading from it would require a client mod.

    • well WTT pack n strap adds this so all is good

  • Here's a strange thing: the Daniel Defense 15-inch handguard cannot mount tactical accessories without rails, even though it has a slot for mounting tactical accessories.MvGJAcowSueE.png

  • Might be an oversight, but armor and helmets on flea market have no soft body armor. I do have SVM and removed black listing, not sure if is intended not to be sold on flea. just put it out there if anyone tried it, is normal (or at least what I got)

    • Yea it will be fixed next update

    • K, thanks for replying.

      Loving the mod so far!

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  • Out of curiousity, I want to give the backpacks more inventory, I know the code grids:0: etc etc. But I can't find where to edit the values within the files?

    • Use Tarkov Id Finder, search for backpanel inside my db/TGC_items.json. look for "cloneId"... copy the id and paste into Tarkov ID finder. You will see what original backpack I'm cloning for the grid size and layout. Then you can search for a backpack you want to replace with on that site. Paste your prefered backpack ID value into "cloneId" instead.

    • Ya know. Thank you. You are the GOAT. Also just as a pointer, the CRYE AVS *should* have side plate availability as the pouches are there on the model. Would def add to immersion! I am a gear nerd IRL so I noticed haha. But just some fuel for thought, also as much as I love the FAST's they dont allow a headset and the audio is rough without them but I look forward to what you keep adding in the future!

    • Thank you man. Love feedback. I will probably update the sideplates for next update. The helmets have slots you can put any headset into.

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    • Hmmm not sure if I am doing something wrong with SVM but no matter how I change the grids it isn't changing the mod backpack or the trizip. Confusing. Same code line works with diff backpacks though.

    • Correction, it DOES affect the item it clones but not the modded backpack for some reason.

  • Hey,

    i can´t select the m90 trousers? the tops work fine for me, but after buying them i cant select the trousers. any tip? :o

  • Hey, I've been getting this on the newest update when launching the server

    TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting '_id')

    TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting '_id')

    at TGCItems.cloneItem (R:\SPT AKI\user\mods\MoxoPixel-TacticalGearComponent\src\mod.ts:119:30)

    at TGCItems.postDBLoad (R:\SPT AKI\user\mods\MoxoPixel-TacticalGearComponent\src\mod.ts:64:22)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:72:45)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:26:24)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\src\utils\App.ts:56:26)

    TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting '_id')

    TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting '_id')

    at TGCItems.cloneItem (R:\SPT AKI\user\mods\MoxoPixel-TacticalGearComponent\src\mod.ts:119:30)

    at TGCItems.postDBLoad (R:\SPT AKI\user\mods\MoxoPixel-TacticalGearComponent\src\mod.ts:64:22)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:72:45)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:26:24)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\src\utils\App.ts:56:26)

    • Did you read the FAQ?

    • Yes, and I have both the newest versions of the required mods; I assume they're loading on the right order (aMonoPixel-Painter is at the top of the mod list)

      Using the previous version of TGC seems to fix it.

    • Please don't tell me you're on a version of SPT under 3.8

    • I was, I just assumed there'd be backward compatability for some reason, my bad.

  • Hi! Is it possible to make it that there are no items from your mods in bots' loadouts?

  • Loving this mod, thanks very much!

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  • is there any way to update a profile from the 1.0.5 version to the 1.0.6?

  • When installing the mod, the magazine charging function stopped working preset

    • I need a video clip for what you're reporting. Reports go into the support thread btw.

  • question big boss, anyway to increase backpack size?

    • EDIT Because I forgot to add where to change the size itself: In the svm section called Inventory and items: at the bottom called individual item changer, add the text, and press the red power button (if using 3.8.0) also flick the red button on the right side of Inventory and items, otherwise it won't do anything.
      You can increase backpack sizes in servervaluemodifier using this website:
      Just look for the backpack you want, and look at svm F.A.Q section for help on how to increase item size/use. There's a spot where it says MBSS backpack vertical and horizontal size to 8 cells. Just copy that, but insteal of the MBSS ID, replace it with the backpack you want, look at how many cells it has, for example the RAID bag has 6 horizontal and 8 vertical.

      Just ask if you need help clarifying etc.. Hopefully this helps.

    • @Hopply, This works for vanilla items yes. Not modded items.

  • Damn those gas mask models look fucking tight, great work!

  • Getting this error in the server console, this mod is the first in the load order.


    • This mod should be loaded AFTER Painter.

    • From the FAQ:


      Q: I get: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'base')"?

      A: You didn't download Painter, BlackCore and MagTape. Or you didn't load Painter before Tactical Gear Component.

    • My bad, forgot to put in the folder for Painter, sorry about that.

  • I remember you used to have a black AVS armored truck. Will it be added again in the future?

  • Does this only add items? Could I update my 3.7.6 tgc mod with this and not have any issues?

    • This latest TGC update is not compatible with older SPT versions. There are code changes.

  • will you be adding new weapons or only weapon parts?

  • I've almost completed the new version for SPT 3.8. You will be able to fit plates into TGC's added vests. As long as you buy them from Painter. Flea will not work for buying TGC vests in next version. Just a heads up for the future. There will also be new items!

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    • when are u gonna update it?

    • Maybe 2 days after 3.8.0 is out.

    • Sorry if I've misunderstood something. In order for plates to work I have to buy the plates from Painter, or the Vests from painter?

    • The vests comes with plates when buying from painter. I have not been able to make everything work perfect yet.

  • how can i edit the zoom for the 1-4 scope bc it is 1-8

  • Hello, is there any version that doesn't require a custom trader as dependency ?

    • No but feel free to make one ;)

  • I would like to change my PARACLETE APC armor to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Is there a way?

    When I copied the clone code and changed it, even the jacket capacity changed.