Plague's Quiet Rain 1.1.1

Lets you change the volume of rain, thunder and other ambience sounds!

Installation & Usage:

Put the .dll file in BepInEx/plugins folder. Press F12 in-game to change the settings in-game.

  • Version 1.1.1

    • Fixed an issue where players needed to readjust the ambience volume slider, or the game would reset to default volume upon entering a new raid.
  • Version 1.1.0

    • Works on SPTarkov 3.6.1
    • Might also work on older/newer releases, no promises though!
    • Added volume control for lightning/thunder
    • Added volume control for other outdoors ambience
    • It is not possible to set the volume of wind separately from other ambience such as bird chirping/cricket noises
    • Changed volume controls to display percentages rather than float fields
  • Version 1.0.0

  • Will this be updated to 3.7.1?

  • Awesome mod!

    It will be very perfect if you can add airdrop plane sound too ! :D

    Thank you for your work.

  • i got bunch of zhit (20 plugins, 24 mods), came here to tell, i think this mod is causing AI's footstep errors. When changing volume of ambience etc.. then sometimes no footstep is heard of AI. Bugs out or something, im pretty sure this mod causes it. Maybe look into it? add variable that checks audio overtime and maybe resets footstep audio for AI. Also indoor sounds like factory, wish that could also be turned down. sounds like somekind HUMM inside someplaces.

    EDIT, This mod aint causing it.

    • Yeah, this mod doesn't change indoors humming / ambience. I can add that functionality I guess but I'm not sure if it should be a separate mod.

    • Nah, same like the others, seperated volume bar for indoors ambience :thumbup::thumbup:

  • Hey, thank you, love your mod! I like playing without headphones, and always found the ambient sounds too loud. Now if s.o. could change the sounds of the footsteps, especially when running... They sound like an angry child who didn´t get a pony for birthday... But back to your mod, is it just me, I noticed one thing... Putting the sliders to 50%, they are at 50% in the next raid, but the sound is loud again. So I have to adjust each time?? But even with this, I wouldn´t want to miss your mod! Thanks again!!

    • Hm... Rain and thunder/lightning volume should be persistent, but I guess ambient volume could be reset until you change the setting again. I'll find a fix. For footsteps. That could also be done but then the name "quiet rain" wouldn't be fitting I guess.
      If you want me to try and make a mod for that as well hit me up and I'll try to make it for you.
      Do you want all the footsteps to be quieter or just your characters?

    • Yup, just tested it, and fixed it. I'll upload the fixed version soon so you don't have to change the volume every time you load into another raid.

    • After some raids it worked and the settings kept persistent... Great.

      About your offer, I didn´t mean to change the volume of the running sound, it´s the sound itself I don´t like. It doesn´t sound like running, more like stomping. I think, this can only be changed by swapping the sound files....

      But thank you for the offer. It´s modders like you who make it possible to tune the game for everyone`s taste, making that whole spt-idea even more fantastic!

    • Yes, it's not possible without changing the sound files themselves or swapping them with other sound files during runtime. A mod can be made for that but I don't have any consistent footstep sounds that are free to use. (Keep in mind there are multiple footstep sounds depending on the material being stepped on)

    • Don´t get me wrong, I didn´t mean to put this on YOUR to-do list... ^^ No stress... 8)

  • Can we also get an option to adjust thunder sound?

    • I'll check if that can be done, currently working on another project. Should be a simple enough thing to add.

    • Just added that functionality.

    • Gigachad frfr

  • i don't mind the rain so much as the bloody thunder, it ALWAYS thunders when raining in game but that is just not the case IRL, is there a way to turn the thunder off?

    I have tried to look in weather config but there is nothing related to thunder in there

    • I'll check if that can be done, currently working on another project. Should be a simple enough thing to add.

    • Just added that functionality.

    • superb, & outstanding
      finally can get a real world feeling without having to have it always sunny to avoid getting my ears blown out by thunder cos every time it rains it thunders in the base game

  • @Plague1337, Great concept. Just noticed this similar mod as well. How does yours compare to the other one? Thanks.

    [Plague's Quiet Rain] - Plague's Quiet Rain

    • You mean this one?
      Rain Sound Controller
      I used this mod for a while. But that mod caused some performance drop on my system since it updated the volume level every frame of the game, instead of setting it once the settings were changed or once a level was loaded.

    • Yes that one, thanks. Sorry about listing the wrong link.