(OUTDATED, USE THE NEW ONE) Realism Gear Compatibility 1.0.2

A small changes for SPT Realism files so that armors, attachments and etcetera from other mods be compatible with Realism.

How to install:
When you finish installing the rar, open the folder named "Compatibility", you'll find 2 folders named "db" and "src", open your SPT-Realism mod folder and drag the "db" and "src" folders into the SPT-Realism folder and replace the files

(Make sure SPT-Realism loads after the mods below!)

List of compatible mods:
PNK Gears - PNK
TGC - Civicam

Mil-Sim Pararescue - SamSwat / Updated by KoKaZ93

Mil-Sim CTSFO - SamSwat / Updated by KoKaZ93

Mil-Sim JW Grom - SamSwat / Updated by KoKaZ93

(Most items has been rebalanced to either fit it's real world purpose or to not be too weak or too strong, though in the end, you'll still most likely die by a single bullet because it's SPT Realism after all.)

- What's the purpose of this "mod" ?
> I got bored and decided to make it so the mods above works with SPT Realism

(Another note, this "mod" (or addon) also does change the stats of attachments too and not just the armors. Though I based the stats off of what the attachment looked like or it's real world characteristics, this is why the wrapped suppressor (TGC), despite not being "real", have a more unique statistics than other suppressors)

Let me know if anything doesn't work, don't expect me to fix everything though I don't even know how to mod, I just know how to change numbers and words animesmugidk


  • use the new one, however it's only for TCG TCG to SPT-Realism compatibility

  • my bad y'all, lost interest in spt but now I'm back with less purpose than ever, anyways this mod is now useless

  • The new update was so boring to do

    • let me know if somethings not right below, I didn't test it out since I'm too lazy to install SPT again :notlikethis:

    • if PNK Gears adds new items, I might not be able to update it immediately because it's downloading at 24kb/s for whatever reason compared to other mods

    • if anyone even see this, do you guys want me to like make the recent samswat stuff also compatible? (not including guns though)

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    • Yeah it'll arrive

    • it arrived

  • Looks like PNK gear is gone too which is crazy. I would send a backup link as I have it saved but idk if it's allowed to do that.

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  • SilencerCo Hybrid 46 from BlackCore has -22 while the vanilla version has -50

  • All the SamSwat / Updated by KoKaZ93 have been taken down will the original ones that SamSwat uploaded still work in 3.7.x even though they say their old? and will this config work on them?

    • I'm not sure, sorry
      but it should work if you're on a lower version since this isn't a standalone mod, more of an edit to the realism mod to make the gears compatible and since realism hasn't changed their ballistics and templates script then it should be fine
      (Small reminder that you don't need all the mods for the edit to work anyways!)

    • im on 3.7.1 I'll go ahead and test the original mods made by SamSwat to see if they still work thanks for the quick reply

  • Apparently the mil-sim mods got taken down, sooo umm, yeah!

  • I was looking for something exactly like this!

    Did you make the compatibility by hand for all the listed mods or is there a chance for it to work for something not listed? And if it's by hand, is there any chance you'd make the painter's recolors compatibility as well?

    • Unfortunately, everything has to be hand written
      Though, I'm pretty sure painter's recolors works as long as you load them after SPT-Realism!
      (Since they're only recolors and not custom items, though if it doesn't work then do let me know)

    • I was told they do not, but have not checked that myself yet, will do right now and report back!

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    • Most of them are indeed working just fine, but there are a few odd outliers that would be a pain to find - the one I noticed was the EMOD stock that has vastly different stats than the vanilla one.

      I will just make do with that though, it has enough of the "works just fine" recolors with identical stats and I can easily limit myself to just these. Thanks for the info!

    • I think the reason why it's like that is because the EMOD Stock itself might have been accidentally using a different stock for it's stats rather than the normal EMOD stock itself haha
      Sorry I couldn't help as much though uehh

    • You've made the mod actually usable for me, even if not in full capacity so I'd say you helped a lot already!
      As for EMOD specifically - the stats don't much any of the vanilla stock with realism' stat changes, and are a bit on the op side for the mod, but like Ive said - its the only item I have noticed to be the outlier so it's extremely easy to just not touch it.

  • Thanks for the mod!

    One suggestion I have is to not include any Realism files that are not changed by this mod. I have personally modified files in Realism so I have to manually go in and copy each of the changes, but it makes it tough if there are a ton of files that aren't even modified, and makes it tougher to see what Realism files are changed from Realism updates.

    • I got lazy since I keep forgetting if I actually had edited some of the files or not haha

  • Does this work without the Milsim mods?

  • I just started using Realism, what makes those mods incompatible with Realism rn? Just curious if they're too overpowered without your mod or are they too underpowered.

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    • They wont have the correct levels of protection and lack other balancing features Realism had (Ie: Comfort modifier, reload speed modifier, armor protection class (1-10), secondary armors and armor hitbox etceteras)
      Unless if you'd load the gear mods themselves after the Realism mod, then the gears would have the same stats as the gear they used as a clone (ex: if the 6B43 from PNK used AVS as clone, then the 6B43 would just be another AVS in terms of everything including weight, ergonomic stats and protection hitbox)
      I may be wrong on these things though so please do correct me if I am.
      In the end, you can just use those gear mods but they wont have the stats that they're supposed to have (only as long as you load them afterwards)

  • Bro i know it would be a LOT of work to do, but if you find yourself with the time and want to do it at all please make BlackCore, SandCore and WhiteCore compatible, again i know this is a LOT, i (and i think others too) would appreciate it, also thanks for the mod :).

    • I'm pretty sure those mods is already compatible as they only adds recolors and not new items? I've never used them so I'm not really sure, if they do add a new unique items, then please tell me and I'll see what I can do

      (Don't see this as a 100% confirmation on whether I'll be doing it or not though!)

    • (I've only tested with BlackCore but if you just load it after SPT-Realism then it should work well, only for recolored stuff though, I'm still not sure whether there's a custom item or not)

  • is this just those 2 mods or does this make all mods compatible

    • Those 2 mods for now since there's no way to make stuff automatically compatible, it needs to be added manually

  • Thank you for making this. I've updated my mod page for TGC.

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  • Have you considered doing this for


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    • I'm not sure considering how large it is, but if I do then I'll probably upload it separately just incase

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  • Thank you for making something i was too lazy to do it , but honestly the reason i didnt make was because the price of the items would not match the armor level compared to SPT Realism armor price but thank you it's nice you've make it for the users that play with SPT Realism Ballistic and Price ajustement.

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  • thank you so much sir

    does this work on the 3.7.1?

    • I don't think so, I'm not actually sure if SPT Realism even works on 3.7.1
      I'll check it immediately as soon as SPT Realism updates to 3.7.1 though!

    • Yeah should work

  • Access require, Sir.

    • Oh my god, I'm so sorry aa
      I've fixed it now, really sorry

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    • Forgot to leave a thank you, you are doing gods work, sir.