Igor - Grenade Trader with Quest 1.0.4

A trader who sells & buys grenades.

This mod is compatible with 3.7.0 and 3.7.1


Do you need some grenades or grenade launchers?

Igor sells:

- Grenades

- Grenade Launcher Ammo

- Grenade Launchers

- TNT, Thermite, Grenade Fuzes

There are currently 6 quests:

Blastmaster Igor:

Kill 25 Scavs

Obtain and Deliver 10 Fuzes

Description: I don't know who you are, and I don't care who you are. I need someone to show these scavangers that they aren't allowed to do whatever they want. They recently stole grenade fuzes from me and that sort of thing is becoming more and more common. And while you're at it, bring me 10 grenade fuzes.

Unwanted Guests:

Kill 3 Rogues

Deliver 10 USEC Dogtags

Description: A few days ago my men were robbed. Survivors say there were a few USECs and the Rogues. Please show our guests how to behave in Tarkov

Grenade Rampage:
Kill 10 SCAVS with Grenades

Description: It's happened again, you won't believe me. These scavangers think they can really do whatever they want. They stole some grenades from me the other day and killed one of my men... again. This time I want you to show them that we can hit back harder, kill some of those bastards with grenades

Hammer vs Grenade:
Kill Tagilla with a Grenade

Description: I need your help again, the last time you blew up the Scavs you must have pissed someone off, I don't know if you know him, he's running around in factory with a sledgehammer. I think his name was Tagilla, the other day he was in front my warehouse and destroyed everything with his fucking hammer. I want you to blow up this bastard for me, of course you will be rewarded, I still have a Labs keycard lying around here.

Explosive Delivery
Deliver 3 F-1 Grenades
Deliver 3 RGD-5 Grenades
Deliver 3 M67 Grenades
Deliver 3 RGN Grenades
Deliver 3 RGO Grenades

Description: I have a special delivery and all my men are busy, I'll give you a list and you get it for me, right?

Family Problems
Kill Killa with a Grenade

Description: Tagilla's brother is now pissed because you blew up tagilla, well just kill him like his brother.

How to Install:

[1] Install the Mod from Github

[2] Unzip the file

[3] In the unzipped file (folder) you will find a folder called "user"

[4] Drag and Drop the "user" folder into your SPT-AKI folder (Where all the .exe files are located)

[5] Enjoy

If you want to change prices you can do this in the mod.js file

If you want to use this mod in a modpack, or anywhere else / or edit it, please ask for permission first, thanks.

  • Version 1.0.4

    Compatible with 3.7.0 and 3.7.1

    This is probably the last update for this mod, maybe in the future I will add more quest, but im not sure yet.

    This update contains:
    [+] 2 new quests
    [+] New items in the shop

    VIRTUAL'S CUSTOM QUEST LOADER (VCQL) is no longer be needed for the mod to work.
    If you dont need VCQL anymore, you can delete it, but if you use other mods that need it, only delete all Igor files.

    How to do this:
    [1] Open the Virtual's Custom Quest Loader folder
    [2] Go to Database and then to quests and
    delete Igor.json
    [3] Go back to Database and then to locales then to "en" and
    delete IgorLocale.json
    [4] Go back until you see the folder "res", open it and open "quests", then delete this files:


  • Hello

    Will the mod be updated for 3.8?


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  • would love to see update to this mod if you have the time, niche and good concept.

  • This definitely could be other mods, but for Igor's first quest, if I find in raid or purchase any grenade fuses, I cannot turn any of them into him.

    • Thats strange, I just tested it and it works for me, probably some other mods causing this issue?

    • I figure that is also probably the issue, I just set the item for the quest to not have to be found in raid and it lets me turn them, so that's my workaround to allow me to find them in raid but still turn them into Igor.

      Thanks for getting back with me on this!

  • Did you clumsily add a bunch of custom traders and FUCKED yourself from accessing them all?

    Then maybe you should use the Trader Scrolling Mod


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  • I think this is a great idea for a trader as the main traders are getting too cluttered with the additional content BSG has added over the years, and more specialist traders such as this mod are greatly appreciated due to the specialisations they bring. I think in future the trader can be further improved by providing unique barters for GLs(Grenade Launchers), Grenades and GL ammo as well as for the various gun powders used for crafting that players can access without just having to loot or craft them, this would synergize well with realism mod where flea market access is limited, on top of this getting access to TP-200 and OFZ shells would be pretty cool as well as quests that give these as reward that can be used to complete other quests such as Prapors regulated materials, which is usually very tedious to complete.

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  • Did you make the trader yourself? Or did you use someone else's trader as a basis?

  • might seem like a daft question but at what level does his quests start to appear because currently for me he doesn't have any

    • It should start at level 1, thats strange.
      Could you try the new version that I just released?

    • the new update you rolled out fixed the problem for me. Thank you :)

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  • Information for the next update (1.0.4) (Comming soon):

    When 1.0.4 is released

    VIRTUAL'S CUSTOM QUEST LOADER (VCQL) will no longer be needed for the mod to work.

    When 1.0.4 is released, you should delete all the Igor files in VCQL, I will write instructions on how to do this when the new version gets released

    I dont know what happens if you dont delete it because I didnt test it yet

  • Next update (1.0.4) will contain:

    [+] New Quests
    [+] New Items
    [~] Price Changes

    I'm not sure when I will release this update, but it will be soon.

    If you got any ideas for Quests, Price Changes, Items then please write a comment :)

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  • How about quests where you have to kill PMCs/scavs with grenades? That way you can tie it back to his purpose, and offer something like what Jaeger does with his Woodsman quests. It'll incentivize people to get better with nades, too.

    • Good idea, I'll probably add that in the next update :)

    • If you'd like I could help out with ideas! Keep at it, man. You're doing a great job :D

    • Did you try the quests already?
      If yes, did you like them?
      I'm asking because I need some feedback :D

    • Not yet! I'm currently waiting for other mods to update to 3.7.1. I do have feedback based on what I see in the desc:

      Mission 1 sounds pretty good but I would adjust it a little bit though, since the killing of scavs and obtaining of fuzes isn't necessarily related. How about just the fuzes, but make it more complicated? For example, this could be Igor's first quest for the player and he's asking them to get him the components of a grenade: 10 fuzes, 2 Kite gunpowders, 2 RDG-2B smoke grenades, and a TP-200 TNT brick. It's complicated and it'll take a while to collect but I think it'll be nicer narratively to help Igor "set up shop" so far, and a scavenger hunt to start with is fun and easy.

      I think Mission 3 should be the next mission, actually. It's good old fashioned scav killing! I like this quest a lot

      Mission 2 could be pretty fun but I think it should be something like "Deliver 10 USEC Dogtags" for Part 1, and then "Kill 3 Rogues and deliver 3 M4A1s" for Part 2 since they're not super related. Part 1 is just Igor sending you hunting and then Part 2 is him giving you an explicit objective. The m4s are probably because maybe Igor wants proof that you killed them. Maybe he has a vendetta against these guys or something, idk.

      Mission 4 is cool! Should be pretty difficult but with a grenade launcher it'll be possible. It could be fun!

      I do think there should be a small series of grenade-themed missions that function like Jaeger's, though. You know how he has sniper and bolt action missions like "shoot a guy from 40 meters" etc? Igor should do the same. Maybe something like this:

      Grenadier Part 1: Kill 3 scavs with grenades or grenade launchers at less than 40 feet

      Grenadier Part 2: Kill 2 scavs at once with grenades or grenade launchers

      Grenadier Part 3: Using only grenades or grenade launchers for the entire raid, get a kill and extract

      Hopefully that makes sense? That gives you like... 8 missions for Igor. I think these would be pretty fun ngl. Lmk what you think dude :D

    • Thanks for the ideas, but I think this was the last update for this mod.
      I'm not sure yet, but maybe I will add these quests in the future.

  • Thanks! A very good mod. I hope this is not the last update :)

    • Thanks for the comment :)
      I'm planning to add more quests

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    • Did you try the quests already?
      If yes, did you like them?
      I'm asking because I need some feedback :D

    • Yes! Quests fit perfectly into the game. My opinion is that they are quite well balanced. I enjoyed going through them. Moreover, I can note that the description of the quests is also at a high level. Thank you for your great work! :)

      Happy 1
  • как скачать?

    • Click on the blue "Download" button, then click on the green "Code" button. It will say "Download zip" at the bottom. And it only says in English