Featured SP-EFT Manager v0.2.13

Seamless automation of mod installations

The primary goal is the automation of the mod process — covering the stages of searching, downloading and installing— for a more efficient experience.

  • Version v0.2.13


    Speed up mod information fetch during install using an indexed mod json file.

    Thanks Markosz!

  • Version v0.2.12


    - Issues with the installation process

    - Increase timeout to 60s to prevent early timeout issues

  • Version v0.2.11


    - Adding loading UI and caching for aki-versions and aki-tags

    - Adding cache for mod list. Added Mods to the list will be cached and will re restored after opening the app

    - Adding mod version to the search result to prevent installation of outdated mods. Adding to mod list aswell

    - Added last update information (thanks to Markosz)

    - Added external configuration to map or handle some configuration without releasing a new version (Github-Config)

    - Added internal structures to support the upcoming, v0.3.0, update process.

    - Adding AKI-Version to search for mods for a specific version

    - Adding Tag-Search to search for mods with a specific tag

    - Adding clear-cache buttons, adding some related UI elements

    - Mod search will sort mods on their current version


    - Refactoring of the whole installation process

    - Fixing process to match the current hub-download way

    - Sidebar navigation items will show the current navigation

    - Refresh of installed mods (Active Instance overview) after mod process

    - some minor UI issues

    - loading indicator while searching for mods

  • Version v0.2.10


    • getting information dealing with 503-issue
    • different issues with resolving download links and download process
    • different name mappings

    Known Issues:

    • missing reload of the current installed mods after installing new mods
  • Version v0.2.9


    • window state management — window will persist the last size and position
    • error handling for fetching information of a mod

      • will abort if timeout of 30s will hit
      • if the page is not available
      • will abort the mod install process and will be able to restart
    • local logging
      • log location
        • C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\sp-tarkov-client\logs or short %APPDATA%\sp-tarkov-client\logs
    • restart tutorial button (setting page)
    • adding additional tutorial step to explain the “star”-icon and mock data to show it
    • tray icon for future features


    • prevent 503 issues with adding 1s delay between page changes (link-action)
    • local images for tutorials instead of fetching
    • wrong icon color in light mode for the instance-star-icon

    Known Bugs

    • Installed SVM will not be marked as installed
  • Version v0.2.8

    Fix memory leak

  • Version v0.2.7

    Checking 3.8.0 compatibility

    Adding mod list loading indicator

    Fixing Refresh for active Instance

    Fixing mod version display

  • Version v0.2.6

    Fixed infinity loading indicator for new instances without mod/client folders

    Small UI enhancements

  • Version v0.2.5

    New Features:

    • First-Time Tutorial to show the most important steps to get started
    • New overview of the current active instance to see what mods are installed (name will be weird sometimes)
      • Adding SVM and SPT-Realism start button when detected
    • Adding a theme toggle
    • Adding a button to clear successful installed mods
    • Adding a toggle to activate experimental features
      • (EXPERIMENTAL) Start Server directly from the new sidebar (Warning: There is no Stop Server or checks. Close the app to kill the server)


    • Fetching/Download/Install stability
    • Styling issues for light and dark themes
    • Adding more actions to jump directly to the directories of mods or instances
    • Adding a jump function to the mod picture to open the mod URL
    • Adding more tooltips
    • Some Mod-Name mappings
    • Things I forgot
  • Version v0.2.2

    Fix an issue with Google Drive larger file screen (no virus check for larger files) preventing the download

  • If you encounter any issues during the installation steps, please include the link to the mod in question for further investigation and resolution.

  • Hi, great manager

    I've encountered issues with

     Raid overhaul (I think the /RealismTemplates folder is not taken into account)

    Server value modifier because the files are currently marked as virus and google drive won't let the download happen, but an error message in the manager would have been nice.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      SVM will run in a timeout after ~60s and should show an error / invalid download (with using the indexed mod list — without it takes longer because the hub is burning again^^)

      Raid Overhaul → Yes. I only take mod related paths, like user/mods and vise versa for client.

      If this is important, the author of the mod should consider placing the files on the user/mod structure like the other files used in this mod

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  • "Instance with this directory already exists." I cant install any mod cause today eft manager started to give this error, worked fine since yesterday. Is there a way to remove a spt instance and add a new one or smth like that?

    • You can remove the instance from this file: %APPDATA%\sp-tarkov-client\config.json

      You can remove instances at the setting page (gear icon)

      Did you change the path of the instance you used? Invalid instances are not visible at the ui atm.

    • i didnt move anything, i didnt change anything, now i delete the instance in config file, and it the manager says "Could not resolve AKI Core. Please ensure that you have selected the root directory."

    • You need to point to the root directory, where the AKI-SPT Server and Launcher are located

  • hub.sp-tarkov.com/files/file/1687/

    stuck at install for me.

    • Compatibility mods are currently not supported. I will create an issue for

      Thanks for your feedback.

  • Lots of Loot 2.2.2 getting stuck after fetching information.

    [SP-EFT MANAGER V0.2.13]

    • I will look into it. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Hi there

    I have a feedback, and I don't know if this has been said before, but in 'updated mods' tab and some of the other tabs, it has an icon named 'open external' to the webpage of the mod, I love this thing. But in 'active instance', the same icon can be found in there, but it opens the folder to the mod on the computer.

    That to me is a little confusing, that it's the same icon but does two different things.

    And would it be possible in 'active instance' tab so have links to the mods webpage also ?.

    But I really love this mod, and it made things so easy!

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    • Thanks for this feedback. I will look into icons and search for better icons for the use cases.

      Send you to the hub page from the active instance page is currently not supported or planned. If mod authors add their hub ID in the DLL or package.Json, I can add this function.

  • How in the name of god ,do u install this thing? Where are the installation steps?

    • Follow the GitHub link or click on a release version. Download and start the .exe.

  • does nothing with any mod, fetching info and stuck

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    • Will be fixed today or in the next days.

    • Should be fixed with the new v0.2.11.

    • So fetching works but stucks at Install

    • What mod?

    • I tried Stash Search, SAIN 2.0, SWAG + Donuts and Waypoints so far

  • Skipper Version 1.1.0 getting stuck after fetching information.

    [SP-EFT MANAGER V0.2.10]

    Also Haephestus Trader install wrong due to folder structure.

    Might be worth adding a regex search for user folder ie \*\user

    Hephaestus 1.0.7

    • Thanks. I tested Skipper and it was working. If this still fail on your side, could you send me your log files? -> %APPDATA%\sp-tarkov-client\logs\main

      Will look into the Trader mod. Unzip needs a refactoring.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Amamzing.

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  • tried it 2 times. need to work a lot with QoL. a random mod got stuck and I can't unload it, rebooting clears the download list. and need to add a filter by spt version of mod.

    • What mods get stuck?

    • Watch Animations - Updated

    • also there are not enough images and switch on\off button of mods in Active Instance for better management

    • Watch Animations — Updated is flagged as virus on my side and Windows Defender is removing it

    • On/Off is planned


  • Very great tool for searching mods without having to go directly on the website, but thats all... Everytime i try to download a mod, it does nothing, it never install it and i have to do it manually.

    • With the version 0.2.10?

      What mods are not working?

      Some are not working, mostly music packs. (because its not an archive and just a random g-drive link to files)

    • Yes with the last version, and actually it's nearly every mods for me, it's always downloading but then it's an infinite loading for installing, nothing happens after the download is done

    • Can you send me your logs? Path: %APPDATA%\sp-tarkov-client\logs

      Discord Name is on the overview tab.

  • Good idea, in its current state unusable.

    No retry option on downloads is a huge bummer, as the program already fails with downloading 90% of the mods. Common mods like BB, waypoints, etc.

    Try to fix the problem with downloading, also sorting by version would help a ton.

    The hub right now is loading the mods really slowly, so expect a wait of 10-15 seconds between switching pages on the app. Quite frustrating, but not the Author's fault.

    • Sorry for the issues. It's hard / impossible to deal with daily changes to secure the hub will be reachable at least sometimes.
      Now it should work again. There will be (in the next minutes) a new version v0.2.10, dealing with the request-503-issues. If there will be a bot check before accessing the site, the process will fail again but the heavy access looks to be over.

      Downloading and installing mods should be possible again with v0.2.10

  • can you add that after it failed to install itll auto retry?

    • I will add a github task for that

    • tysm :)) love your mod

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  • Looks like a great tool but so far I can't even view any mods as the browser just loads infinitely. I have tried restarting and reinstalling. Its likely a known issue, but thought I'd write a post to make sure.

    • Yes. Its because of the current changes to the hub. We have to be patient and wait.

      Hopefully restrictions will be less in a short time

    • you can spawn a window for the login, let user perform the captcha, then use that session token to get the mod list using your app?

      (yes easier said than done i know)

  • This seems to currently be completely broken. Downloading mods is not possible at all, you need to increase the delay before the download on a mod gives up, it times out before it even connects to SPT Hub.

    • I've noticed that it sometimes actually does download the mod to a "temp" folder, but does not install it.

    • There is a whole Cloudflare in front of the hub. There is no access atm.

      We have to hold the line and wait a bit

    • m2_01001101x2 Name the mod, if you can. Its helps me debugging.

  • Really wish I could search by version number, the page forward/back section covers any download in the bottom right, and is a perfect example why the use of immovable overlays is a nono in ui/ux design.

    • SO you want to filter items for 3.8.X or 3.7.X and similar?

      Overlapping paginator is a known issue. Will be fixed later.

      Thanks for pointing it out!

    • 3.8.x in my case, would make quickly finding mods just for the supported version a lot easier, especially the mods that weren't "updated" but still work and had their version label on the site updated to reflect that.

      Thanks for all the work you've put making this.

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      Since you pointed the correct fact with the blocking UI element, do you know a good way to fix this issue or implement the paginator in a better way? (Docking at the bottom is kinda a lame way. bth :D )

  • After closing the Manager it doesnt recognize the instance again and when i try to "unadd" it and add it again it doesnt show and displays:" Error while accessing local Server/Client Paths. Make sure you started the AKI-Server at least once." Then i have the AKI-server running in the background it still doesnt work. Id love to know if im just stupid or the mod is to blame (btw i love the visuals and the overall mod it makes downloading mods WAY easier Thank you)

    • I made sure that the path is correct

    • Did you try to restart? This issue happens, if there was not “user/mods” or “BepInEx\plugins” folder found.

    • I have restarted many times, the app even the computer, but it doesn't show the mods that I have installed before closing and reopening the app and it shows the error message that i pasted above

    • its like it downloads the mods on my computer but then it doesnt recognize the mods not even the whole folder

    • The overview of installed mods lacks a refresh. Will be added soon. Last time I added it i implemented a memory leak.

      Some mods will not be marked as installed because of a mismatch of the file name / property and the name at the hub.

      Will DM you

  • Mods sit on "fetching information" while trying to download

    • Same here

    • same here

    • same here. Really love this manager!

    • Should be working now. Can't test at this moment. Fetching issues are released to the 503-issues of the hub.

    • Still getting those

  • If anyone doesn't know what "click the star" means:
    1) Go to the settings tab where you've added your SPT instance.
    2) Under General Settings, change the current theme to "dark."
    3) The star should be visible now. Click it. It turns solid white to show that it is active.

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  • new version triggers windows defender anti-malware service and causes 100% cpu usage then bugs out task manager when trying to close it

    • Check the virus total result

      Looks like a false positive

    • not rly my concern, just that it uses like 200 processes according to task manager. ill add it as an exclusion and report back

      edit: adding an exclusion doesnt help. still causes the built in antimalware to spike cpu usage to 100%. maybe ive got a compatibility issue with my pc?

    • No. Its not your PC. I fucked up the change detection. Will be fixed ASAP

    • solid, glad i could help

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    • Will be fixed with v0.2.8. Just wait for the auto updater to work or download the new version.

      To fix processes spawn, don't open the “current active instance overview”-page

  • Somehow the manager started freezing up after adding a second instance.

    Now it keeps freezing even when reinstalling it and rebooting.

    Any troubleshooting tips?

    I'm on V0.2.7

    Edit: Downgrading to V0.2.6 fixed the issue for me.

    Edit2: Removing the folder "C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Roaming\sp-tarkov-client" and reinstalling V0.2.7 fixed the issue for now.

    • Glad it's working now. Feel free to dm me if the error occurs again.

    • Same here. I managed to observe it using 18 GB of memory so maybe there's some runaway memory leak causing it to hit the system pagefile and kill system performance.

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    • There was a issue with a change detection and checking for installed mods. This could be the issue. Will be resolved with the next update asap

    • Will be fixed with v0.2.8. Just wait for the auto updater to work or download the new version.

      To fix processes spawn, don't open the “current active instance overview”-page

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  • Does this actually install the mods? Some mods just are not being installed at all.

    • Should do. Some mods are not working because of the kind they are uploaded e.g. just files and not a zip (as example) on google drive.

      And sometimes the name dosent match the names from the files and mods are installed but dosent show as installed

      Could you tell me the name of mods, that are not working?

  • How do you add a spt instance? What folder do i select or how do i get to the root directory?

      1. Go to the Setting-Page (click the gear icon)
      2. Press and add a new SPT Instance (Big green/blue button)
      3. Activate the SPT Instance (click the star icon)

      Root Director is the directory of your SP-Tarkov Installation, where your Aki.Server.exe and Aki.Launcher.exe are located.

    • Thank you

  • Can I also change the loading order with this mod?

    • Not yet. Will be planned for a future release.

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  • Some mods are not showing as installed with the double checkmark, instead they are showing as able to be downloaded. One example is these 2 mods I installed via your app. Fi8ZHTX.png

    Reduced Barter Trades is also stuck fetching.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Some mods have different names on the hub and in their files. I need to manually map them. I will add them to the mapping list.

      I will look into your example. It looks like the download link is only leading to a page and not a shared file. I don't have completed this way.

      Thanks for the example.

    • Thank you for the mod and what you do for us. :)

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    • Mapped both mods. Should be marked as installed with the new version 0.2.5

  • Your the best :)

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  • This is a game changer.

    Keep up the good work!

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    • Is there a mod that this manager can't handle?!

    • Thanks for your feedback! <3

      Yeah :D As an example -> STALKER Music Pack

      Because its a link to a random folder... and everything from the author

  • Encountered an issue (fetch loop until I closed the soft) while fetching Item Sell Price : Item Sell Price
    Once I closed and tried again it went well and I haven't encountered another error.

    So far it's pretty good, nice & simple, works well on recognizing already installed mods so that's a great usability bonus.

    May I suggest putting an alt text / description on the "Add to Download Queue" & "Queued for download" buttons as in 0.2.2. They don't have any and other buttons seems to have those descriptions already, that would make it more user-friendly.

    Kudo to you my friend, it's a useful little soft you got there, I'll be happy to watch it become even better 🙌

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    • On this front, could it be possible to have a separate list of "Mods already installed" like above the settings, so that we could easily what we have installed ?

    • Thanks for your feedback! I will add your suggestions into issues and will resolve them in the next update