Featured SP-EFT Manager v0.2.2

Seamless automation of mod installations

The primary goal is the automation of the mod process — covering the stages of searching, downloading and installing— for a more efficient experience.

For questions or help, you can contact me from the official SPT-Pub Discord → _schrader

  • Version v0.2.2

    Fix an issue with Google Drive larger file screen (no virus check for larger files) preventing the download

  • Version v0.2.0

    • New UI for Side-Navigation and Menu-Items
    • Adding Version of the mod
    • Improving support of filehoster (Dropbox, github, google drive)
    • Improving stability of the core process
    • Matching and handling different archive and non archive states
    • Adding a crude overview of the installed mods for a instance
    • Adding transparency about github ratelimits
    • Improve UI of the instances overview
    • Adding multiple pages directly from the Hub ("New", "Updated", "Most Loaded")
    • Adding pagination to scroll through mods
  • Version v0.1.3

    Adding functionality to download missing chrome files to fetching all information

    • First fetch of informations could be longer because chrome files will be downloaded and cached (cache-path: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\.local-chromium)
  • Version v0.1.2

    — Increase the stability of whole core process

    — Fixing issues with direct links breaking the loop

  • Version v0.1.1

    — Improve download stability

    — Fixed issues with internal 7zip-bin path

    Known Issues: Direct downloads will stop the file loop and all following mods will not be processed

  • Version v0.1.0

  • Your the best :)

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  • This is a game changer.

    Keep up the good work!

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    • Is there a mod that this manager can't handle?!

    • Thanks for your feedback! <3

      Yeah :D As an example -> STALKER Music Pack

      Because its a link to a random folder... and everything from the author

  • Encountered an issue (fetch loop until I closed the soft) while fetching Item Sell Price : Item Sell Price
    Once I closed and tried again it went well and I haven't encountered another error.

    So far it's pretty good, nice & simple, works well on recognizing already installed mods so that's a great usability bonus.

    May I suggest putting an alt text / description on the "Add to Download Queue" & "Queued for download" buttons as in 0.2.2. They don't have any and other buttons seems to have those descriptions already, that would make it more user-friendly.

    Kudo to you my friend, it's a useful little soft you got there, I'll be happy to watch it become even better 🙌

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    • On this front, could it be possible to have a separate list of "Mods already installed" like above the settings, so that we could easily what we have installed ?

    • Thanks for your feedback! I will add your suggestions into issues and will resolve them in the next update

  • Are you thinking of adding an option to allow updating mods that have updates? Installs are working again.

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    • Update of Mods is on the roadmap, but I have to look into a workflow first.

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  • 80% of mods dont seem to work. all stuck at fetching information. always have to restart the manager. as of now, its kind of useless. Gotta gamble if it works or not.

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    • Should be better with the current version 0.2.0. Now it should work with Google drive, Dropbox and most GitHub release.

      I hope most mods works now and only special constructs need some work.

      Thanks for your feedback :)

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    • Idk man, first mod i try (Borkel's Big Realistic Thermals) doesnt work, is stuck at fetching...

    • Also, for some reason, mods i install with SPT Manager that work dont get saved as installed? I installed questing bots, all good. I restart your manager, it lets me download them again, they dont appear installed. But they are...

    • Also like half the mods dont install. They fail at install with the red bar. To me, this is still unusable. I need longer with your manager than doing it manually... Just my feedback, not a good experience for me so far.

    • It would help if you name mods, that don't work for you. Without mods, I am not able to know what mods have issues.

      Please name a few and I will look into them.

  • I am also having the infinite loop of fetching information. This is with version 0.1.3 without google chrome installed on my OS.

    • Chrome is not a requirement. Binarys should be fetched and installed on the first run of a mod install.
      These caching file can be found under: C:\Users\[USER]\.local-chromium

      Can you check if this directory was created? You could remove this directory and try again.

    • Tried this myself and doing the same thing.

    • Try "Borkel's Big Realistic Thermal Package - Bring real life realism to your thermal scopes" for example

    • Borkel's Big Realistic Thermal Package - Bring real life realism to your thermal scopes

      Fixed. There was an Issue with an additional screen at google drive if the file was bigger and there was no virus scan.

      Fixed with the Version 0.2.2.

  • NO WAY! My dream just comes true! Please continue the develelopment and dont stop <3
    Thank you Hank!

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  • Ok I decided to give this another shot testing some mods and here are the mods that worked and the ones that didn't with the installer.


    Big Brain
    Amands Graphics
    More Checkmarks
    Item Sell Price
    Looting bots
    Algorithmic level progression
    Questing Bots
    Late to the party
    Keys required for quests
    Live Flea Prices
    LPA Redux

    Fontaine's FOV Fix & Variable Optics

    SamSwat's INCREASED FOV - Reupload

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    • I assume strikethrough mods are not working, right? Thanks for your feedback and test!

    • Yes strike through means it didn't work. Also I did try the HUD mod on the Popular tab and it didn't work either. This is on the latest version.

    • Yes. Could be a different filehoster. Only some filehoster are supported at this moment. I will look into them. :)

    • I created a issue so you can follow the current progress. I will resolve this with the next bigger update

      → #59

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  • Still getting stuck on an infinite loop of fetching info.

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    • What version are you using? Issues with fetching data should be resolved with v0.1.3.

  • really like this so far, has to be my favorite manager yet, im a sucker for MO2 but being able to so easily just install the mods is great, would love to be able to edit config files and load order within the app at some point in the future too. keep up the great work!

    • ah also, being able to skip the mod being currently downloaded would be nice, dont really have an indicator of which mods work so if you try batch installing you currently have to just clear the entire queue to avoid the ones that get stuck

  • This seems promising, but I haven't been able to download any mods. I'm running into similar issues as people below, where mods are stuck in a perpetual cycle of Fetching Information. So far, this issue has been present with Amand's Grahpics, SAIN, Realism mod, SWAG+Donuts and JustNU Core. I haven't tried any other mods, but I'd assume the issue persists with them too.

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    • Thanks for your feedback!

      Do you get this issue with v0.1.2?

      Have you tried to install only fetch and install Amand`s Graphic?

    • Yes, this issue is with v0.1.2.

      Yes, I've tried only installing Amand's graphics. It's still fetching indefinitely,

    • Do you have Chrome on your OS?

    • I do. Although my main browser is Firefox.

    • Could you test this issue with the new version 0.1.3? I think I found the issue and need some evaluation. :)

      (if its not working on the first try, look if the local chrome was created (C:\Users\[Username]\.local-chromium), restart and try again.

      Thank you!

  • still new to modding, how do i choose an instance/where

    • 1. Start the app

      2. in the top left corner, there will be a “burger-menu” (icon left of the text 'SP-EFT Manager - Beta)

      3. Open the Menu and klick on the setting point

      3. click the button on the top with the label "add new spt instance" and in the opening window you have to search and select the root directory

  • I will watch this, amazing idea and I'm stoked but going to wait until it's more stable.

  • Sadly, after activating instance and trying to download KVM server modifier from top rated mods it gets stuck on fetching information. Closed and tried few tries for same result. Also, tried with Amand's Graphics with same result.

    • KMC Server Value Modifier (SVM) → will be supported later because it's hosted on a google drive

      I will look into Amands Graphics

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    • Noted. Interface is looking good so far though.

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    • So does that mean Amands Graphics will not work with the current version?

    • It should work, partly. =O I am currently working to improve download stability.

      It's quite hard to handle all use cases because sometime mods are downloaded from an external source and sometime it will start the download directly.

      Handling multiple ways leads to instability.

      Locally and using the v0.1.0 Amands Graphics was working for me.

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    • Gotcha, appreciate the response my friend. Keep up the good work!

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  • Unable to download on Github, no releases apparently.

    • It's currently building. I wanted to include a link to the hub page.

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    • Gotcha, thanks for uploading.

    • Will be resolved when i fix the build pipline but classic "tarkov-lore" .... there cannot be a release without any issue :D

    • Fixed.

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