Barter Economy 1.1.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Make the game into a barter economy instead of dealing with those useless pieces of paper.

This mod is still under active development, so suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

This mod will completely change how traders trade with the player. Instead of buying things with paper money. You now trade your own valuable items for the stuff you need. A bottle of water for a new mag. or perhaps a golden rolex for a shiny new gun. Who knows what the traders want, and what you are willing to give up.

Built with a foundation of customization, the mod has many many knobs to turn so you can tune the experience in a way that fits YOU and YOUR play style.

There is a seed functionality, along with settings on whether to update whenever traders do or not. One set of trades for your entire run? Update your seed once a week, or once a day. The choice is in your hands.

Unlike my other mods, this one's config is simply too big put in here. So instead. if you think this idea is something you'd enjoy. I recommend you to dig into the config file with a text editor that supports jsonc files. The config is filled with comments and details on what everything does. Personally, I HIGHLY recommend using Visual Studio Code, to edit the config. VSCode

The config file is found in the \Leaves-BarterEconomy\config\ folder.

In classic Leaves™️ style; there is also an Leaves-BarterEconomy\output folder that holds usable data like the tiers of items. The default settings are tuned to be quite difficult. So if you want an easier experience; go ham on the config.

    "useSeed": false, //IF we're gonna use a seed to randomize the barters.
    "seed": 123, //Seed of the PRNG, if you use the same, you'll get the same results as someone else using this mod.
    //as long as the have the same modlist (or rather, same trader setup), and the same settings in this mod.
    //the PRNG generator with seed isnt the most amazing. Just a FYI

    "randomizeAfterUpdates": true, //Randomize the barters just before each trader reset
    "timeToWaitAfterUpdate": 5000, //Time to wait after a trader update in MS. Recommended to not touch unless you run into issues. //Doesnt do anything right now.
    "dumpTiersToFile": true, //Puts a dump of the tierlist into \mods\Leaves-BarterEconomy\output\

    "tradersToBarter": //Modded traders should work, and has been tested with No;Hurry's kokohekmatyar trader.
        "5a7c2eca46aef81a7ca2145d", //Mechanic
        "5ac3b934156ae10c4430e83c", //Ragman
        "5c0647fdd443bc2504c2d371", //Jaeger
        "54cb50c76803fa8b248b4571", //Prapor
        "54cb57776803fa99248b456e", //Therapist
        "5935c25fb3acc3127c3d8cd9", //Peacekeeper
        "58330581ace78e27b8b10cee" //Skier

    "barterCategories": //Categories from wich to draw items that YOU give the traders. The mulit is a multiplier how valuable items from that category are considered.
        "57864bb7245977548b3b66c2": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Tools
        "57864c8c245977548867e7f1": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Medical Supplies
        "57864e4c24597754843f8723": { "multi": 1.2 }, //Flammable materials (Lubricant)
        "57864a3d24597754843f8721": { "multi": 2 }, //Jewelry
        "57864c322459775490116fbf": { "multi": 1.5 }, //HouseholdGoods
        "57864a66245977548f04a81f": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Electronics
        "57864ada245977548638de91": { "multi": 1.3 }, //BuildingMaterial
        "57864ee62459775490116fc1": { "multi": 1.2 }, //Battery
        "5d650c3e815116009f6201d2": { "multi": 2 }, //Fuel
        "590c745b86f7743cc433c5f2": { "multi": 3.5 }, //Other
        "5645bcb74bdc2ded0b8b4578": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Headset
        "543be6564bdc2df4348b4568": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Throwable
        "5448e8d04bdc2ddf718b4569": { "multi": 2 }, //Food
        "5448e8d64bdc2dce718b4568": { "multi": 2 }, //Drinks
        "5448f3a64bdc2d60728b456a": { "multi": 2.5 }, //Stimulator
        "5448f3ac4bdc2dce718b4569": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Injury Treatments
        "5448f39d4bdc2d0a728b4568": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Medkit
        "5448f3a14bdc2d27728b4569": { "multi": 1.5 }, //Drugs
        "5448ecbe4bdc2d60728b4568": { "multi": 0.85 }, //Info items
        "616eb7aea207f41933308f46": { "multi": 1.2 } //Repair Kits
    "tiers": [ 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 ], //Having more tiers will make trades more "fair", but will reduce variance of trades.
    "loyaltyMultiplier": [ 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 ], //Multipliy the value of items of this loyalty level. Default settings will make early game a bit easier, and late-game a bit harder.
    "manualTieredItems": //Force a tier on a specific item. But these will override any multiplier above, and any set tiers above.
        "62a09f32621468534a797acb": 7, //Pevko Beer

        "5d40407c86f774318526545a": 10, //Vodka
        "5734758f24597738025ee253": 10, //Golden Neck chain

        "5d1b36a186f7742523398433": 15, //Metal fuel tank
        "5d1b371186f774253763a656": 15, //Expeditionary fuel tank
        "62a0a16d0b9d3c46de5b6e97": 15, //Military Flash drive
        "5d403f9186f7743cac3f229b": 15, //Whiskey
        "5d03784a86f774203e7e0c4d": 15, //Military Gyrotachometer
        "5910968f86f77425cf569c32": 15, //Weapon repairkit
        "5c12613b86f7743bbe2c3f76": 15, //Intelligence Folder
        "5d0377ce86f774186372f689": 15, //Iridium

        "59faff1d86f7746c51718c9c": 20, //Physical Bitcoin
        "5c052f6886f7746b1e3db148": 20, //Military COFDM
        "591094e086f7747caa7bb2ef": 20, //Body armor repair kit
        "6389c7750ef44505c87f5996": 20, //Microcontroller Board
        "5af0534a86f7743b6f354284": 20, //Ophtalmoscope
        "5c052e6986f7746b207bc3c9": 20, //Defibrillator

        "5d1b2f3f86f774252167a52c": 35, //FP 100 filter
        "5c05300686f7746dce784e5d": 35, //VPX
        "57347ca924597744596b4e71": 35, //Graphics card
        "6389c85357baa773a825b356": 35, //Advanced Current Converter
        "6389c7f115805221fb410466": 35, //Far forward GPS signal amplifier unit
        "5d03775b86f774203e7e0c4b": 35, //Phased array element
        "5c05308086f7746b2101e90b": 35, //Virtex

        "5d03794386f77420415576f5": 60, //Tank battery
        "5c0530ee86f774697952d952": 60, //Ledx
        "6389c8c5dbfd5e4b95197e6b": 60, //Blue folder
        "6389c8fb46b54c634724d847": 60, //Silicon Optoelectronics textbook
        "6389c92d52123d5dd17f8876": 60 //Advanced Electronics Materials
    "itemBlacklist": //Items that shouldnt appear for trades. Some seem to be quest items that arent correctly tagged.
        "59f32bb586f774757e1e8442", //BEAR DOGTAG
        "59f32c3b86f77472a31742f0", //USEC DOGTAG
        "5e99711486f7744bfc4af328", //Sanitar first aid kit (not maked quest for some reason. Well done BSG)
        "6391fcf5744e45201147080f", //Primorsky Ave apartment key
        "5e99735686f7744bfc4af32c", //Sanitar's surgery kit...
        "648c1a965043c4052a4f8505", //Ebudal???
        "5df8a72c86f77412640e2e83", //Tree ornament (Silver)
        "5df8a6a186f77412640e2e80", //Tree ornament (Red)
        "5df8a77486f77412672a1e3f", //Tree ornament (violet)
        "614451b71e5874611e2c7ae5" //Fake ass vodka.

        "5485a8684bdc2da71d8b4567", //Ammo
        "5447e0e74bdc2d3c308b4567", //Special Items
        "543be5dd4bdc2deb348b4569", //Money
        "5448bc234bdc2d3c308b4569" //Magazines

    "tradeBlacklist": //Trade blacklist. Enter SPECIFC trades here. Find the IDs in the \Aki_Data\Server\database\traders\<id>\assort.json


    "enableItemBlacklist": true, //Takes a bit of performace unfortunatley. Will NOT replace barters that include the items specified in the blacklist. Will still copy override if enabled.
        "59f32bb586f774757e1e8442", //Dogtag bear
        "59f32c3b86f77472a31742f0" //Dogtag USEC

    "maxNumItems": 10,
    "maxRandomNumItems": 5,

    "valueStep": 15000, //How much rubles each tier is. Tier 1 is < 15000, tier 2 is < 30000 etc.
    "maxBarterValue": 1619, //Maximum value a trade can have. I recommend putting this at a prime number. Why? Cus I said so. Fewer divisors
    "maxsteps": 15, //Any item above this tier is forced to this tier.

*These two modifiers could be seen as the "difficulty" of the mod.
    "valueExtraCost": 0, //How many extra tiers an item is worth, added after the multiplicative modifier below
    "valueMultiplier": 1.5, //The value of the item being sold. The higher, the more items/valuable items is necessary to buy an item.

    "randomTierdownStepStart": 5, //Items that are sold above this tier will randomly start looking for items using the divisor below.
    //Will not make items "cheaper", rather make them cost MORE stuff, but lower tier stuff

    "randomTierdownSteps": [ 0, 0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5 ], //Will randomly select one of the elements in the array, and step down that many.

    "valueCutoff": 2500, //If an item's cost is below this value, it will be purchaseable with regular currencies.
    "overrideExistingBarters": true, //Will replace existing barters with new barter options.
    "copyOverrideExistingBarters": true //Will copy every barter into a newly randomized barter.

  • Version 1.1.0

    • Update to 3.9.0

    Config files ARE compatible.

    Have not balanced any new items that tarkov has added like a few new figures etc. They're still auto-valuated, but if you have good experience with live tarkov rarities and want to help, feel free to msg me.

  • Version 1.0.6

    • Change naming to be proper package.json

    Should fix some issues people are having.

    Config files from 1.0.5 ARE compatible with this release.



  • Version 1.0.5

    • Fix Seed not working.

    Configs from 1.0.4 ARE compatible with this release.

  • Version 1.0.4

    • Added barterizing of the flea market. (This is disabled by default and takes a lot of time at startup to generate the thousands upon thousands of barters. (~30seconds on my pc on default settings.))
    • Added a setting for having a trade remain as a cash trade, But with massively increased upfront costs.

    Configs from previous versions are NOT compatible. but can be made compatible by adding the following settings

        "cashTradeEnabled": true, //Enable cash trades. These are trades that should be barter trades, but are instead cash trades.
        "cashTradeChance": 0.04, //Chance of a cash trade.
        "cashTradeMinValue": 75000, //Minimum value of a cash trade.
        "cashTradeMultiplier": 5, //Multiplier of the value of a cash trade.

        "barterizeFleamarket": false, //Barterize the flea market. Will make the flea market a bit more interesting.
        "offersPerItem": //Total offers per item. Default is 7-30 per item. But this is INCREDIBLY SLOW to generate. I highly recommend not using too many offers per item.
        //Only applies if barterizeFleamarket is true.
            "min": 2, //Minimum offers per item
            "max": 4  //Maximum offers per item

  • Version 1.0.3

    • Lists installed traders at startup
    • Implemented "writeLog" to output a list of all trades whenever a trader updates. output\trades__2024-04-07_14-52-11_<nickname>.txt
    • Added "writeLogLocale" If missing defaults to "en".

    Configs from previous version [tt]1.0.1[/tt] and [tt]1.0.2[/tt] are compatible.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Added safeguards to prevent the mod from hanging if there a trader is missing data in the assort.

    Configs from previous version 1.0.1 are compatible.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Adds two new features

    "tradeValueOverrides": //Overrides specific item's trade value. If some items are too cheap or too expensive in general.

    "maxValueOverHandbookMultiplier": 5, //An item will not get a value above the handbook value times this number

  • Version 1.0.0

    Barter Economy 3.8.0 Initial Release. See confg/config.jsonc  for more info. I might not be able to update the mod page.

  • Version 0.0.5

    Fixes barter override (For real this time)

    New features/Changes

    *Specfic trade blacklist

    *Trade Item blacklist

    *RandomTierdown change
    *Fixed an off by 1 error on values.

    *Adjusted default values on a lot of things.

  • Version 0.0.4

    Fixes CopyOverride barters

    Fixes Ragfair

    Fixes Weapons/Armors missing parts (hopefully)

    Default difficulty reduced. Due to complaints lmao

  • Hey, it might just be me, but I'm trying to get the barters to always be the same. I put a seed and turned it on, and then set "randomizeAfterUpdates": false in the config, but I'm still getting the barters randomizing after the shop resets.

    I took a look in the mod.ts for both the 3.9.0 and 3.8.3 versions and couldn't find "this.config.randomizeAfterUpdates" referred to anywhere, so I was wondering if the fact that the code doesn't seem to use that line of the config was what was causing it. I'm still on 3.8.3 so it's also possible that my chunky modlist is doing something, but figured I'd ask in case it's a quick and easy fix.

    • You're right. I figured out the issue. I will see when I can get this fixed, unfortunately tarkov modding isn't very high on my priority list right now.

      this.config.randomizeAfterUpdates is deprecated. and isnt used anymore. I will mark it as such in the config.

      EDIT: probably fixed it, but I dont have time to test right now. If you'd like you can test the update on

      You have to manually update the mod.ts from the repo, not the latest release. I don't have time right now to test it and post an update.

    • Tested it on 3.8.3 by copying the relevant lines across that changed in the commit. Unfortunately it looks like it now updates the barter the first time when the bool is false, but then for subsequent refreshes reverts to the rouble barters.

      I had a play around with the code, and it seems if this.modifyTrader() isn't called it resets to the rouble barters. I also tried to reinitialize the seeded RNG every time the trader updated with the following, but that also gave me different barters, potentially because the traders are pushed to the array in a different order to the first init?

      if ( timeSinceLastRun > 30 )
                  if ( this.config.useSeed )
                      this.rng = new SeededRandom( this.config.seed );
      ...[Do rest of updateTraders()]

      I'll keep having a play around to see if I can get it to work, since my mates and I really wanted to have a barter economy for a zero-to-hero FIKA playthrough, and will post back here if I can get it working at all.

      Update edit:

      I set up some initialization in UpdateTraders() so that every trader will have a seed-number, and will go through a fresh init of the RNG that many times, so in theory every time a trader updates it should have the exact same RNG, and that seems to work according to the console logging line, but for some reason the barters *STILL* change around, so I'm wondering if something in the assort is changing. At this point I'm wondering if it's just worth saving the trader's first assort to a JSON and then if non-change is true just copying the json object back across to the trader.assort instead of regenerating it all.

    • you could probably do a deep copy of the assort, and then when it updates override with a new copy of the deep copy.

    • Hey Qwertyalex,

      Did you ever manage to fix this?

    • Not yet unfortunately, but it's something I (hopefully) intend to try to get working at some point. When/if I get it working I'll post it here for peeps, just been busy IRL so not had much time to work on code recently.

  • a couple requests:

    there are new containers categorized as barter items:

    Its only the locked versions:

    This should be all ids to add to the blacklist:

    "66588b6dcb48a73e674b2649", //locked containers












    There are also a few new dogtags for the game versions:





    Second, can you please add a blacklist check to the duplication of barter trades, then we could prevent barter trades from copying:

                //If it's a barter and we make a barter copy
                if ( this.config.copyOverrideExistingBarters )
                    if ( this.config.tradeBlacklist.includes( trade._id ) )

    Thank you

  • Would it be possible to allow blacklist/whitelist of barter items per trader? Would be neat to have specific categories for certain traders.

    • If you can elaborate more, I might consider it for the eventual 3.9.0 update.

    • For example, allowing Therapist to accept medical items and other barter item categories that make sense, while allowing Mechanic to accept gun parts and other barter categories that make sense.

      Basically a (optional) whitelist/blacklist per trader to customize what type of items a trader may allow/not allow for barters.

    • While an interesting idea in theory, and I might make it for 3.9.0 is that there isnt that many high value items in the game, so you might have to make the high-end barter items usable everywhere, or its going to be a mess. But ill def consider it for the next patch.

  • so im noticing that a few items can be bought for money, and at specifically 75000 roubles. is this normal? for example, the AI-2 medkit and a tube of toothpaste both cost 75k

    • By default there is a chance that items are available for cash trades, and their prices are based on their trade value and not their original values. If traders were to reset, you'd see other trades for money instead. you can turn this feature off.

    • thats actually kinda cool

  • first of all good fucking job my man ty so much shits fire.
    im running into issues. sometimes it works after trying a second time but sometimes it gets caught up for a long time trying to successfully update a trader.

    something with the BarterEconomyUpdateTraders event about the items not having barter scheme/loyalty level and/or EPERM: operation not permitted, mkdir to a file ***.txt.lock. doesnt seems to be a real problem with other traders than the painter, lotus and custom items duplicated maybe cuz there a lot of "cloned" items and it seems to be errors with other cloned items i think. for example ik these item id:5665d391aa7c1b08737f7412, 58af11b0bf3029b2cfa7296f, 6dacd16be25c9d2537071c57 is getting caught up on lotus. halpe :)

    • If you could provide the actual error I could possibly look into it. But without it, its difficult.

      As for the .txt.lock issue, you could try disabling the follwing

          "dumpTiersToFile": true, //Puts a dump of the tierlist into \mods\Leaves-BarterEconomy\output\

      Change that to false

      Thumbs Up 1
    • [Barter Economy] Updating Trader:54cb57776803fa99248b456e

      scheduled event : 'BarterEconomyUpdateTraders' was not launched successfully.

      EPERM: operation not permitted, mkdir 'C:\sptarkov\user\mods\Leaves-BarterEconom


      Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, mkdir 'C:\sptarkov\user\mods\Leaves-Barte


      at Object.mkdirSync (node:fs:1380:26)

      at Object.mkdirSync (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1639:33)

      at Object.mkdir (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\lib\adapte


      at acquireLock (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\lib\lockfil


      at RetryOperation._fn (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\lib\


      at RetryOperation.attempt (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\retry\lib\retry_


      at C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\lib\lockfile.js:232:19

      at Object.realpath (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\lib\ada


      at resolveCanonicalPath (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\li


      at lock (C:\snapshot\project\node_modules\proper-lockfile\lib\lockfile.js:22


      [Barter Economy] Updating Trader:54cb57776803fa99248b456e

      Item c1e82bf27e53d89d2f8a43f5 does not have a barter scheme. Defaulting to item

      value 1.

      Item c1e82bf27e53d89d2f8a43f5 does not have a loyalty level. Defaulting to 1.

      événement programmé : 'BarterEconomyUpdateTraders' n'a pas été lancé avec succès


      Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

      TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

      at BarterEconomy.isMoneyTrade (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\sr


      at BarterEconomy.adjustTrade (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\src


      at BarterEconomy.modifyTrader (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\sr


      at BarterEconomy.updateTraders (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\s


      at OnUpdateMod.onUpdateOverride (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\


      at OnUpdateMod.onUpdate (C:\snapshot\src\services\mod\onUpdate\OnUpdateMod.t


      at App.update (C:\snapshot\src\utils\App.ts:82:44)

      [Barter Economy] Updating Trader:54cb57776803fa99248b456e

      Item c1e82bf27e53d89d2f8a43f5 does not have a barter scheme. Defaulting to item

      value 1.

      Item c1e82bf27e53d89d2f8a43f5 does not have a loyalty level. Defaulting to 1.

      événement programmé : 'BarterEconomyUpdateTraders' n'a pas été lancé avec succès


      Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

      TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

      at BarterEconomy.isMoneyTrade (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\sr


      at BarterEconomy.adjustTrade (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\src


      at BarterEconomy.modifyTrader (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\sr


      at BarterEconomy.updateTraders (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\s


      at OnUpdateMod.onUpdateOverride (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\leaves-bartereconomy\


      at OnUpdateMod.onUpdate (C:\snapshot\src\services\mod\onUpdate\OnUpdateMod.t


      at App.update (C:\snapshot\src\utils\App.ts:82:44)

      [Barter Economy] Updating Trader:54cb57776803fa99248b456e

  • Is it possible to make the trade my barter value instead of fixed barter items,

    Example you want to buy

    ak74 value 50k

    3 mags 9k

    total value 59k

    and now i need to meet that value with my items to make a trade possible.

    • This mod cannot do this unfortunately. There are multiple issues with your suggestion.
      First of all, tarkov itself doesnt support buying more than 1 item type at a time. I would basically have to remake the whole trade system in tarkov from the groud up. Something I have no desire to do. Sorry.

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for this. I knew I wanted a barters only setup with the traders and was mentally bracing myself to go through and manually overhaul all of the assorts. This may have saved my sanity.

    Happy 1
  • I am looking to do some of my own modding of the trader assort tables- would you be available to discuss help on how to do that?

  • im staring at the config file here and i believe im missing a step for adding modded traders to the list?

    [Barter Economy] Trader ID: "656f0f98d80a697f855d34b1" - Nickname: БТР

    [Barter Economy] Trader ID: "ragfair" - Nickname: Unknown

    [Barter Economy] Trader ID: "ArtemTrader" - Nickname: Artem

    [Barter Economy] Trader ID: "Scorpion" - Nickname: Scorpion

    i see this in the server console i imagine i need to copy the trader id and put them somewhere in the config?

    • Really excited i found this mod! this is exactly what ive been looking for

    • You put the ID in the list of at the top of the config file.


  • Just like isaac I can't seem to get the seed to work. All of the booleans are highlighted in notepad++ and apparently are invalid in a json validator, not sure why?

    The mod itself is very cool and was hoping to use it on a zero to hero semi-hardcore ruleset so I'll keep my eye on it for future updates!

    • Because I am a big dum dum. I updated it. Sent it to isaac on discord to test. and then never uploaded. Will upload asap.

  • I can't get the seed option to work. I set useseed to true, leave the default 123 seed, and change nothing else. Barters change after every restart. I disabled all other mods when I was testing this. Am I doing something wrong here?

    • Ill look into it soon. But I'm fairly busy lately. so it might not be very quick.

  • love this mod. Is there any chance to use an algorithm for generating barter items for a flea market?

    want to play with flea market, but the SPT settings do not allow me to configure it in detail. As a result, all I can do through the config is the maximum number of items per barter

    • You know what. Possibly. It's not something I'm personally interested in. But Ill take look, and if it seems fairly simple to implement. Ill do it.

      Heart 1
    • If you can to implement it, can I also ask you for a separate price modifier for flea market items?

    • Ive looked into it. I think its fairly simple to do. I just need to allocate some time to get it done.

      Heart 1
    • Wow, thank you very much))

    • Love you dude

  • how do i stop the barters from randomising every time i log in? do i have to set a particular seed so that it's always the same barter?

  • Would it be possible to generate barters for ammo without also deleting money trades for ammo?

    • The issue is that ammo would be stupidly expensive. There is no way to set like 50 bullets for one item. So it would be 1 item per bullet. I think the solution would be a trader/or additions to existing traders to add more ammo boxes.

  • Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Softcore mod?

    • why don't you try and report back?

    • I could, but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience first before i start testing two mods together that i'm not well versed with and potentially not notice something isn't quite right due to them both having trader changes.

      I just want a complete barter economy and you've both made cool as fuck mods ha.

      I'll have a try tonight and let you know if anything sticks out.

    • Awesome. Let me know if you encounter any errors. If it's just tiny incompatibilities Ill see if I can do something about it.

    • I can't see any issues myself running this along side Softcore. Cheers for creating :)

      Had an issue with Gilded Key Storage, were it'd offer a secondary trade for low tier loot but wanted to keep it as just the single defined trade, think i fixed this turning "copyOverrideExistingBarters" to false, would you recommend this being the best way?

    • copyOverride does inded create a second barter. It being cheap can be fixed in the newly added trade value override. But only enable copy override (yes I know its on by default), if you actually desire to have two barters per original barter.

      If you want to target a specfic trade to prevent it from becoming a new barter, you can do that in the blacklist in config.

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  • does it also effect the flee market to be only barter based or only the traders?

    • The traders will be barter on the flea market. but it does not change anything of the regular flea market offers. Personally i have turned off the flea market.

    • How do you turn off the raid completely? I locked it behind a lv but if you go into preset builder it ignores this and still allows you to purchase parts through this method.

    • I did the same thing, but I havent used the preset builder, so I dont know.

  • Is it intended that trader offers get randomized each time server starts?

    I think it would be cool to also have the option of having only vanilla barter trades for real Hardcore runs with currency trades removed(except markers, jammers etc.)

    • Quote

      Is it intended that trader offers get randomized each time server starts?

      By default: Yes. This and a lot more can be changed in the config.


      I think it would be cool to also have the option of having only vanilla barter trades for real Hardcore runs with currency trades removed(except markers, jammers etc.

      Def not a bad idea. But out of scope for this mod.

    • Thanks I will check out the config options, I already use your loot mods to mimic sort of 'hardcore' challenge possible in live version of the EFT. Thank you for your work!