Better Thermals Remix - AKI 3.8.0 1.0.1

Simple & straight forward mod to remove blue, scan lines and frame cap from Thermal Scopes.

All Credit goes to original mod author alex

Ported unmaintained mod to AKI 3.8.0 due to original author taking time to focus on their health.


  • The Original Mod by alex got updated so I'd recomend people downloading that instead, no hate for BgsOfficial of course!

    Also Thermal scope ranges aren't "unlimited" (I'm playing on 3.8.0) but in the original they are.

    I tested the REAP-IR scope yesterday and it capped out at it's vanilla 250-300 meter range.

    The REAP-IR scope works as intended in the original.

  • i updated to make the ranges "infinite".

    you can put them up here if you like

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  • Just a heads up, you packaged the loose files inside the .zip so users have to create user/[mod] and drag your stuff in

  • Hello. Is it possible to find out if it is possible to somehow increase the drawing range for thermal imagers? just like in real life. thanks for the reply. I wrote through a translator

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  • A mod like this is necesarry every patch, that's a nice one

    • If all goes well this should be fairly easy to continue porting up.

  • Ty for this mod sir.

    It must have for me.

    • Welcome! Go give Alex a shout of thanks since he did such a great job making most of it before we ported it.