[TANO] Thermal And Nvg Overhaul 1.0.3

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Simple mod that removes blur, scan lines and frame cap from Thermal Scopes and Night vision/Thermal Goggles.

[TANO] or Thermal And Nvg Overhaul merges the benefits of Better Thermals Remix Better Thermals Remix - AKI 3.8.0 and Borkel's Nvg into one mod all ported to be functional on AKI 3.8.0

Steps to install

- Extract Zip file

- Move Zip file into "user/mods" folder into your AKI server

- Launch server to generate configs

- Modify Configs to your hearts content. (Check readme file for specifics)

- Join and Enjoy!


Merged fork of Borkel's Realistic Night Vision Goggles by Borkel

and Better Thermals by alex

- Not to be used with Better Thermals Remix or any other nvg/thermal mod.

  • This mod still works but breaks IR flashlights and Lasers, at least with thermals on.

    • Hey there. We appreciate the feedback. In all honesty, this was a passion project by my brother and I; Really just to get the feature temporarily patched to the latest AKI version while the original devs worked on theirs. It was also a fun chance for me to learn a bit about codework and mod development. All in all, I'd say if you are still looking for a functional version of these features check out @alex and @Borkel's mods (Both are hyperlinked in the Overview section under the Credits header). They certainly did a great job on their work!

  • Is it possible to extend thermal scope ranges? looked through config files but couldn't find anything love the mod tho!!

  • my updated bundles have unlimited thermal range.

    • We have an update that will be fixing the thermals & a couple of bugs within the next day or so. Thanks for keeping us in mind Alex!

    • Hey, are you ever planning on releasing that? It's been almost a month since you said a few days, and the thermals still don't have anything close to infinite range - is an update to this mod coming? This is without a doubt, by far the best BVG and thermal mod.

  • Hey I still didn't get to try the mod since I'm making a new profile, but since it's a mashup of other mods I'm pretty sure the thermals range is still capped, if you want to bother with it I could send you mods I have from 3.3 that are basically the same thing with a uncapped range so you can compare stuff and just replace some values. Clear Thermal Sights (clear thermals by TEOA)
    https://hub.sp-tarkov.com/file…ar-nvgs-updated/#versions (the latest version of this is a port of a port of a port but I sent what I have on my 3.3 version)

    • That's right; The range is still capped, but I'm not great at modding .bundle files so I left them as the original authors had made them and just ported the mod itself to work on newer versions of SPT. I'll take a look at this though (I'm a thermal enjoyer so having uncapped range sounds great!)

  • is this mod compatible with Fontaine's fov mod?

  • i see you are using my nvg mod, which is completely fine, but an older version of it. Are you waiting for my mod to update to 3.8.0 or do you prefer the older version?

    • The answer to that is twofold but I'll keep it as brief as I can. I'm not very proficient in codework and I've been looking for a solution to Kobrakon's .dll no longer working on 3.8.0; Through some modification and help from My brother (BgsOfficial) we were able to get a modified version of your BRNVG 1.2 and 1.5 working the way we needed it to for our servers. We preferred the config options from 1.2 so they were effectively ported into the 1.5 version before we merged it with Alex's Better Thermals mod. Of course it's far from perfect but what we managed to get working suits our needs well and we figured we'd share it with the community in case others would enjoy a single mod option that gives clear thermals on both scopes as well as headsets.

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    • I understand, since my client-side files (the .dll files) are not present in your mod I'd appreciate it a lot if you clarified that what you present is an older (or modified) version of my mod, just for clarification. I'm not forcing you tho, since you are already giving proper credit you are free to do whatever you want with my mod.

      And thanks for using my mod.

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  • Hello. Is it possible to find out if it is possible to somehow increase the drawing range for thermal imagers? just like in real life. thanks for the reply. I wrote through a translator