Tarkov Midcore Server 1.0.0

This is an AIO with one config file. It extends functions not available in SVM.

Comes with a config.json where you change what you want to enable/disable

If you have any feedback on what you want to see that are not available in SVM, drop a comment.

  • Set custom health for bots
  • Enable full control over what items you lose when killed in raid
  • Turn off inertia
  • Make repair kits less overpowered
  • Set ammo color based on pen value
  • Stop the chat messages from fake bots ("Haha I killed you, you suck" and so on)

Turn off softcore in SVM if you use EnableLostOnDeath in the config


    THANK YOU!!!

  • I believe your version of FUInertia makes crouch speed the same as walking speed, which is kinda funny to crab walk that fast lol

  • If both this and SVM is installed at the same time, does one overwrite another? Honestly I just want to off inertia with this, but I'm not sure if it'll interfere with my SVM

    • If you disable lostondeath with setting it to false, the other options in config will not interfere with svm. Lostondeath interfere with svm ONLY if you enabled softcore option in svm.

    • so turn everything set to true to false except from inertia.

  • Curious how the bot health multipliers work if bots in the same "category" have different initial health values?

    For example, with the default 0.7 value for boss health, hypothetically if Reshala normally has 300 health I'd expect him to have 210. And if Tagilla normally has 800, then he would have 560, is that correct? If so might I suggest that instead of a multiplier, to allow for bot values to be set to a single value across the board (for example set all bots to have the same amount of health as the player character, which I think is how Realism handles this).

    That way squishier bosses in particular don't have to become way too weak just to make larger health pool bosses come down to a more normal level.

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    • I can do that for a future update. It works like you described. For now, it's at least better than nothing.

  • Thankyou changing bot health is crucial, as BSG vanilla ammo values are dumb

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