Featured Loot Radius 1.0.1

Ever get fed up trying to line your crosshair up just right to loot an item? No more! Now loot any loose loot nearby

Have you ever seen an item you wanted to loot, but just couldn't quite line your crosshair up on it to pick it up? No more! Now you can open your inventory and loot any loose loot item within a configurable radius that you can see.

That's really about it, functionally it's pretty straight forward, technically it was a major pain to get working. Let me know if you run into any bugs :)

Note: Quest Items can not be drag/dropped into your inventory, as they are not standard inventory items. You can Ctrl+Click them to move them straight into your quest inventory


1) Open the downloaded zip file in 7-zip

2) Select the folder in the zip file in 7-zip

3) Drag the selected folder from 7-zip into your SPT folder

Demonstration Video (Yes, it's Quest Tracker, but the same concept applies to all of my mods, I'm not making mod-specific extraction example videos. No, you don't need to drop it onto LICENSE-Launcher.txt, just drop it into your SPT folder):



Loot Radius (Default: 1.5 meters):

The distance to look for loot. The center point is the middle of your body, 0.5m off the ground. 1.5m worked well in my testing


  • May conflict with True Items and other mods that allow items to stack that don't normally stack

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  • Version 1.0.1

    This mod was written to be generic, and support as many future versions of SPT as possible. Currently only tested on 3.8.0

    - Resolve foot level loot check

    - Add new patch to disallow dragging quest items into your inventory. Can be collected with Ctrl+Click

  • Version 1.0.0

    This mod was written to be generic, and support as many future versions of SPT as possible. Currently only tested on 3.8.0

    Initial Release

  • A few times now I've experienced an issue where I will attempt to pick something up using shift click from the mod UI (proximity loot), then trying to use left click to manually move an item will cause a white box to center itself on my screen, so I can't see what's in the middle. Very hard to shoot bad guys when I've got cataracts lol.

    To reiterate, shift click in proximity loot UI, then left click another (or the same) item in the proximity looting UI will cause the issue. Haven't found another way to recreate it.

    • This isn't caused by Loot Radius, it's a base Tarkov bug caused by interacting with items too quickly: White Box Fix

  • ".. No, you don't need to drop it onto LICENSE-Launcher.txt .." :D
    I've been the asker of that question so many times in my life I instantly felt at home reading that! :D

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  • Does anyone know of compatibility issues with any other mods? I can't seem to get this one to function as intended all of a sudden. I have quite a few mods, ~60. Any other people out there that have had similar problems?

  • Also in stash.

    After restart of game (not server) work.


  • https://i.imgur.com/FtKWYtQ.png


    i have some problem... there's an item right front of me and it not show up on nearby loot.

    i set distance maximum

    • I also get some items not showing when in front of me. My guess would be that the loot sometimes sink into the object it was sitting on.

  • Is there a way to configure the radius's length?, Love this mod btw

    • F12 has a setting for the radius to search

    • Nah I meant like to go even further beyond 10 like one Morbillion or something like that

    • I do not allow it to be extended beyond 10m, this is on purpose and will never be increased

  • I have the same problem as dnepmo, only quest items are showing up after update to 3.8.1 spt aki

  • hey, really great mod, though i'm having an issue where only quest items are showing up in the loot ui, no other items will show. mod seems to be working fine other than that. any ideas?

    • I've never seen or heard of this occurring. Are you sure the other items you think should be included are within visible range of your head, and within the distance defined in the F12 settings?

    • hmm the issue cleared up on its own, probably something i wasn't doing right. works perfectly now

  • Half of the raid was ok. After opening Weapon Box there was something like this. I have no words to describe it xd.

    I think the video shows what happened.

    Probably unable to reproducible.

    • seems like a bug with interchange, I've had it happen too

      I don't think it's related to this mod, since it's been reported on previous versions

    • Same thing has been happening to me too. About halfway through the raid it seems to start opening the loot radius on top of container loot like his video shows

  • Just a small bug report but you can still grab the used flare cartages after using them.

  • so we can pick up stuff we accidentally dropped inside bodies now? Holy shiiiit

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  • I have a problem where the loot menu is always up, including my stash or when im looting something

  • Just want to thank you for this.. Untill this mod i had never been able to find bit coin, or anything that was really rare or expensive loot. even when bit coin showed up in th evicinity, i tried looking for it but couldnt find it. bsg hides stuff too good. so thank you.

  • I find that often the mod misses items, like if they are on the floor or on a table.
    One place I see it consistently missing is in the relax room in streets, on the tables where whiskey spawns.

    That being said, it is pretty great so far, it makes doing marked rooms much easier.

    • ahh somewhat, i had that thought as well, but i think tables and certain things act like walls, cause i think you cant loot threw a door? but so i figured out a good way, just run into a room hit tab, and then walk to the corners of the room, and usualy that helps the items to show up, so i go into a room and hit tab liek 3 or 4 times while walikng around the room and it will show up, you can also set the distance if you max it to 10 then that usualy picks up all the items.

  • I am loving the mod thus far, however I had an idea whilst trying it out.

    Not sure if this is feasible but I was thinking a killer feature add for this would be the ability to walk while the inventory was open. Not necessarily when scanning for loot, but rather while packing mags/ doing general inventory management.

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    • That's not within the scope of what this mod is expected to accomplish

    • That's understandable. I just wanted to put the idea out there, but I respect if you wish not to pursue it. ^^

  • revolutionary

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  • Killing it as usual. Great work man.

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  • Just curious, is there a raycast to check line of sight to loot or could we be cheeky and press up against a locked room to vacuum the loose loot from it?

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    • There is a small 0.5m buffer around your feet that doesn't do a visible check (To allow looting items in the floor on Labs, etc), but the actual radius for looting does a linecast to verify that you can see each specific item from your head location

    • Based

  • Ran into a possible bug. I dropped a mag after reloading and used the loot radius feature to pick the mag back up and when I did the mag still appeared to be on the ground and in my inventory. I was fighting scavs so I ended up dropping that mag a couple times and it kept duplicating on the ground. Also which I thought was extra weird all the mags I dropped in the previous raid were in the same spot on the next raid

    • That isn't related to this mod, that happens in base offline raids/SPT sometimes, generally with more noticeable items (Backpacks, etc)

    • Ok gotcha!!

  • Hi, I would like to submit a suggestion.
    Could it be possible to list all items in nearby containers as well?
    Thanks for amazing work!

    • No, this is meant to loot those hard to reach/aim at loose loot items. Containers are generally much easier to aim at. I have no plans to ever add container loot to this mod

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  • I was peeking through the marked room in reserve's barrack, RP-VO and I was able to tab loot throughi t, but of coruse only the items that my character can visibly see. Then again I did push the range to 10 so... partly my fault LUL

    • Not something I plan to fix, if you crank the loot range, expect to be able to loot at range

    • How do you increase the range?

  • Thank you for making this mod! I am a Chinese player and I want to ask may I repost your mod to our website? Of course I will indicate the source and your name

  • Man this is just like DayZ looting

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  • Aww you removed the quest item collection. Honestly it has a cost of inventory space even if in secure container. I think Leaving it as a config will be fine ::D

    • You can still collect quest items, you just need to Ctrl+Click them. They cause issues when put directly into your inventory, so I removed the ability to drag/drop them there

  • This mod is incredible. I LOVE when games have this feature.

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  • this looks pretty cool not gunna lie

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  • im suprised this isnt a thing in baseline tarkov, it was always a thing in games like dayz and scum and you'd think this game would have that too

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  • Thanks DrakiaXYZ a true legend

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  • Great job! I've been thinking about this for quite a while. SCUM has an excellent 'vicinity' inventory system, which includes both loose and contained loot. EFT is rather poor. Your mod should make 'Loot value' and similar mods even more practical, as well.

    What would also be nice is drag and drop switching/swapping of loot.

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  • When I picked up the cigarettes (strike), this rectangle appeared.

    It still shows up in hideout.


    • I'm going to assume that's probably something to do with the mod you're using that stacks barter items conflicting. I'll look into it when I have time

    • Another case. Quest items which are moved to to Quests Items Inventory can also be pickup by this mod. When I wanted to drop the item and pick it up again using the `traditional` method to move it to the Quest Inventory, the item disappeared and did not appear in next raids, but subtask `obtain the item` was not complete.

    • The new version removes the ability to drag/drop quest items to your inventory, so should stop the issue you ran into. You can still Ctrl+Click them to move them straight to your quest inventory.

      I was unable to reproduce the issue you encountered with strike cigarettes though, even with stackable barter items

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