SPT-Community Korean Patcher 1.0.2

Korean Locale Patcher for SPT AKI SPT 아키용 한글 번역 패쳐

Machine Translation + Original Translation

Installation Guide

#1 Download the SPT-Korean-Patcher.zip

#2 Drop unzipped file in user\mods


설치 방법

1. 모드 다운로드 받기

2. SPT Aki가 설치된 곳의 user\mods 폴더에 모드 넣기

3. 실행

  • Shooter born in heaven complete message has problem

    • Glory to CPSU - part 2 has problem, I think it should be "CPSU에게 영광을" or "소련공산당에 영광을"

    • Thanks to report this ill try to fix next update

    • I also believe we need to unify word too. Korund-VM 방탄 플레이트 (뒷면) should be (후면) because every other plate use (후면).

    • Punisher - part 4 has problem too. In translation, it said we need to kill scav on Woods and kill pmcs in Shoreline.

      But actually this mission requires to kill scav and pmcs in Lighthouse(based on wiki, confirmed by playing it). I believe we should look into this too.

    • Sew it good - part 3 has problem. it said I need to give [6B43 6A 방탄복], but actually I need to give [6B13 강습 방탄복](based on wiki, complete quest to confirm it).

  • Nothing to say, just Thumbs Up

  • 방탄판 플레이트 오타(?)

    그래니트 Br5

    그래닛 Br4

    br5가 그래니트라고 나오네요

    어떤 것들은 그냥 영어로 Granit라고도 뜨고욤

    • SPT Hub encourages the use of English. Please use English next time!

      Anyway, that report will be corrected soon.

    • Also the purpose of this mod is not for perfect translation. it just for relieve the inconvenience of understanding. So hard to expect perfect corrections to mistranslations because i'm working alone ㅠㅠ

    • Anyway thanks for report and gaechu :)

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