The Punisher - Part 7 1.0.0

Add Punisher part 7 Quest.

This mod adds the next part of Prapor's quest The Punisher. (Lv 35 start, need to clear The Punisher - Part 6)

This is a quest that I made for my own use, and added to get gamma containers when playing games where it is impossible to get them in SPT, such as ZERO TO HERO or Standard.

I've set the quest difficulty appropriately and plan to modify it if there is any feedback.

The quest is completed by simultaneously killing 3 PMCs and Kollontay in one game on the Ground Zero map.

If you die or fail to complete it in one raid, the mission will be reset.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or errors.

Important!! This mod relies on VCQL, so make sure you have the latest VCQL downloaded.

Virtual's Custom Quest Loader(link) : Virtual's Custom Quest Loader

How to install?

After extracting the files, if you see the "user" folder, put it into your SPT folder as is.

  • I'v tried 10 times, but Kollontay don't spawn on Ground Zero :(
    I'm lvl48...

    • Maybe you can set up Kollontay's Spawn with SWAG or etc.

      I made this mod after I confirmed that Kollontay is spawned from Ground Zero when using SWAG.

      I can't help you directly, but I hope we can solve that problem.😢

      Thank you for using my quest.😊

    • SWAG problem, outdated...
      Only Kollontay and his guards spawn, no Scaw, no PMC. :(
      Using SVM, make no sense, because Kollontay will not spawn. :(
      Maybe you sould rework this mod, knowing this issues.
      Maybe another location, or put Kollontay out of the quest.

      It worked,just i forgot to read SWAG instructions... Waypoints required... -.-