No Streets Quests 1.0.0

Hate Streets of Tarkov? Replace every Streets of Tarkov quests and subquests with paying RUB instead!

Hate playing on 30fps in Streets of Tarkov just to finish the miserable quests? No more! Replace every Streets of Tarkov quests and subquests with handing over RUB instead.




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  • Yo bro W mod but can you maybe do it for lighthouse also?

    Because as a certified level 1 crook i can't compete with the level 100 mafia boss rogues in the USEC camp🗣️🔥

  • I Was Also wondering, Does this work for all Tasks? Or just Streets?

  • Just wanted to ask because I didn't see it in the comments, but does this work with Lightkeeper?

  • you guys get 30 fps on streets ?

  • hello, I wanted to play in your mod but I have a version 3.8.0, and I do not want to update to a new one. can you do for me and me similar adaptation of the mod on older versions? thank you in advance for the answer.

    • It should work ok 3.8.0 as well. Give it a try and let me know.

    • it doesn't worked. i tried reinstalling. nothing helps

    • Edit package.json and modify AkiVersion from 3.8.3 to 3.8.0, that should do the trick.

    • ok, i will check

    • it worked!

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  • thank you for the mod, nikita needs to be (Head, Eyes) ((in game of course)) for forcing so many quests on a shitty unoptimized map.

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  • Did you just reupload the task skipping mod?

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    • Do you even read?

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    • this is either an elaborate troll or you are the highest IQ SPT player, and I can't tell which

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    • Skipper gives you the ability to skip just for nothing, and this mod at least balances that you need to pay for skip.

  • my potato pc loves you

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  • goat

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