Featured Immersive Daylight Cycle 1.0.0

Immersive, Semi-Hardcore Time System! -Time is paused when out of raid -Only one time available when entering a raid based on what time it was when you left your last raid -Configurable daylight cycle rate and more!

  • Version 1.0.0

    This version will ONLY work on SPT 3.8.X versions!

    Once the SPT 3.9.0 update is released, it should be version agnostic going forward.

  • let me say that this mod is INSANELY immersive with the new Path To Tarkov Reloaded mod. it makes it feel like time is actually passing while you travel inbetween maps, and it gives me a good reason to actually bring out nvgs even when its daytime. sweet mod bro!

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  • Can i use settings in this mod to make it use my local time. and remove the pause and the +1 hour?

    Mostly curios about the local time as right now the game is only 1h ahead of my local time which is annoying so have been looking for a mod that can change it.

    • No it can't sync to your local time. Raid Overhaul can do that though, iirc

    • Any chance in having this possible to be a stand alone in this mod?
      I'm not looking to use that mod you where mentioning.

    • Sorry, but no. That's not my goal for this mod.

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  • Great mod! Thanks for making it.

    For anyone wondering, this works with Raid Overhaul. No problems so far.

    • Oh sweet! I figured it'd conflict but didn't test it

  • I was quite literally just about to look into how to do this, good shit!

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  • Update your traveler now! I want to use this mod to play Tarkov with it! ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    • Someone posted an updated version on Reddit, and people claim it works with 3.8.3. There were some kinks that needed ironing, but it looks like the comment section was able to solve most of it.


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    • No. 8)

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    • so sad.

      I made a whole different set of route presets myself and didn't want to recreate them all for Path To Tarkov Reloaded. ||

      But, amazing mod!!thank your job so much!

    • There's a patch to get Traveler working floating around on Reddit, you can look into that.

      It is possible that I revisit Traveler in the future, but these three things make it not really worth it rn:

      1. I am interested in working on some other mod ideas
      2. It wasn't programmed well at all (I was brand new to programming) so I would need to rewrite pretty much the whole thing
      3. I'm not currently interested in actually playing with Traveler right now, which makes it a bit of an inefficient use of my time to update it

      I know you and many others really like it, though, sorry it's like this right now. Be patient, I'm sure better things are coming. :)

    • Thank you so much for your patience in replying to me.

      I'm already using the Reddit version.

      Just worried that he won't be able to keep updated for Future SPT, but it's okay, you did a great job. 8o <3