Loot Update 1.1.0

Updates 3.8.X SPT loose loot, static containers, and static loot to match live(ish).

DISCLAIMER: There's no easy way to get perfectly live-accurate loot. When I say live, I mean what 3.9.0 would have if it came out today, basically.

This mod updates the LOOSE LOOT (items on the ground) and STATIC CONTAINERS (locations/spawn rates of jackets, boxes, etc.) and STATIC LOOT (what spawns INSIDE of static containers) to match live values.

This mod does NOT add any new items. It only updates the loot distributions of existing items.

To install, just use 7-zip to drop the user folder into your SPT installation folder.


This mod should load before any other mod that touches loot. The folder has "aaa" at the start so that should happen naturally. If you manually manage your load order, make sure it's at the top.

Static loot mods may or may not work depending on how they're implemented. If there's a conflict, you can either disable static loot handling in the config for this mod, or don't use the other mod.

Loose loot mods loaded after this should work, but I offer no guarantees. Please do not ask me about compatibility.

There is no comprehensive changelog for loot changes.

One example of a notable change is that the loot inside marked rooms (including the Rusted Bloody Key room) should be noticeably better than 3.8.X SPT. Yes, marked rooms spawn keycards.

The files included in this release are from 12 June 2024, so if any loot changes happened in more recent updates they will not be represented.

I'm perpetually in a state of very tired so if everything is broken, whoops.

  • Version 1.1.0

    • Updated to new loot dumps.
    • Now updates static container mapping files. This shouldn't be a noticeable change, but if you see any errors about containers or "statics" please let me know.
  • Version 1.0.2

    • Quick fix for Kiba plates falling through glass by turning off gravity for the spawns. All plates in Kiba will be floating a bit now, deal with it.
  • Version 1.0.1

    • Fixed static loot generation failing because of mismatched location IDs.
  • Version 1.0.0

    • Added support for static loot (what spawns inside of containers). This can be disabled in the config in case of conflicts with other mods.
    • Fixed extra keycard spawns at the Giving Tree on Customs.
  • Version 0.2.0

    If upgrading from previous release, delete Isaac-LootUpdate folder from /user/mods/ because the folder has been renamed.

    • Loot generation failing and client errors because of non-existent items should be fixed now.
  • Version 0.1.0

  • If stuff is broken make sure you update to the latest version (1.1.0) before reporting any issues, thank you.

  • Does anyone know if Keys In Loot interacts with this mod in any way? I currently load it after Loot Update and it functions correctly but I wonder if it's overriding any loot table changes.

    Also Server Value Modifier has a loot probability section which I'm assuming can be loaded after this mod to set global loot chances per map? I'm using a preset with about 65-75 percent loot odds but it feels like containers in particular have more loot than without Loot Update. Can anyone confirm if SVM is compatible? In the meantime I'll run some different loot odds to see if anything changes.

    Edit: Tried cranking the values up and SVM is definitely working at least. I don't know if it messes with loot tables though.

    • I don't think Keys In Loot will do anything if you have static loot enabled in Loot Update.

      In current/older SPT versions, static loot uses a global table. Starting in 3.9.0, it will be different probabilities per map. Since I'm using 3.9.0 loot tables, I have to update the functions to use per-map tables.

      KIL modifies the global static loot tables, which don't get used, so its changes won't do anything.

      SVM just changes "looseLootMultiplier" and "staticLootMultiplier" config values, which are applied on top of the loot tables. I don't touch any of that, so how it interacts should be the same way it interacts with base SPT loot tables.

    • Oh interesting. I do have a fairly heavily edited KIL config that basically strips it back, essentially functioning like vanilla but with added keys. Perhaps I'm mistaking it for working when it could be just that the loot changes are closer to what my version of KIL is doing. I guess I'll keep an eye out for the yellow 1 use quest keys in loot pools as they are definitely a function of KIL. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the reply.

    • The only parts of KIL that will function are the prices and jacket size. If you're familiar with basic coding, you can see what KIL does here. It gets references to the jacket, duffle bag, and dead scav containers from the global static loot table. It directly modifies the loot tables for those containers in the global static loot table.

      My static loot changes don't touch the global static loot table at all. Instead, I make the static loot generator use per-map tables that I load from json. So it doesn't matter what KIL does with the global static loot tables because they aren't used by loot generation.

  • Is just me or the recent update heavily nerfed keycard spawns inside marked rooms(especially streets)?

    used to be able to pull a keycard in three/four out of ten raids but now there are just some loose guns inside them.

    • Previously i was using the 0.2.0 version and updated to 1.0.2 today. Ive checked both marked rooms in Chek13 & Abandoned Factory in 20 raids and only found 1 labs access keycard in Abandoned Factory. Here is my loot order:

      Is there something wrong with my loot order? I didnt edit anything loot related in SVM.:)

    • Nothing changed in the loot files between 0.2.0 and 1.0.2. The only change for loose loot that happened was fixing a bug with the Giving Tree which made it spawn keycards 40%(* 2) every raid. That does not affect any spawns other than the Giving Tree.

  • Any chance this is compatible with Black Mamba's All the Loot? I mostly use that for the upped chance of weapons in big weapon crates and the extremely rare chance of finding a container in a technical crate. Would be nice to have those features on top of the updated loot but I don't want to risk the conflict if there'll be problems, would rather just use this on its own.

    • I'll be your guinea pig and find out. Worst case as far as I can understand prior to trying it, is that the loose loot from this will be present but containers would be pulling from ATL's lists. Will update in an hour or two with the verdict.

      Update: Loot Update runs as it should, confirms generation of various containers + contents. It'll take a bit of looting to see how/if ATL influences containers but it at the very least doesn't break everything.

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    • To help with testing, if you don't see [Loot Update] Generating static containers. in your server window when generating loot on map load, it means that another mod is overriding Loot Update's static loot patch. If that happens, then Loot Update doesn't affect loot inside containers at all.

      (Or it means you don't have it enabled in the config, of course)

  • The mod version 1.0.2 was detected as a virus threat by Windows and was deleted

    • I don't know what to tell you, there's not even an exe or dll or anything. Here's the VirusTotal link. You can see everything the mod does in plain text code. You can google how to make an exception so Windows (or whatever other AV) doesn't eat it.

    • OK I will check it out and thanks for your job~

  • I'm not sure if this changes the spawn location themselves, but the armor plates that now spawn in Kiba are spawning under the glass, unable to be looted


    • The same happens in 3.9.0 BE so technically not my problem, but I'll tell SPT devs about it. I'll consider hotfixing it for now if it's easy enough, but I make no promises. Dealing with huge json files has been really annoying.

    • no big deal if it can't be fixed, i don't ever want to loot them, it's just something I noticed

    • Should be fixed in 1.0.2

    • this is common in EFT, alot of items will spawn under containers/inside them. if you use amands sense you will see this commonly happen.

  • Unless im very unlucky loose loot at lexos in streets seems way worse with this mod


    • My mod *updates* the loot spawns. It is not trying to only buff everything (nor is it trying to only nerf everything).

      Things are likely going to be different from 3.8.x spawns in one way or another. Frankly, that's not something I'm concerned about.

      If you think spawns do not match current live EFT spawns, then that is a conversation for the SPT devs because this is how loot is going to look in 3.9.0.

      If you want *me* to change anything, you'll have to show me that the spawns are significantly different from how they are in the latest 3.9.0 BE build, which would mean that my mod is messing something up rather than matching 3.9.0.

      If you just want to buff/nerf loot spawns for yourself, you can use another loot mod on top of mine like SVM or Lots of Loot to change loot multipliers.

  • thank god this mod makes marked room valuable again, but I found that every box contains an item (ammo box includes a group of ammo/cardcase contains black lab card..etc), Does the online generation has the same situation???

    • The mod (currently) doesn't touch what generates inside containers. That's Static Loot, which as the mod page indicates, is not included in what I change.

      More specifically, items spawning inside container items like Keycard Holder Cases shouldn't be a thing at all unless another mod is doing it. Are you running Lots of Loot?

    • oops, yea I deleted the lots of loot and it turns right now haha my bad. besides I am testing a new problem(maybe a problem), lab cards could be created in a settled site which is close to customs' gas station( the farthest south).

      Outside the blue fence and there is a ruin in the corner, around the tree there always one or two cards, I test 10+ rounds

    • Can you give me a screenshot of the location?

      And are you sure you're not running any other mods that change loot, such as SVM?

    • Ok, thank you. That's the north gas station (the in-game map has north at the bottom). I'll look into it.

      I'm about to test if it's like that on the bleeding edge build. If it is, that means it's not something my mod specifically is doing, and it will need to be adjusted by the SPT devs in their loot dumps.

  • I installed this mod, and in the second next raid I found a red and a violet keycard in the same raid. I hope it was just a coincidence, but I was really happy nonetheless.

  • Would love to hear from anyone playing what significant changes there have been. Nikita's messages were pretty vague on what the loot changes actually were. Anyone trying this out, please do share your experiences.

    • I’m assuming these are the changes the implemented into live; they DRASTICALLY increased the loot spawns in locked rooms and marked rooms; you can even get colored keycards out of them now. So if you’re playing with Live Flea Prices and have been wondering why marked keys are 10 mil a pop? That’s why.

    • Man that reminds me of how old marked room used to be on Customs. Cases, cards, everything. Fingers crossed we get a taste of that again

  • I believe all issues are now fixed. Let me know if you get any errors with the new version (0.2.0).

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  • Would this mod cause any conflict if I already modified the loot multipliers in SVM?

    • yes

    • @keeboz Do you know which mod would get the priority?

    • Well SVM is for global loot odds whereas i think this mod is the loot tables themselves (from what I gather). I'm going to run SVM later in the load order with my custom preset and see how it goes. The description does say to load loot mods after it too.

  • For loot search only, if I want to have the same experience as online, I only need this mod, right?

  • Thank you for this, i cant wait to test it out.

    Could we possibly have some info on what things you've specifically tried to target with this mod?

    Are we looking at getting LEDx's on interchange? Are we looking for military power filters and AESA's on reserve?

    • I didn't target anything. This should be like what loot looks like on live. The SPT dev team dumps loot from thousands of offline raids. It's the same way loot is determined for current base SPT, but for a future version.