Duty Exoskeleton 1.0.5

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Adds Duty Exoskeleton

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With this mod you can feel like a walking tank. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (2011) SDK was recently leaked and the game's files contained this beast, so I immediately decided to port it and see how it would look in Tarkov. With some flaws I managed to do it. What does it actually contain?

  • Exoskeleton upper body, hands and lower
  • New helmet from the same kit
  • And the armor vest that will give you the actual protection but it will look blank on your PMC, except for the loot and world model. It is intended for use only with clothing from this mod.


  • GSC Game World
  • 红衣抚琴染绛天涯 [RHabiliment] - program, that made the upper possible

"Deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, anarchists and bandits... None will stop Duty on its triumphant march towards saving the planet! Stalker, protect the world from The Zone. Join Duty."


  • I don't know if the mod actually boosts movements but if it does how do you use that? if not, any reccomended mods for higher jump and movement or such?

  • This is awesome job you did! Can't wait for update )

  • The helmet and armor do not show up in the items list of the trader or the flee market. However, I managed to resolve it by following what the training sim mod does and the assort.json. This is true for this mod and for the "CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE - MIL-SIM: JW GROM". After updating that JSON to match the trader id and the respective items, you also have to touch mod.js and import the assort the same way that mod does. You should also reduce the weight of the armor. This is an exoskeleton, to follow the source, it is supposed to help with weight carrying and if we cannot increase how much we can carry, we can make the armor instead be very light to simulate that.

  • What do you want, stalker?

  • Here's to hoping this gets updated because I really like this one lol

  • Ja fiz de tudo.
    reiniciei o jogo, varias vezes e nada de eu achar o capacete e a armadura!
    alguma sugestão?

    • Hello,

      I found a solution I copied "_tpl" from the helmet and the armor: "db\assort\ragfair\items" then I replaced an item in my inventory "user\profiles" by pasting "_tpl" .

    • dont work for me

  • Hello,

    I can't find the helmet and armor, how do I get it?
    I looked on the market, nothing.

  • Getting the following message when trying to download the mod:

    410 Gone


  • Hello,

    Is it possible to add NV and headphones module to the helmet similar to KMC-Gear's HUNK set?

  • Hello, this mod don't start on AKI 2.1.0.

    • i add "akiVersion": "2.1.0", in package.json and it works

  • i am having this error PLEASE HELP Cannot set property 's2_dolg_exo_helmet' of undefined

  • God bless

  • how i can buy in the game? i cannot find it

  • Great mod but, Whenever I uninstall the mod, the stats section goes blank.

  • Great mod, factory runs are very fun with it. Is there any possibility to add config file for tweaking weight etc. ?

    • Go to user\mods\SamSWAT-DolgExoS2\db\items and open the file you need with notepad and change parameters in it, for weight it would be "Weight": 21.5

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    • Thank you :)

  • How resilient is the armour?

    • I'm not sure so I won't say

  • This mod is nice but i have one addition,

    Should you add lets say built in headphones in the helmet like the Fast MT headphone?

    • then all protection from the item will be lost. I have to choose one thing, either the helmet or the headphones. And I can't make them a separate item because then on the helmet texture in place of the headphones will be black spaces

  • I can't find the armour on the flea market, but I can buy the clothing item from Ragman.

    • restart the game so the flea market offers are updated or use static ragfair in other mods

    • It took about 8 resets, but it finally got there. Thanks!


  • Next, fallout power armor lol :)

  • What's next ??? Guass Gun !??
    Goddem man, I really want to hug you when you make this cool mod into EFT. I want to try how this feel in EFT

  • I didn't know I needed this in my life.

    Until now.

  • 10/10, highly recommended, when I started playing SPT I had just got done a STALKER Anomaly playthrough so it's pretty nice

    • How did you playthrough the Anomaly?Its so hard!

      animelaughing Admiration!