Q Honey Badger 1.11

Kevin Brittingham's baby boy.


Oh yeah, look at that thing.

Q Honey Badger.

Adds exactly what it says on the tin - a Q LLC Honey Badger 2.0 assault rifle in .300 AAC Blackout.

While the original AAC Honey Badger was certainly a fine rifle in its own regard, it ultimately fell short of expectations, resulting in AAC shuttering their weapons division and Sig Sauer swooping in to steal the .300BLK throne with their new MCX series of rifles. Undeterred, the former lead designer of the original honey badger formed a company of his own, Q LLC, and in 2018 released a refined version of the Honey Badger to reclaim its rightful throne as ruler of the .300 Blackout kingdom.

True to this, the Q Honey Badger is for all effects and purposes a direct upgrade to the MCX that simply costs more to balance it out. You can purchase it and parts for it from Mechanic LL3 and up, but buying an assembled weapon costs Euros... except you can buy all the parts needed to make one work off the Mechanic at LL3, and then just buy a lower receiver on the flea market or from Mechanic LL4. Oh well. :whatever:

Note that this weapon can be modified to occupy a mere 2x2 space in the inventory if you're willing to gimp the hell out of it, and can be modified for insane stats but at the cost of making it occupy a whopping 6x2 space in the inventory. Or you can do something in between! The choice is yours. Freedom is cool, am I right?

Compatible/recommended mods.

I plan on continuously updating this mod to add compatibility whenever an appropriate mod is released on here, e.g. a mod that adds more sights, ammo types, and muzzle devices. As of right now, I only know of one mod that has features requiring a compatibility mode, but expect this list to expand as more mods get made.

  • Compatible with BlackoutEXP and all new ammunition types added by it.
  • Cross-compatible with AdditionalGear - Weapon Module's new reflex sight and LAM.
  • Cross-compatible with the ATL-15 and its ammo types, grips, and charging handles (see note on latest version tag).

Future roadmap.

  • SBR preset for that extra polish.
  • Custom iron sights, if I'm able.

Known issues.

  • None!


  • Assets for six-inch handguard made by Ubisoft for Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
  • Assets for all other weapon components made by New World Interactive for Insurgency: Sandstorm.
  • Russian localization by MedDeatH.
  • Custom inspect animation by Serwofik.
  • Custom magazine insert animation by HKM4/Thanh.
  • Special thanks to LM4 for assistance and code swapping, Fershte for balance input, HKM4 and Katto for support, and Ereshkigal for having mercy on me and letting me stay in the Guilded server despite actively annoying her use Google Drive for mirroring.
  • Special thanks to you, for reading this far down the mod page! People like you are cool, and probably the biggest reason I do what I do.


  • Version 1.11

    The "In A Jam" update.

    This update is primarily focused on updating the weapon for 12.11, but features a few other nice things in addition to this.


    • Updated mod for EFT 12.11/AKI 2.0.0.
      • Weapon now supports the malfunction, misfire, and jam system introduced in 12.11.
      • Weapon is now compatible with the new parts introduced in 12.11 alongside the sight rework and the Mk47 Mutant.
    • Adjusted balance of a few different weapon parts.
      • Minor stat changes to a couple of weapon components.
      • Stats of QHB suppressor and Trash Panda suppressor adjusted to reflect changes made to suppressors in 12.11.
      • Both barrels have had their base accuracy nerfed somewhat.
        • This was done to ensure that having this mod would not make the SIG MCX entirely irrelevant. While the QHB still reigns supreme when it comes to plinking at a distance on account of being able to get under 2 MOA with proper modding, it now no longer outpaces the MCX quite as hard.
        • It's still a direct upgrade to the MCX, mind you. It's just that now the MCX is slightly more viable as a budget alternative to this gun.
    • Weapon now has new animations!
      • This wasn't supposed to happen at all, but I like how it came out, so I'm keeping it anyway.
      • Weapon now has a unique inspect animation, and a variant magazine insert animation for lower mastery levels.
    • Fixed clipping issue with Cherry Bomb compensators.
    • Removed Herobrine.
  • Version 1.1.FUCK

    Emergency hotfix for AKI 1.5.1.

  • Version 1.1

    Content, at last! Sort of. I dunno. Hooray!

    • Added (available at Mechanic LL2):
      • Q Trash Panda Multicaliber Suppressor - A high-quality multicaliber suppressor based off the proprietary Honey Badger suppressor.
      • Q Cherry Bomb Compensator/TP .223 - Version of the Cherry Bomb for 5.56-sized threads. Capable of mounting the Trash Panda.
      • Q Cherry Bomb Compensator/TP .308 - Version of the Cherry Bomb for 7.62-sized threads. Capable of mounting the Trash Panda.
    • Both Honey Badger barrels can now mount the OMEGA 45k.

    Known "Issue" -

    • New attachments lack Russian localization and will default to English. This is because I can't actually write in anything other than English and all non-English localization in my mods is done by volunteers on their own time. Thanks again to all you people who send me your translations, by the way. You guys are cool <3
  • Version 1.0.2

    A small update, but still an update worth pressing.

    • Added compatibility scripts for AdditionalGear - Weapon module and ATL-15.
      • Note that since the 1.X.X version of the ATL-15 is an emergency patch and not an official update, compatibility with it can and will get funky on some machines.
  • Version 1.0.1

    Well, there's always SOMEthing that goes wrong on launch day. This update has a few fixes and tweaks that were much needed.

    • Added RU localiation courtesy of MedDeatH.
    • Removed unused debug file that was bloating mod size by about 50mb. Fucking whoops.
    • Adjusted balance of custom muzzle device and suppressor based off input from Fershte.
      • Muzzle device now constitutes the majority of firearm recoil reduction.
      • Suppressor has far less recoil reduction, but has minimal ergo penalty.
      • This was done to encourage usage of the unique suppressor over other suppressors in stealth-oriented setups.
    • Fixed bug that would result in the vanilla SDN-6 suppressor being banished to the doge cube realm.
  • Version 1.00

    Google Drive mirror because Dropbox is causing problems. Thank you, EliteCheez and Ereshkigal, for permission to do this.

  • Version 1.0

  • Yo how do you even install this I'm used to just putting something into plugins and user/mods but this mod goin crazy???

    • I've tried all night LOL I think TS busted... hope I get a response and I'm wrong

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  • How do I change its AKI Version to 2.3.0.

  • Update for 2.3.0?

    • Still using it regardless of lack of update...not sure if anything beyond the gun itself is broken but it pew pews in all it's glory.

  • I look forward to this mod being updated soon, as this was my primary weapon when it was available. :)

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  • pls give this gorgeous beautiful gun the ability to take different stocks and my life will be complete

    also i recognize u from the payday 2 modding scene <3 <3 <3

  • got it working, amazing mod, thanks for all the hard work!

    Thanks 1
  • Found some of the parts, but unable to buy a complete gun or an upper off the market. Any Ideas?

  • Any chance this gun could be made compatible with the torrey thermal optic? Seems to not turn up when I use linked search, nor will it fit on the gun just trying to drag and drop it on.

  • me and my pals call this the peener gun

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    • yes we do

  • Since AKI 1.5.0, they removed 'ModLoader.onPostLoad', if you having load problem on 1.5.0

    Edit: compat.js line 61, "onPostLoad" to "onLoad"

    • did it differently, to work I left it as false

      on line 41 in src/compat.

      mod is working correctly for me.

    • Yeah, but you're probably missing intended compatibility between this and other mods if you just disable all of it outright.

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    • I understand, I don't know much about codes I saw that it worked, I thought everything was fine hahah

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  • Can't find it anywhere even on flea market...
    Is sth wrong ?

    • Uncheck "Operational only" on the flea market. Or, alternatively, reach Mechanic LL3 through legitimate or... less than legitimate means.

  • File cant be opened on Gdrive

  • I don't know like "realistic" things... but do you plan on adding different stocks in the future? Looks so bare in the back to me... maybe that's the point I guess.

    • Sadly, the only other stock I can think of for this is the pistol stabilizing brace used for, well, pistol versions of the badger - and there aren't any assets for it. I think for now that stock is going to have to be it...

  • I would assume the gun and parts show up in Flea Market, just like the ST-AR?

    • Unless something has gone horribly wrong and the folds of space and time have been ruptured, yes.

  • I was wondering why a doge cube was on my gun XD great mod!

  • Do you think this will work for 1.0.1? I just updated to 1.0.1 and new mods are being updated and created to/for 1.0.0

    • It should. I'm running 1.0.1 and this mod is working fine for me.

    • Thanks

  • thank you carl very cool!

  • Link is 404'ing

    • Dropbox is stupid and will kill links for excessive traffic across an entire account instead of on just one file. I got moderator approval to use mirrors on GDrive, so expect those shortly.

    • Thanks!

  • Shreds

    I slapped the best mods I could on this, and used the DBAL laser only, absolutely the best hip fire experience I've ever had.
    5m-25m accurate 5 round burst to put down a PMC or scav in most situations, sniping was no different,
    the MOA on it is just crazy good! Regardless of ammo choice
    this is an SMG profile/fire rate with rifle modability and precision!

  • o.o

    I haven't used the weapon yet but the mod works and if you want more weapons then grab this mod and install it already!!