FN SCAR-H 2.0.3

wow new weapon pagman click now to get it

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This is probably my biggest and most challenging mod I've done in a while. Introducing the FN SCAR-H, you can get a rough feel how it will look without waiting for the patch from BSG. I covered all aspects of bundle modding: models, sounds, textures, and now even animations. Should work on all versions of SPT-AKI starting from 1.0.0.


New World Interactive [Insurgency: Sandstorm] - Models, Textures, Sounds, bolt release animation.

Infinity Ward [CoD Modern Warfare 2019] - Sounds.

Khadafi - German translation.

me - putting all together, editing BSG animations.


  • Can someone help me, when i try to launch with the mod, it's written: Cannot set property 'weapon_fn_scarh_762x51' of undefined

    What should i do?

  • Any chance of adding compatibility between your 30 round magazines and the new Vanilla MK17?

  • Thanks for update this mod!

  • Wait, isn't the SCAR already in 2.2.0?

    • my thoughts exactly lol

    • It is, yeah. I figure that Sam is keeping the mod updated for those that want to keep using it, either for alternative mods or alternative preferences, since it's been around for a little while and people'll probably be going around asking for everything to be ported to 2.2x.

  • Is this file only a texture overhaul? I don't see the gun in game at all.

  • Downloaded the mod and using gane version 2.1.2 but weapon doesn't shop up in-game

    • Same here, it doesn't show up at all in the game

    • having the same problem on 2.1.2

    • What is this then?


    • Had the wrong verson in. Works great, my apologies!

  • Note that the Torrey Pines Logic T12W Thermal Reflex doesn't seem to wanna attach to both the SCAR variants. Unless I'm missing some kind of mount.

  • After changing the magazine, instead of resetting the slide delay, the animation of the slide grip jerking is played.

  • This worked on 2.0.0 and I didnt notice any real problems everything seems to work.

    Thanks 1
  • the gun doesn't work if you take off the barrel-mounted front sight, is that intentional?

    • I'm not positive, but it looks like the sight double features as a gas block, and that's required for the gun to work.

  • Many thanks for this Mod, great Job!

    Please advise if any combination of accesories to add suppresor to this weapon.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, there is a mod Ilhsiek-MuchNeeded where you can speed up the loading of partons, here it does not work, but it works on the new Famas. Is it possible to turn it on on Scar as well?

  • Just watched the YT video. SEXY!!!!

    Nice work!!!! Installing now.

  • cool

  • Is the mod only for our player, or will the bots also have a chance to use this weapon?

  • Great work Sam, sweet textures, you're a goddamn legend.

  • much, much better textures. mmm.

    today is a good day

  • Holy Shit!

    This is a really really good work.

    Thanks for making this.

    If you do more weapons i will patreon you ! :)

  • Is it intended that the black SCARs have 50 less base recoil than the tan ones? -It's not a tough DIY fix on my end, I'm just curious, and thought I'd ask / point it out.

    Love the mod, too! Especially when I was so looking forwards to 12.11 dropping the SCAR on us. You're our saviour.

    • yeah, seems like i forgot to change the recoil on the tan version when i was testing it. It's supposed to be 200/400 on both versions

  • Man, I really want to hug you lul
    Will there 5.56 come next ?

    • More likely no than yes

    • Well kinda sad. Online version when playing in my at my country still lagging af so I'm think I will just waiting SPT new version then. Tks for mod

  • Tks Sam for bring my favorite gun into the game. Love it

  • My gun coma is complete :)

  • AYOOOOOO, it's here

    GJ samSWAT, as always!

  • Stock adapter at some point? Otherwise amazing mod <3

    • there's assets for an adapter somewhere in world war 3's files. if sam wants an ar-15 stock adapter for this gun i can 100% find them and yeet them over no problem

    • OMG This needs to happen.

      Thanks once again carl for going above and beyond (as usual ^_^)

  • Oh man. I like the big calibers.

    Still waiting for a magical 50 AE Deagle.

  • Finally it's here.

  • Still better than BSG's

    Better model. Better sounds. Better kick. Better shoot. Better kill :)))

  • Excellent!!!

    This is a near perfect weapon mod!!

    My one small criticism is the sound it makes when moved about, such as when you "look at it" by pressing L or when it's put to the side during a weapon swap or when using meds. it sounds like a bag of loose metal bits being tossed about.

    Other than that, AMAZING!!!!

  • I dream it , you build it :)

    very good , very fun , plenty of joy killing people with it ! :)
    no bugs detected ,
    for me is a GO

  • One of best SPT Mods

    What a great mod!
    Very well designed. Beautiful weapon and the sound is very unique. For me this is one of best SPT mods and one of best weapons in game.
    IMO it is going to be difficult to BSG make a SCAR-H better than this once this one is fantastic!
    Finally, IMO Carl's SCAR-H "Improvements" makes this mode even better. :);):love::thumbup: