BetterMeds Revised 2.3.0

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Some modifications to meds

# BetterMedsRevised

This mod is based on an older version "BetterMeds" Better Meds => Thanks to DonutxLord for writing the previous version

Update the meds to have shorter use time and more capacity with modifications.

All the the items have 1 sec use time which can be configured in the config file if you don't want instant healing

Updated items:

  • Healing meds (AI2, Salewa, IFAK) has 4000hp => can be changed in config file
  • Splint and ALU Splint can be used 10 times => can be changed in config file
  • Bandage and Army bandage can be used 10 times => can be changed in config file
  • Hemostat, CAT, and Esmarch can be used 10 times => can be changed in config file
  • Survive surgery kit and CMS can be used 50 times => can be changed in config file
  • All painkiller meds (pills, stims, vaseline, golden star...):
  1. Can be used 20 times => can be changed in config file
  2. Duration is changed to 5000 sec for each use => can be changed in config file
  3. The Energy and Hydration consumption is lowered to -1 for both on each usage
  • Hi,

    First I gotta say I love your Mods and are some of the first I add, especially the food and drink one.

    Right, I want to learn how to create mods but it is thin on the ground and not a fast learner so I wanted to ask you ..... Is there a way of combining two semi used med kits ie two half used AFAKs to make a full one?

    Keep the awesome work up and please, as others have said, keep your mods updated as they are amongst some of the best on here..... atleast that is my opinion, bias maybe but still.

    Kind regards,


    • Hello,

      Thanks for the nice words, I try to keep the mods updated for as long I as continue to play eft :)

      As for the request, I don't think it could be done the server side which means I have to modify the actual game to make it stack meds because that logic doesn't exist in the game so I have to write it myself. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do that, so I don't know how long it will take me or if I can even do it

  • Excellent mod, please always update your work.



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  • Can i add my own meds to the config, via the same method you used? Create them with the ID and name in the ID file, then call to them in the config? Is there a reason the Mule is in the config, and not in the itemid file? Not picking, honestly wondering, and want to add the couple stims I use most. Thank you for your work. Its greatly appreciated

    • The mule is there because someone here requested to add longer duration for it, so I only added that one.

      As for adding new items to the itemIds.json, you can add other meds and you need their ID and name from the items.json in the AKI item template database.

      If you can tell me what you wanna do, I can help you with it more

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  • The best thank you!
    Just one help please.
    All the meds i got (spawn with it or get from looting) comes with defaults values, but the max was expanded. Like as it is already used. Only the meds i buy are coming with the max value.

    Could u fix it, please? Or is something am i missing?

    • Hello,

      The issue of the meds on AI pmcs/raiders etc... is not coming from this mod.

      I'm trying to find out what is causing it and I'll try to fix as soon as possible

  • Would be awsome if not only the painkiller stat duration was extended on stims

  • Just so you are aware, your package.json still have the version showing as 1.4.0. Great mod though

    "name": "BetterMedsRevised",

    "author": "Revingly",

    "version": "1.4.0",

    "license": "NCSA",

    "main": "package.js",

    "akiVersion": "2.2.1"

  • Could you add the MULE stim to this, I tried and kept getting errors, also would be nice to have a version where the use time is set to default for all items, don't like that the Surv kit is near instant lol

  • Thanks for not mentioning my name anywhere.