Never Lose Equipments 4.2.0

You won't lose your equipped items when you die


  • This mod allows you to keep all your equipped items after your death. Nothing is removed.
  • Anything you pick up during the raid and put it inside your pocket, rig, backpack or container will stay if you die but they will lose the FIR status. (unless "enableFoundInRaid" is set to true)
  • You can insure your items and drop them during raid if you want to commit insurance fraud (drop ur stuff, get other stuff from raid and receive ur items later from insurance)

When you die as a PMC you should see this line appear in your server terminal if you wanna verify that the mod works:


upload images online

How to install:

  1. extract zip file
  2. move it to user/mods folder
  3. done

Work in progress:

  • Add possibility to configure whether you want to keep stuff you found during raid or not
    • For now this cover only the backpack but I'm working on adding the tactical vest as well as the pockets
  • Add option to recover the items from scav if you die

Configurable values:

  • disableThisMod: true/false => as the name indicate, if you want to go full YOLO then set this value to true
  • enableFoundInRaid: true/false => If you really want to make things even easier, you can set the "enableFoundInRaid" to true to keep all the items you found during your raid as FIR after your death so you don't have to rat your way to the extract when you have that quest item.
  • removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead: true/false => this options will trigger a function to remove **ALL THE ITEMS** from your backpack (no exceptions)
  • Version 4.2.0

    • Issue with gear not saved after pmc dying
  • Version 4.1.0

    • Issue with resetting quests items when dead
  • Version 4.0.0

    • AKI-3.3.0
  • Version 3.4.0

    • Added the logic for removing the items from your backpack when you die -> Please note: All the items in your backpack will be deleted when die even the ones you brought with you into the raid
    • I'm working on better function to remove only the items found during the raid from backpack, pockets and chest rig
  • Version 3.3.1

    • AKI-3.2.4
  • Version 3.3.0

    • AKI-3.2.3
  • Version 3.1.0

    • AKI 3.1.1
  • Version 3.0.0

    • Compatibility with AKI-3.0.0
    • Notice:
      • The optional function to remove the items from the backpack when you die as a PMC is not yet finished, I'll try to migrate it soon
  • Version 2.4.0

    • Fix bug where player scav not generating after death
  • Version 2.3.2

    • Compatibility with AKI 2.3.1
  • Good day Rev, i had downloaded the second to last version yesterday and it wasn't working, i now tried the latest patch but it still isn't working, if you have any idea why i would be grateful. Thanks

    • Hello, if possible can you do the same like Rad Roach below here did and put a picture of the server error when your pmc die please so I can figure out what's the issue?

    • i dont get any error, i tried going in and dying to see if it was working and the game works as always: i die, load abck into my stash and i lost what i had equipped. No messages in the server console, it says NLE is active when starting up the server tho

    • Hey rev, I have been having a similar issue with the latest version of the mod. The death bug was patched (ty <3) but now your items don't get saved after you die. (Yes, my mod is enabled in the config and unzipped.) Here is a screenshot of the console but there appears to be no error statement.

    • I see, I'll try to fix it soon. Thank you for reporting the issue

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    • Please check new version and let me know the result

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  • Hi Rev, when I die or finish a raid my game freezes and I get red error messages in the console I will share a screenshot for you -

    • Please try the new version and let me how it works for you

  • Hey, I am having a problem with this mod when I die. Only when I die in any way my screen gets stuck black and my game goes unresponsive, I have to restart my game to get back into my menu screen. Please help me.

    • Play and when you die check the server and if you see errors there please copy the text there and paste it here.

      If no errors then let me know what mods are you using?

  • Will it upgrade to 3.3.0 ?

  • For some reason this mod is not working for me. I extracted the zip into my user/mods folder, like all my other mods, and went into the config to be sure that everything is set the way I want it. I have it set like so:


    "disableThisMod": false,

    "enableFoundInRaid": true,

    "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead": false


    Despite double checking everything, I still lose everything when I die, just like normal. Why is this happening?

    • Is it installed in the correct place (ie, do you have a folder in mods called "Revingly-NLE-3.4.0" and in that folder are the package.json and other subfolders in there?

      Then, are you running the right version of Tarkov? If you're using the latest patched version (SPT-AKI 3.2.5 running on Tarkov version 19904) it may not work. It did work for me for a while until the second time I booted, so I rolled back my Tarkov files with the patcher to 19428 and loaded the AKI files for 3.2.4 over it). Works a treat now.

    • I actually am already running AKI 3.2.4 with Tarkov version 19428 according to my launcher. The mod appears to be working now (although it wasn't at first), but now my game consistently crashes in the middle of raids. The last 3 raids I have entered have caused the game to crash maybe 15 minutes or so into the raid. This is a new problem that has popped up after I installed this mod. Any ideas?

    • Nevermind, the mod just plain isn't working at all anymore. Yes, I am running those versions of both Tarkov and AKI.

    • I am having similar issue i downgraded to 3.2.4 with 19428 and the mod says it loads fine. but when i die it saves only part of my gear and its random. one time i died i kept my gear but lost weapons, the next time it was the opposite.

    • I just had the same issue. My entire loaodout that I bought and put on my PMC is still gone, but some bullshit gun I don't care about that I picked up in raid got saved. I'm just gonna uninstall. Not worth it if the mod is this badly broken.

  • Hello i have a problem with claming loot from insurance or another atachament item on message . I see that i have an attachement item to clain bu i can't claim it . It's because of this mod ?

  • Hi. Why doesn't this option work when I have it enabled?

    "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead: true/false => this options will trigger a function to remove **ALL THE ITEMS** from your backpack (no exceptions)"

    • Can you show me what mods you are using? also can you try setting that option as true in the config file then when you die during raid check what you see in the terminal -> there should a message like this showing in the server terminal:


    • My config setting. Just see I think it is set up right.

          "disableThisMod": false,
          "enableFoundInRaid": true,
          "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead": false

      + my modifications:

    • Code
      "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead": false

      From you config settings, it is set to false which means it will not remove the items in your backpack when you die in raid! did you change that to true and it didn't work also?

    • Should it work?

      I previously had "true" in the config

    • If config is set to true and you don't see the line after you die in raid then maybe a bug somewhere


      I'll check again and verify

  • Really appreciate this mod. I too would love it if only what I brought into the raid was saved. It becomes laborious to delete everything when I finally catch a hot one. I would however like to thank you for ensuring it gets updated for new versions. Keep up the good work.

  • how do i install this mod

    • Added install comments in description

  • Will it upgrade to 3.2.4?

  • Will it upgrade to 3.2.4?

  • Curious, does this mod works for scav runs?

    • Unfortunately not, to make it work for scav also I need to change code from the game not the server and I'm not really into that at the moment.

      Maybe in the future I'll try it :)

  • Current version doesn't seem to save storage containers (Weapon Case, Ammo Case, Med Case, etc.) in backpacks after death (haven't tested inside rigs, inside Secure containers work fine as expected). Everything else in backpack stays, but all storage containers get deleted.

    "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead" is set to false.

    Mod works as expected otherwise and thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Thank you very much for making this mod. I feel kind of guilty using it, but I'm still learning how to play EFT so this extremely helpful at the moment. Is the "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead" setting supposed to work in this version though? I only want to keep weapons & equipment, but setting that to "true" does not seem to work unfortunately.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for the nice words :)

      "removeItemsFromBackpackWhenDead" is still being implemented but hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon and update the mod here when it's done.

  • Disregard, last comment. Fail on my part. Mod works just fine.

  • link Patch for aki 3.2.1 in this mod

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    • I've tried this mod and it didn't seem to do anything
      Does anyone have an alternative or an eta on when this is getting updated?

    • Thanks, it's working.

    • Thank you!

  • this crashes my server launcher for no reason

  • Not working with 3.2.0.

    (node:12340) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Cannot find module '../../../../Aki_data/Server/lib/helpers/ExtendedProfileHelper'

    Require stack:

    - d:\Games\Tarkov\Client19078\user\mods\Revingly-NeverLoseEquipment\src\NLE.js

    - d:\Games\Tarkov\Client19078\user\mods\Revingly-NeverLoseEquipment\src\mod.js

    - d:\Games\Tarkov\Client19078\obj\bundle.js

    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:880:15)

    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:725:27)

    at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:952:19)

    at require (internal/modules/cjs/helpers.js:88:18)

    at Object.<anonymous> (d:\Games\Tarkov\Client19078\user\mods\Revingly-NeverLoseEquipment\src\NLE.js:42:33)

    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1063:30)

    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1092:10)

    at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:928:32)

    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:769:14)

    at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:952:19)

    Plz update.

    • Don't use this! It only "eliminates" the error that pops up when the Server is loading.

    • Forget about this fix above.

      It fails as soon, as the Launcher tries to connect.

      My bad.. thought this would be a quick fix.

    • Thanks for trying. I hope Revingly will update the mod.

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  • Update please :)

  • can u please update ur mod to the latest version of spt?

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  • 3.2.0 when ;(

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  • README is all about NodeJS, nothing to do with the mod.

    Thanks for the update!

    • Ahh shit, I forgot to replace it with my readme.

      I'll replace it asap

  • Great mod man! Can't wait to see it updated

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  • Broooo we need thiiiis!

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  • Love this mod helps save a lot of time with my loadouts hope you can update soon.

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  • Sorry for the late response :(

    I'm having some tough weeks and I'm not sure whether I'm able to work on these mods at the moment.

    I'll try to ask in discord server if someone can help out with this mod

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    • It's okay man i understand, thank you for trying<3
      i found a temp solution : moved my docs case and keycards holder into my Kappa secure container and now i dont loose it anymore so yea really have no more complaints about this mod. its by far my fav mod and the only one i use currently:)

    • All the best wishes to you :) Personal health is more important than a mod ^^ Thanks for the mod

  • Hi, i have i similar issue to the last post, my docs case and keycards holder keeps getting removed after death which contains all the maps and keycard (i do not have anything insured and removeitemsfrombackpackwhendead is turned to false)

  • Hello,

    The mod works fine, but you lose the Big Item Case when you die, even though it was in your backpack. Is it possible to fix this?

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  • Please fix your mod when I try to exit the raid, a black screen appears.

    Here is the error code:
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'insuranceStart' of undefined

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'insuranceStart' of undefined

    at InsuranceService.sendInsuredItems (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:15088:123)

    at NLE.saveProgress (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\user\mods\NeverLoseEquipment\src\NLE.js:137:35)

    at InraidCallbacks.saveProgress (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:1508:31)

    at $de60112e0288ef4d$export$1dd35d19c79daa7c.action (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:13956:45)

    at InraidStaticRouter.handleStatic (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:12648:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:12943:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:12933:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:14510:38)

    at Inflate.cb (F:\EFT SPT-AKI\obj\bundle.js:14552:26)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

  • Thank you for this awesome mod, this is a must have for me now! One thing I notice is that I can’t seem to get the “drop backpack items when you die” option to work, I always get everything in my backpack back when I dead or leave the game.

    • So far, I haven't completed the full migration of the mod. (life/work)

      I'll try to add the drop backpack items option back soon :)

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    • thanks! no hurry man