Increased HUD FOV 1.0.0

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Adjusts weapon position in first person




  • Can you confirm this doesn't mess with iron sights when leaning ? a lot of fov mods have this problem which is why i ask.

  • How did you get the new equiptment from 12.12... I did find a mod adding the new stuff however it did not work? if it is that same mod, how were you able to get it to work?

  • Hey, I'm getting a very weird occurance from this mod, whenever I try to enter the hideout it gets stuck in a never ending loading loop. Nothing else is affected and I checked all my other mods one by one to see what could be causing this issue and everything else is fine.

    • What spt aki version are you using?

    • 2.0.0 and changing the akiVersion in package.json didn't seem to help either.

    • You have the answer

    • I don't have much choice since I forgot to backup before 12.12 hit so rip I guess. It was worth a try.

    • follow this page AKI Patcher

  • this mod is over 9000 in greatness....absolutely essential for certain guns that are practically up your nose.

    No way to edit the value in this?

  • Hi, can you make one for 2.0.1? Really love your mod

    • Change "akiVersion" in package.json to 2.0.1

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    • hYNvtND.pngchanged to 2.0.1, still won't work

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    • without your mod, its running fine

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  • Does this affect/correct the ADS of some weapons or is this Otical QoL? If so this would be huge. Cuz i felt the Snipers with Iron sights are kinda off smh. Thanks !

    • Nah, that would require extra work, and if I do that, it would affect every weapon, not just sniper rifles

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    • So it affects ADS too? Some are already pretty far away

    • Nvm, it's pretty good and confortable.
      Distance is still ok, nice mod 10/10

  • Before I install it. Can I unninstal if I don't adapt? If yes, how so?

    • Uninstall the same way you installed it, just remove the file from the mods folder

  • I've been waiting a loooong time for a mod like this, it always bothered me the FOV on the weapons I felt like it needed going forward slightly so we can see more of the weapon.

    Thank you SamSWAT, the smallest changes can make a big difference.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year bud!

    • Yeah, for me it was most noticeable on the m4 series. Happy New Year to you too

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  • other than being able to see too much of the food and drink items, this is kind of a go-to. no reason not to use this mod

  • literally immersion increaser

    leave it to the modders to make good changes to this pile of contradicting code

  • Much needed

    Great mod, really helps out with the "big" guns that sit with their optics right in yout face, like the G28. But also smaller weapons benefit from this change, overall the screen picture is now more realistic.

    Only bug I encountered so far is that with this mod your left shoulder is always visible in the bottom left part of your screen while using a SVD.

  • Finally. Stock is visible.

    -Sincerely, Deimos