Lua's CP Spawn Rework - Reborn 1.3.2 (2.1.1)

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You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.
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2.0.* mods aren't working on 2.1.0.

New version of CP Spawn Rework Reborn


Original by ClairrePurr/Icesugar and Reborn by Hosav

Do not disable Boss Enable in Game Raid Setting
Disable has_boss in patterns config instead

I have been using Hosav's version and quite liked a lot

Trying to fix some bugs and adding more features with configs

pattern JSON files are now inside of config folder

  • Lua-Default.json has customized values which is I have been using
  • Feel free to make your own pattern or edit to use

:!: Cultists are only spawn at night (22:00 ~ 06:00), If you want to spawn at day than use cultists on other bosses escort, or edit script to replace raiders


Recommend to use with other AI Mod without Spawn changes

(Personally I used Fin's AI Mod for AI change only and Ereshkigal's Advanced Bot Loadouts for Gears)

:!: If you use Fin's AI Mod, you need to "disableAllSpawnChanges" sets to true

Quote from Shiro-chan due to the virus reports

Edit made by myself.
Virus Total checked, virus total personally and checked with alternatives, all files came clean.
At the moment, it seems fixed and no longer flags.



Bot Generation Server Logs



Config Description

  • Version 1.3.2 (2.1.1)

    • Added "akiVersion" for 2.1.1
  • Version 1.3.2

    • Fixed Boss's Random type error on raid loading when bot generation print is "secret" and more than 1 wave generated.
    • Added "akiVersion" for next AKI update
  • Version 1.3.1

    • Added difficulty settings for PMC waves
  • Version 1.3.0

    Do not disable Boss Enable in Game Raid Setting
    Disable has_boss in patterns config instead

    • Fixed spawn problem with PMC
    • Fixed random type boss spawns error when more than one wave generated
    • Removed *_insta_spawn_time for all types to avoid spawn problems
    • Updated wave spawn time generated format (Added: Instant text when wave spawn time is lower than 1s)
    • Lua Pattern has been updated
      • max_boss reduced to 1 from 2 (boss followers took too many spaces for other types)
  • Version 1.2.5

    • Fixed PMC's USEC Spawn chance config
    • Re-named "custom" to "customs" for map configs

    People who having trouble spawn PMC with Fin's AI Mod,

    re-name Fin's AI Mod folder to "zFin-AITweaks" That hopefully fix the problem.

  • Version 1.2.2

    No need to update spawn pattern config files for this update

    • Added config check for "MoreVariety" and "Fin's AI Tweaks" Mods
      • Instead of overwrite the config files, It gives Error logs in server console to Disable/Enable it
    • Cleaned codes (a bit)
    • Remove unused parameters
    • Increased minimum spawn time to 1 from 0
  • Version 1.2.1

    • Added wave numbers check and skip the generation when bot group size is 0
  • Version 1.2.0

    You have to update version for Critical bug fixes (again)

    This time I mean it, really.

    • Fixed wave numbers are incorrect
      • since v0.7.0, "insta_spawn_time" occurs this problem
      • Now bots waves spawn correctly therefore no longer first wave only game
  • Version 1.1.1

    • Fixed bug that 0 chances are not disabled to use
  • Version 1.1.0

    You have to update version If you playing EFT v12.11 for Critical bug fixes

    Time to playing some EFT 12.11

    • Fixed and Updated for EFT v12.11
      • Since 12.11, default PMC Bot role (assaultGroup) has been outdated and now fixed
    • Updated default patterns for EFT v12.11
      • You can ignore the errors if you playing EFT v12.10
        Mod will fixes the error that doesn't exists role or boss type
        But still you may edit Factory map for bosses
    • Fixed few minor bugs
    • Updated PMC Group Bots Role
      • Previously it had same role for whole group but it's now random for each bot
    • Updated Bot generation logs for PMC Group Bots when value is "all"
      • It's now showing the whole group list
  • Do not disable Boss Enable in Game Raid Setting
    Disable has_boss in patterns config instead

    :!:Error from Others config won't be answered in here, ask the problem in their mod page

    :!:Please check the config.json and pattern config files include Readme file before asking

    Question that explained in Readme file won't be answered from me as well.

    No longer comment supports from author

    You may ask me in SPT Discord but no gurantee for answer or help

  • ami to extract my files into my akitarkov folder or place it there ? im not seeing my server look like the screen shots

    • user/mods

  • Anyone else still having problems with pmc spawning on factory? i just cant seem to get it to work. tried all suggestions in the comments. Using both fins ai and lua spawn reborn up to date btw.

  • so im moding AKI first time and im wondering, is this like standalone spawn mod that does all or should / can i use it together with the LUA'S CUSTOM SPAWN POINTS ??

    • This should work alone ^^

  • I found a little bug, idk is it bad or not. In Lua-Default.json pattern(and then in all other patterns) i found tagilla's settings be like:
    'escort type':null,

    escort difficulty: "null"
    If i understand it properly, Tagilla dont have any followers and his escort values same as Killa have, so true is null, not "null".
    I downloaded latest 1.2.5 version

    • Thanks for the report, It is a bad property value and needs to fix but It will be fine unless "escort_type" has been set, I'll re-upload the mod without new version.

  • Hey Lua I am commenting to ask if you'd be alright with me uploading a configuration setting I made with your mod for others to use if they'd like.

    I'll just be uploading my 'Lua-Default.json' file.

    Let me know what you think. :)

    • Sure thing but I'd recommend to rename the pattern file like zicoman-Pattern.json for avoid naming trouble.

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    • awesome thanks, and alrighty will do I figured that might be the better option. :)

    • waiting for this XD

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  • Im using both your mod and fins ai and disabled all spawn changes in fins ai, tho for some reason its still using fins ai spawning settings. Both mods are up to date.

  • Ok so i've been playing with the mod for most of the day now trying to figure out why Pmc's weren't spawning like in 1.5.1. I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but it worked for me immediately. If you are using Ereshkigal-AkiConfigurator Mod, try placing a "Z" in the beginning of the mod name to lower it to the bottom of the load order. I had tried putting a "A" at the beginning of Lua's mod folder, however that gave me a error. But upon dropping the Aki Configurator mod to the bottom of the load order, Pmc's spawned into several of my matches like normal. Again not promising this is a fix for everyone, but hopefully this helps some people. Happy Escaping fellow Tarkover's. And again Thank You Lau for this incredible mod!

  • Thank you so much for update. Been following your mod since the release of 2.0. Love yopur mods keep up the good work!

    • side note, with the new update when i load my game im stuck in the profile data loading screen. Works fine without mod, really like your mod and trying to figure this out.

    • so figured out it has something to do with max bot count and max time for bot spawn. When altered it causes a forever profile loading screen. Got it working again, however still seems to be a hit or miss wether there are pmc's or not.

  • hey LUA recent updates helped a lot with some weird spawning issues.

    theres another thing I have noticed after you updated and fixed the spawning issue using the parameters you advised with renaming fins.

    The issue with the pmcs not spawning properly I believe to have a connection to the behaviour tab in Fins AI. when enabled the spawning problem persists with the pmcs, it becomes irregular. But when the behaviour tab is set to false pmcs spawn just fine after configuring the files in a way that you have advised.

    I hope this helps with anything, fins mod is perfect in conjunction to your CP Spawn rework since the behaviours of the AI really make things interesting and challenging and how easy it is to configure the spawning with your mod.

    • If you don't mind, could you tell more specific for pmc spawn how was not spawning properly?

    • Okay so previously the issue started with the incorrect number or pmcs to spawn, so in this case I would only find a single pmcs in the zone they spawn in. So Factory I'd only find 1 since there is only 1 zone. Other maps there would be 1 in multiple zones. scavs seems okay though but I am not sure entirely.

      After you updated CP spawn rework I put in my configs and renamed 'custom' to 'customs', renamed 'Fins-AI-Tweaks' to 'zFins-AI-Tweaks' and the amount of bots I configured it to spawned exactly as Intended and all worked great. Once I changed the behaviour setting in fins ai to 'True',
      I would only find a handful of the pmcs in my maps and not the amount I had originally configured it to.

  • Download again if you having errors in the server upon game start with 1.2.5.

    • cool thank you! I also noticed that PMC groups apparently spawned with USEC and Bear in one group sometimes. Did this update possible also fix that?

    • Nothing I can do about it unless handling bot generation function like Fin's AI does but I'm not going to do that It makes conflict other mods.

  • Can someone explain a few things to me (I read both ReadMe's so I must be slow).

    In the Config.json file in the config folder, what do these mean? Any why does Lua-Default have a 3 next to it?

    I just want to run the Default pattern.

    In the Lua-Default.json pattern file, if I want to make changes, do these have to be made to each map? What does the "custom" block mean?

    I set all maps to Be "normal" map rules, but USEC's still attack me as a USEC. Any idea why?

    • You can set pattern file in config.json

      default pattern files are example of mine, you can edit and rename to use and share to others and simply change the config.json.

      In pattern file It has each map settings, "Customs" are map name which is "bigmap" for map id.

      "MapRules" are most likely not used config.

    • Fixed USEC spawn chance problem on 1.2.5

  • Since downloading 2.0.0 and running this in addition to Fin's AI Tweaks, I've effectively gotten no PMCs to spawn at all for some reason. I was running both of these mods in 1.5.0. without issue, but it seems now that every single spawn I get is a PMC or a Boss.

  • Something weird is going on with your mod on 2.0.1. I set Usec chance to 0% so all PMC's would be Bear. The only PMC I ran into on Shoreline was a Usec. The server console showed 5 waves of Bears but never found another PMC the entire raid.

    • Do you have AkiConfigurator installed by any chance?

      I do and I noticed the same problem just vica verca (with USEC) before setting "usecChance" in AkiConfigurator to the same percentage (100). After that all my test runs on factory were fine. Only USECs spawned.

    • No, I only have CPSR and Lua's custom spawn points.

    • Fixed USEC spawn chance problem on 1.2.5

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  • hey awesome mod I've set it up perfectly to my preference and it worked great for the longest time when i configured it for aki 1.5.1

    Now though after the new aki update and with a new version of fins ai it seems as though the number of pmcs dont spawn properly on all the maps. For example I set it so 5 pmcs spawn on factory on the last update and all 5 would spawn, no more no less. But now on aki 2.0.0

    I either get 1 or 2 or no pmcs at all, its frustrating trying to figure out what might be the problem with restarting and changing values here and there to see what might be the problem, now I am no modder so I cant really say much but I know how to narrow down my search and I believe its either fins AI or CP's spawn rework...

    Hope maybe this comment helps with anything or sparks interest in an update for this beautiful well oriented mod :,) <3

    • Thanks for the comment, It possibly conflicts with Fin's AI mod.
      Have you tried with his latest version? I hope It fixes the problem since he changed PMC bot roles to assaultGroup once again.

      If that doesn't fixes PMC spawn problem than sadly you have to disable CPSR or Fin's AI for now.

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    • Hey Lua! First of all thanks for the mod really enjoying it. Im having the same problem as zicoman and im not running the fins ai mod. Most of my factory raids i dont have any pmc's at all and its a scav heaven with 1 scav boss. Even had a raid where i instantly got rushed by tagila until which resulted in him pushing me into a scav trap, that was scary! This brings me to my next point tho. before 2.0 ive been running your mod very well and i thought the difficulty was on point. however this time im playing 2.0 with the newest version of your mod and no other mods and it feels like im playing against John Wick. ive had multiple times where the ai just doesnt shoot or react and the next time i peek they shoot 10 bullets instantly through my level 6 armor killing me by blunt damage. Never even get the chance to react. This has also happened the first time they see me and from pretty far away. Ive lowered the difficulty and changed the 'warning before kill to 4'. both dont seem to have any effect on the ai's marksman skils.

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    • caswess4 - I might take a look after all I haven't played 2.0.0 yet.

      I'm starting to think about this is own problem for SPT but I should test it.

      However CPSR doesn't much change AI's behavior or difficulties therefore AI's marksman skills are not related with CPSR.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    • ah yeah i thought so, dont have any mods that change ai behaviour so thought that maybe you knew anything about it thnx!

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    • Hey Lua thanks for the reply, and yes I have tinkered around with his latest verion almost as soon as he released it lmao since another issue with ai behaviour I had in addition to the weird spawning had been solved with his latest update so now the only other difference since aki 2.0.0 is the irregular spawning of pmcs, I hope this helps with anything. ^^  8)

  • Just a quick question. Is the current version compatible with 2.0.0? I only ask b/c the tag shows SPT-AKI-2.0.0 in green but your last version says not sure if working with 2.0.0.

    • I can't find any messages about 2.0.0 in version history but It should be just fine with 2.0.0.

    • Lua - I meant that Hub has labeled your mod compatible with AKI 2.0.0. It is the green label below your mod name at the top of this page.

  • I don't know why but I get 30+ scav snipers, but no normal scavs and PMCs. Even tho I have 30 waves of scav and 5 of Snipers.

    • Does you set bot spawn counts to Horde on raid settings? It reported as broken on SPT and recommended to use AsOnline.

  • I have a question about pmc_usec_spawnchance. I tried different numbers, but its not working. Even with 100 i have bear, Fins ai tweaks spawnsettings turned off (but even if they work, allpmcsareUsec-true, they shall be usecs). Aki 1.5.1 and latest build for this aki

    • Yes, This also happens in 2.0.0.
      I need to look into bot generation function in AKI to fix it but It may causing other mods compatibility.

      so I might leave it for now.

    • Idk, try to look into Fins Ai Tweaks, AllPmcSareUsec\AllPmcSareBear. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use these settings together with your mod (they are sewn into spawn settings), but in general they affect the respawn of specific PMCs with a 100% chance.

    • because Fin's AI mod has own bot generation method that overwrites SPT default method and It makes happen.
      CPSR using SPT core config changes for pmc bot side chance (BotConfig.pmc.isUsec).

    • Just to let you know: for me USEC is spawning fine as soon as I set "cursedAssault_chance" to 100

      Edit: nevermind, it only did for the first round.

      Edit2: gave it another try by setting "usecChance" in AkiConfigurator also to 100. For the three rounds of testing I didn´t see any Bear PMC. Could this setting in AkiConfigurator be conflicting?

    • For now mod doesnt work properly on Aki 2.0.0 (check info about new spawn system in Fin Ai tweaks). In 12.11 we don't have assault group, only usec\bear. Solution for this - change every settings in used pattern. I played all time FIn AI (spawn settings off)+ Lua spawn rework with custom wave settings, maybe AllPmcSareBear\Usec still have a conflicts with spawn rework usec_chance. Btw i dont use akiconfigurator, only SVM with complex settings without bot changes

  • Definitely on of the best mods in the workshop, this mod has finally allowed me to play interchange and reserve with 50+ kills and fps not dropping below 70, I congratulate you comrade.

  • Hi m8, thanks for this great mod!!
    I'm noob on EFT many deaths!!! :)

    I'm using "LUA-ScavHell" pattern due to default one block the "server", need to investigate more about it but .... regarding this pattern..... is working very well for me except spawning of bossTagilla at Factory, here is the report from server log:

    INFO] factory4_day [AvoidAllPmc] @ Generating Bots (MaxBotPerZone: 20)...

    ------------------------- Boss -------------------------

    [ERROR] factory4_day - (bossTagilla | bossTagilla) Boss has bad type settings, Skipping...

    ------------------------- Scav -------------------------

    [1] 3 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 3s) at [BotZone]

    [2] 5 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 3s) at [BotZone]

    [3] 4 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 3s) at [BotZone]

    [4] 3 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 241s) at [BotZone]

    [SUCCESS] === factory4_day @ Bots Generated / Total 4 Waves ===

    [INFO] factory4_night [AvoidAllPmc] @ Generating Bots (MaxBotPerZone: 20)...

    ------------------------- Boss -------------------------

    [ERROR] factory4_night - (bossTagilla | bossTagilla) Boss has bad type settings, Skipping...

    ------------------------- Scav -------------------------

    [1] 4 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 3s) at [BotZone]

    [2] 3 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 3s) at [BotZone]

    [3] 6 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 3s) at [BotZone]

    [4] 5 @ Scav (Spawn Time: 261s) at [BotZone]

    [SUCCESS] === factory4_night @ Bots Generated / Total 4 Waves ===


    FYI, here's Factory_day settings (night simillar):


    "map_rules": "AvoidAllPmc",


    "max_spawn_time": 1200,


    "max_bot_per_zone": 20,






    "boss_insta_spawn_time": 1,




    "cultists_spawn_count_for_max_boss": true,

    "cultists_spawn_at_own_locations": false,

















    "BossEscortType":"assault, assault",








    "BossEscortType":"sectantPriest, followerBully, followerKojaniy, followerSanitar, followerGluharSnipe, followerGluharAssault, followerGluharScout, followerGluharSecurity",
















    "insta_spawn_time": 3,

    "spawn_time_delay_after_insta_wave": 0,

    "spawn_time_delay_for_each_min": 180,

    "spawn_time_delay_for_each_max": 270,

    "spawn_time_delay_accumulate_for_each_zone": true,

    "spawn_location_type": "together",























    Please advise what I'm doing wrong on it. I'm using AKI 1.5.1 with you mod version 1.2.2

    Sorry for this long message, hope you can help me easily.

    BTW, kindly let me now if I can't paste PMC waves settings from LUA-default pattern to this one.

    Many thanks for all in advance. :thumbup:

    • You can customize patterns as you want copy-paste from default pattern or change your own.

      Also Tagllia is required EFT v12.11 and SPT 2.0.0 which is current CPSR supports SPT 2.0.0 and basic patterns are contain Tagilla.

      As I said on version changelogs, It can be ignored, mod itself will remove/skip Tagilla if you're on other than SPT 2.0.0.

    • Thanks for your prompt reply, understood regarding Taguilla Boss. However the pattern I edited ("scavhell"), colapsed the "server" and kept it frozen.

      I'm trying to amend my own config from the base "LUA-Default" pattern, but I get the same error (during server loading) every time I launch the game just before loading main menu, even when creating new profile, here is the log:


      [DEBUG] Saved profiles

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/game/profile/create

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/weather

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/locations

      [ERROR] Trace:

      SyntaxError: Unexpected token ] in JSON at position 1936

      at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

      at Function.deserialize (C:\SP-TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:53094:17)

      at Object.readFile (C:\SP-TARKOV\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\patterns\helpfunctions.js:135:30)

      at SpawnRework.get_configs (C:\SP-TARKOV\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\SpawnRework.js:157:34)

      at SpawnRework.load_config (C:\SP-TARKOV\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\SpawnRework.js:46:27)

      at SpawnRework.core (C:\SP-TARKOV\user\mods\Lua-CP-SpawnReworkReborn\src\SpawnRework.js:40:8)

      at Function.getResponse (C:\SP-TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:51999:57)

      at Function.sendResponse (C:\SP-TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:52224:29)

      at Inflate.cb (C:\SP-TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:52259:22)

      at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/game/profile/list

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/game/profile/select

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/profile/status

      [DEBUG] Saved profiles

      [DEBUG] Saved profiles

      [DEBUG] Saved profiles

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /launcher/profile/info

      [df89b01f70b9c03fc7296f08][] /client/game/keepalive


      Could you please help me with this? Because I don't know how to continue.

      Thanks a lot in advance.

    • You can use for validate file and It will show you where you need to fix/edit

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    • Thanks a lot, I solved before cheking you reply, it was extra "," after closed } on any boss scropt.


      now your default pattern is working for me very good and without any error which blocked server before. all fixed.

      thanks a lot.

      just my last question regarding PMC_BOT difficulty, 33 is high difficult? due to I'm looking for any normal difficult, you know...I'm rooky.

      Thanks again in advance, and thanks again for this great mod!

    • Sadly you can't change pmc bots difficulty

      Also It may not effects on bosses difficulty as well because how It works on boss type spawns (pmc uses boss type spawn too)

  • Hi LUA! Thank You for this game changing mod!

    I noticed, as mentioned by someone below my comment as well, that when combined with Fin's AI mod nearly all of the bots are spawned as scavs. I suppose we will have to be patient and wait for AKI 2.0.0 stable for the fix right??

    • Not sure, I haven't checked Fin's AI recent versions and It may problem with SPT or CPSR

      I don't play much nowadays so, I'll take a look once SPT 2.0.0 released

      If you keep having same issue, let me know.

    • Hey Lua, firstly, thanks so much for this awesome mod!

      I seem to be having the same issue as Baki, with most bots spawning as Scavs. I do use Fin's AI with this as well. Wondering is there's a workaround we can take advantage of in the meantime to help deal with it?

    • Sadly not unless It's CPSR's own problem
      I might take a look later as I said above comment

  • Hey! Mod maker or I shall Call you Lua! I got an enquiry,

    So with the base mod installed and no modifications modified in the files,

    Do every boss have a chance to spawn at different maps?

    Example: i found killa during my night custom raid and it was pretty terrifying

    A simple explanation would do nicely!

    If that so i cant wait to add other bosses spawn to different maps


    • It does have chances to all maps for all bosses.
      That's why I wrote message on overview

      • Lua-Default.json has customized values which is I have been using

      You should change pattern config as you need

  • I've been using your mod for a few days and I altered the lua default pattern , but if I wanted the mod to use one of your other patterns instead, like scav hell for example, what needs changing?

    • Edit config.json default pattern or use random pattern

    • Thanks... I got it working.

    • Yes

  • How do I use this mod?

    I've installed it but I'm not exactly sure how to set it up?

    When I install it and play without setting it up I'm not noticing any changes.

    • You should see a lots of server logs by mod otherwise you failed to install correctly.

      If you failed then read FAQ

  • I absolutely love this, but let me ask would it be possible to make it compatible with More Variation by JustNU?

    • It should be compatible any mods that doesn't change spawn waves

  • Hey i tried ur mod cuz without no boss will spawn idk why... I play on normal difficulty but with ur mod some bots/pmc gets super strong and idk how to rewrite so they spawn normal :D Can u help me pls

    • Edit pattern json, nothing else I can help you about it

    • wave setting






      and boss













      is this right?

    • There are nothing I can see to edit, set difficulty to easy if normal is hard for you

      This mod doesn't do anything about bot's difficulty if you have another mods like Fin's AI than look for them

    • I edit this in Lua default, just wanted to know if its correct or not havent tried it yet

    • I don't want to check every line on your patterns so, Use json checker online to validate like this one

      And read ReadMe as well.

  • Mod is working just fine on 1.6.0 and 2.0.0-BE

    At this moment, AKI 1.6.0 is a very buggy version that should be Bleeding Edge not stable.

    So, before asking errors/problems on AKI 1.6.0 won't be answered, I don't even want to test it on 1.6.0

    Please use AKI 1.5.1 instead other versions.

    (2.0.0 seems having own trouble with bot spawns, reports are welcome but no guarantee to supports)

    Thank you!

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  • So I'm trying to get bosses and raiders to spawn in the Vanilla way. For example I'll set bully to 100 on Customs and the other bosses to 0.

    The thing I'm not really understanding is the last line for each map, what does this line actually control?

    "name":"bossBully, bossGluhar, bossKilla, bossKojaniy, bossSanitar, bossTagilla",


    "difficulty":"normal, hard",





    • Have you read ReadMe.txt? :notlikethis:

      You can simply remove array on config not just set chance to 0

      Multiple names/difficulties are using random so it will select one from it
      wave is wave.

    • I did look at the 'read me' but it wasn't exactly clear to me.

    • Well, that's the best I got to explain with my language level, sorry

      Just to be clear, comma (,) inside of "name" is a random type that select one from the list, split by comma

  • when i use fins ai tweaks w this mod all enemies are scavs it used to work im not sure what happened

    • Check out the Fin's AI Config that All Spawn Changes are disabled, it should be disabled

      I'm kind a aware of this problem, because scavs spawned first than pmc bots and it reached max counts so no other bots were spawned

      I've already done by adding instant wave spawn time config for each bot types but still waiting for AKI 2.0.0 for 12.11

      Otherwise you could add more bot counts via pattern config if your pc can handle it

  • Hey Lua ! Which version I could use for AKI 1.4.1 ? Also does this help with AI spawn like one time i had factory raid 4-5 PMC AI already causing chaos then next raid it was so empty nobody spawned no corpse nor gunshots even with Horde mode....

    • Always use latest version and yes, it helps customize bot spawns for all maps as you want check out the pattern json

  • Excellent customization of bot spawns

    it allows you to edit nearly everything related to bot spawning, from how many PMCs to SEPARATE (and this cannot be stressed enough) boss spawning rates (including the prewipe boss meeting event) in all the maps

    having cultists in Factory night is hilarious as hell

    also I tested it in 2.0.0A5, works perfectly so I guess we're very close to the 12.11 stable release :DDDD

    excellent work!!!

  • Good performance; varied spawns.

    Scav spawns are well paced and varied. Big plus is it does not affect performance much.