Lirikana's Weapon Library / Port for latest AKI 1.0.1

Port of Lirikana's Weapon Library

Mod that contains a library used to develop weapon mods

Original Author: Lirikana

Original Mod Listing: Lirikana's Weapon Library

    Encountered an error while using this mod. Any idea about it?

    • its conflicting with a mod called "division tech" which I didn't even know was a mod

      try taking that mod out and see how it runs

    • it do works fine without divisiontech, but divisiontech actually is a mod I am trying to develop.
      so I have to find out what's the conflict and fix it.

      i followed the tutorials and still got the errors

    • its having an issue generating it as a new item, try sending me your mod and ill see what I can do but it'll be a while till I can look through it tho cause I'm not home rn

    • aight i get back to my home around 4