Darker World Questline 0.4

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Darker World provides 11 Tasks, and it will be more, if wanted. This is my first publication, so please rate it.

Hello! Darker World provides 11 Tasks, and it will be more, if wanted. This is my first publication, so please rate it, if you want to!

You need Custom Quests by Trap.

This modification is inspired by: Lavax's The Double Agent Questline. Try it, very cool!

If you notice any bugs, or any ideas to make this questline better, feel free to write it in comment!


1. Move Trap's Custom Quests to your spt-aki/user/mods folder

2. Go into Trap-CustomQuests/quests folder

3. Copy-Paste in darkerworld.json

Virustotal Results: https://imgur.com/y9FgKx5

Have a great day! :)

  • Hi, is the fifth task the correct place to place the jammer? I tried to place it inside the Brutal shop but couldn't find an area where I could place it. I found in the original file that the area code for this task is: place_skier_11_1, this should be the code for the woods sawmill, please check if you can, thanks!

  • Hi, the link for Custom Quests by Trap doesn't exist anymore. Also, the mega link posted earlier in the comments here is for the questline mod, not custom quests mod.

  • Hi, I really like your work, do you mind if I localize it and share it on the oddba site? :)

    • Hello. Thank you! You can do it freely!

    • Thanks a lot for the confirmation! Looking forward to more updates! :thumbup:

    • I am going to update, but I need some time.

    • Cool! Man, no rush just take ur time. :*

  • You need Custom Quests by Trap.


  • What I don't understand in custom quests is why creators tend to simplify all the talk and make it so short and so every trader sounds the same? I mean, if Mechanic and Prapor are more of friendly towards the end of their questlines, Jaeger sees protagonist as if it's his adopted son, Therapist and Peacemaker tend to keep distance (especially the latter, being one of coldest in terms of how he speaks to our PMC even at the end, only letting it slip sometimes) and Skier is just memed-abibas-russian-mafia guy. And all of this personality is lost as well as the lore of situation in Tarkov. Why this couldn't be part of some «more daily quests» mod when?

    • Yes, maybe I should have do it better, but this is my first task, sorry.

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  • Hi, can you please upload the file to another site (mega for example)?

  • Translation into Russian Version 0.3 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/3AKg1Xvry3dtZw

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