Program K (Publicly discontinued) 1.1.2

Adds additional content to the game from, new guns, new ammo, new attachaments, new optics to game tweaks and brand new features


  • Version 1.1.2

    Added 3 new mounts
    KNINE OUTDOORS Picatinny Riser Mount


    - Fixed some bugs with quests
    - Updated to 3.3.0

    as of now there is a bit less content because I am quite busy developing the new bot generation system :D

  • Version 1.1.1

    • Added dev items which can be enabled in config
    • Added profile backups
    • Added dual 45 degree offset picatinny mount
    • Added left and right sided 90 degree picatinny mount
    • Added Long Ohhunt iron sight AK picatinny rail
    • Added Truglo red dot
    • Code cleaning
    • Fixed wymatt .338 mag being 10 round instead of 8 round
    • Fixed chippa pistols not being able to go in pistol cases
    • Removed the function for extended buffer tube slots on buffer tubes that are not implemented properly yet
    • Fixed the following error

      'mod_stock' does not exist for weapon 5afd7e095acfc40017541f61 stock_sks_tapco_intrafuse_buffer_tube
    • Added russian translation for quests (Huge thanks to Garō)
    • Added possibility to make items not be quest locked in config
    • Changed the startup logging look

      Ohunt rear sight rail mount - link


      Truglo tg8030b red dot - link

      90 degree picatinny offset mount (left and right)

      Dual 45 degree offset mount
  • Version 1.1.0

    • Merged InterK trader into ProgramK mod
    • Added InterK config file
    • Changed the price of various items
    • Made all prices be based from a singular config file (config/Prices.Json)
    • Split the mod.js into multiple modules
    • Added the monstrum 3x scopes
    • Stock buffer tube overhaul (allows for stocks to be placed in 4 positions on some buffer tubes)
    • Fixed flea items not having proper prices
    • Changed preset IDS to be more readable
    • Added INTERK config
    • Added global price config
    • added INTERK stock config
    • made flea and traderprices be based out of a global config file
    • added multipliers in the config for INTERK
    • Various code fixes and improvements
    • Integrated the loyalty levels of items into the trader stock config
    • Made trader leveling and item loyalty level work properly
    • Fixed trader not showing up in flea
    • Fixed default gun presets not showing up in presets menu/flea market
    • Ability to turn on/off item coloring
    • Added presets for all guns
    • Fixed item names and descriptions
    • Added daily quests
    • added ability to overwrite quests
    • added ability to add custom quests
    • added foregrip offsetmount
  • Version 1.0.9

    Added the Spitfire HD Gen II 5x Prism Scope
    Added RMR trijicon mount for vortex 5x
    Added Extended Barrel for the ppsh41
    Added Extended Dust cover for the ppsh41


  • Version 1.0.8

    Added the PPT 3x32 Rifle Scope 25.4mm
    Added the Spitfire HD Gen II 3x Prism Scope

    More optics coming soon, if you have suggestions write a comment or message me on discord! :senkosmug:


  • Version 1.0.7

    Added the STM366

    Added STM366 magazine 30 rounds

    AddedSTM366 Barrels:

    - 10.5 inch

    - 12 inch

    - 14 inch
    - 16 inch

    Added Remington M700 .338
    Added Remington M700 WYATT .338 magazine 5 rounds
    Added Remington M700 WYATT .338 magazine 10 rounds
    Added Remington M700 .338 stock Overmolded Ghillie
    Added Remington M700 .338 stock MOD X gen 3

    Added Remington M700 .338 Barrels:

    - 508mm

    - 508mm stainless

    - 660mm

    - 660mm stainless


  • Version 1.0.6

    Added the VPO 193
    Added VPO193 Magazine

    Added VPO 193 Barrels

    - 420mm

    - 520mm

    - 600mm

    Added MCX Barrels

    - 330mm

    - 400mm


  • Version 1.0.5

    Added VPO 215 Barrels
    - 420mm
    - 520mm
    Added MCX Virtus Barrels
    - 330mm
    - 400mm
    Fixed VPO208 tuning mount not having a texture

    Rifles based on the VPO 215 are coming in the next update, 5.56x45 | 9x39mm
    MCX .300 will get barrels also in the next update kana_o

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed InterK not selling the muzzle brake
    Fixed all items not having the proper parentIDs
    Fixed items not being able to be sold to traders
    Fixed the SKS tunning adapter not taking any attachament

  • Version 1.0.0

  • I'm getting this strange error when I installed programK, any ideas what is causing this? I've put the error I'm getting into a pastebin for you.

    • Are you using 3.4.0?

  • Fantastical mod, super great work. absolutely loving everything about this!

    Quick question, is there a way to raise InterK's reputation without doing the quest? I have done 5 so far, havent gotten any others and hes just capped at .49 with the next loyalty level at 1.00

    Thanks in advance!

    • The main way would be only with quests, but there is not a lot of quests as of now and some are broken so it will get fixed soon enough

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  • Словил тот же баг с непоявляющейся флешкой на втором квесте, благо снизу в комментах был гайд как скипнуть квест.

    алсо, было всего 3 квеста, после чего квестов больше не выдаёт.

    Их всего 3 было или надо репутацию качать?

    Спс за мод кста, понравился

    • квест будет обновлен в следующей версии

  • I use the 1.1.1 version of the mod, it also works on AKI 3.4.0 (All quests). A wonderful mod and idea, we are waiting for the continuation of the line of quests!

    • I do plan to add more quests yeah, its just that I do not have time at the moment thanks for testing!

    • Did you do anything in particular to get it to work on 3.4.0? Both 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 throw up fatal errors on 3.4.1 for me.

      I have a similar issue with MacrossMX's Assorted Weapons Armory, just with a different weapon name.

    • No, I didn't do anything special. I passed all the quests on 1.1.1 everything is fine. Updated to 1.1.2 and then the errors went. Just rolled it back and everything works again. (this is on 3.4.0) I haven't tested it on 3.4.1.

  • I am stuck with the second quest "Annex".

    I can´t find the usb stick. Where is it suppossed to be?

    • It's in custom -> military checkpoint -> the tower on the table

    • I´ve been in that tower, but i don´t see anything.

      It´s okay, i skipped the quest and finished wipe day part 2 yesterday.

      How many quests did you include? When do i unlock them?

      I am level 16 right now and don´t have anymore quests. My standing with the trader is at 0.4 and to unlock the next trader level i need a standing of 1.0.

      Ps. i just found the devppsh. WTF xD

    • Yo where did you find the devppsh? also do you have dev items enabled in settings
      I will have to add more quests as of now there isnt that many quests to begin with which is not great for next update ill add +10 more quests so it feels better its weird that you cannot find the documents file in the tower I will do some more testing about this

    • also do you use a mod that edits bot's like POOP or FAIT? or anything like that?

    • "do you have dev items enabled in settings"

      is that a setting from your mod? If so, no, i did not activate it.

      I was looking for something on the fleemarket and found it by accident.

      This gun and the ammo are broken.

      1700ms velocity

      19 recoil

      3500 round mag

      armor pen 10

      flesh dmg 300

  • No ammo available for InterK weapons, which means I can't complete even the first task given.

    • The first quests uses .366 TKM ammo using the SKS right, that ammo is sold by other traders its not a custom ammo it is already in tarkov so any other trader should sell it

    • It may use 366, but ALL such ammo is locked behind trader lvl or behind unlocking Jaeger. And ammo was available from InterK initially in previous versions.

    • yeah I planned to fully delete those ammo because I thought its quite unbalanced and not realistic enough but then decided to make them loyalty 4 and make them very expensive just if some people would like using them

      But anyway you can get .366 TKM fmj from skier LL1

  • Low Profile Mosin Nagant Scope Mount for the 91/30, Picatinny Style Rail. USA

    • Can add in next update

  • Hey , the icons for a lot of weapons are wrong and show the wrong weapons .

    Is there a way to solve this ?

    • In your spt launcher click the settings button in top right, then clean temp files, this should fix it let me know if it worked

    • that helped, thank you .

      I was also not aware that the VPO 208 shotgun really looks like an SKS . So you just changed the model a little bit of the SKS or completely from the scratch ?

  • Really love the dual 45 degree offset picatinny mount, it make RFB and M3 great again! :thumbup:

    • haha I was hesitant about making it at first as its pretty cursed, but thought at the end of the day to not limit myself and not make it, at the end of the day the user will not use it if they do not want

      Glad you found it useful :D

    • I was using Lua's since it backs up at game start, raid start, and raid end. Giving plenty of back ups in case the player borked something or the game borked itself mid-raid.

      I didn't see any options for yours k4a to do the same thing other than the 1 back up, but I wasn't looking very hard. If it does the same thing, then awesome. 1 less mod to worry about breaking stuff.

    • Yeah the idea of backup is that if my mod somehow breaks the user would have a backup of their profile before the game starts,

      But if people are wanting this feature to be more advanced I will surely add new features

    • Backing up at server start is great, but it may be 1-2 hrs later when the game gets broken....making the player have to redo a LOT of gameplay.

      I do appreciate your work, as it allows nearly every cartridge in the game to have SOME use, but more back ups would be greatly appreciated. I used to back up manually and would sometimes forget to do it, then the profile save would get corrupted (due to a conflict with mods or whatever) and I would have to back date my save several hours. It's made me rage quit for the day several times. :D

  • Oh man, the profile backup feature is such a massive, massive godsend (that I had never thought I would ever need).

    I had accidentally moved my profile instead of copying it when installing AKI 3.3.0, which I eventually decided to delete after finding out that some mods I was previously using were not working. My heart dropped. 30 hours of gameplay gone, but I had remembered seeing somewhere in the server log that something was backing up my profile. I googled it since I thought it was a base AKI feature, and it led me here.

    Restored the latest backup from the ProgramK folder in user\mods and now I am back to playing. I cannot state enough how thankful I am that you took the time to implement a feature such as profile backups, which has ended up saving me from my own stupidty.

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    • Haha I am very glad to hear that this feature has been useful to someone! I guess I will extend its capabilities further and add more customizability to it pog

  • Some ideas for the next update maybe you could look into:

    Black M45A1 with an extended mag like this.

    Black PEQ-15.

    T2 with Aimpoint magnifier.

    Heart 1
    • Thanks for the suggestions appreciate it <3

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  • hello, it seems my quest has been bugged :( im now on the 2nd quest, "Annex" where you have to collect the "flashdrive" from the tower checkpoint. i did collect it, but forgot to turn it in and i died on factory.. now whenever i go into customs to recollect it, it just isnt there.. i've had a headache trying to fix this, i tried reinstalling at least 4 times, could you tell me anything i can do to fix this, K4a? thank you.

    • I am having exactly the same issue. I changed the quest to "AvailableForFinish" using the profile editor. It should appear as "trader: unknown, name:q2, status:started"

    • how do i use the profile editor

    • I will fix that in the next update sorry for the inconveniences

    • a Temporary fix would be to navigate to your user/profiles/and open the file that has your profileID.json at the end.

      Next you would have to find the part where it says this

      "qid": "q2",
      "startTime": 1668352095,
      "status": 2,
      "completedConditions": [],
      "statusTimers": {
      "2": 1668352095

      Set the Status to 3, after that save the profile and you should find out when restarting the game that the quest is set as complete

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    • im having a very difficult time finding it, i dont know what to do.. is there any way to reinstall this?

  • is it compatible with spt realism overhaul?

    • Not very sure about that

  • MCX M-LOK handguard , anyone ?


    • Noted :huh:

  • I'm getting this error message in the server and wondered if you ( mod author ) could help me clarify:

    TypeError: time.replaceAll is not a function

    TypeError: time.replaceAll is not a function

    at Object.action (E:\SP Tarkov 3.2.2\user\mods\ProgramK\src\mod.js:61:54)

    at $79469d862e09d5e9$export$1d24e66a30f2c3c6.handleStatic (E:\SP Tarkov 3.2.2\obj\bundle.js:14783:61)

    at Proxy.handleRoute (E:\SP Tarkov 3.2.2\obj\bundle.js:15099:41)

    at Proxy.getResponse (E:\SP Tarkov 3.2.2\obj\bundle.js:15089:30)

    at HttpServer.sendResponse (E:\SP Tarkov 3.2.2\obj\bundle.js:16778:38)

    at Inflate.cb (E:\SP Tarkov 3.2.2\obj\bundle.js:16804:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    at endReadableNT (internal/streams/readable.js:1327:12)

    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:80:21)

    The game takes about 2-3 minutes to load after this and is stuck at splash screen. But it eventually loads and works.
    Just wanted to know if this is something that should be corrected or ignored.

    Using a shit ton of mods and can list them if you want...

    • Hmm weird, you're also using spt 3.2.2 and I'm not sure if it works properly on that version

    • Btw what time coding do your computer uses? Do you use like standard time coding like 11:34 am and what not

    • The issue is that the replaceAll function has been added in nodejs version 15, SPT 3.2.2 uses version 14 or something like that and it does not have that function, update to 3.2.5 to be able to use the mod

    • Got it.
      For the record, I'm using 24h time coding.
      Will try to update to 3.2.5.
      If you don't hear anything from me, that means it worked after updating.

      Thank you for responding :thumbup:

  • Уважаемый разработчик мода, извиняюсь сразу если я вдруг выражусь не адекватно! и так есть в таркове и в моддинге много, ваш мод не исключение, поставив его я так и не понял,что особенного в вашем моде, я внимательно прочитал анотацию вашу,НО!!!!, зачем и для чего!??? Я понимаю,что это ваши первые труды!,поверьте это КРУТО!!! Вы молодец, я думаю ещё чуть чуть и вы сделаете,что крутое!!! спасибо за то,что вы стараетесь!!!! СПАСИБО!!!

    • Я понимаю ваше замешательство по поводу этого проекта. Проект в его нынешнем состоянии не очень особенный по сравнению с другими модами. Но моя окончательная версия мода, как я ее вижу, сильно отличается от того, что сейчас представляет собой ProgramK. Изменения, которые я хочу сделать, требуют много времени и работы, и, вероятно, на их достижение уйдут месяцы. Этот проект, способ улучшить опыт SPT, как я вижу его своими глазами. Я хочу изменить много разных частей игры, например, система генерации ботов, торговцы, предметы, квесты и т. д.

      Прощу прощения, за мой ужасный русский язык.

  • Loading...

    ▀███▀▀▀██▄ ▀████▀ ▀███▀

    ██ ▀██▄ ██ ▄█▀

    ██ ▄██▀███▄███ ▄██▀██▄ ▄█▀████████▄███ ▄█▀██▄ ▀████████▄█████▄ ██ ▄█▀

    ███████ ██▀ ▀▀ ██▀ ▀████ ██ ██▀ ▀▀██ ██ ██ ██ ██ █████▄

    ██ ██ ██ ███████▀ ██ ▄█████ ██ ██ ██ ██ ███

    ██ ██ ██▄ ▄███ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ▀██▄

    ▄████▄ ▄████▄ ▀█████▀ ███████▄████▄ ▀████▀██▄████ ████ ████▄████▄ ███▄

    █▀ ██


    The application had a critical error and failed to run

    Exception produced: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')


    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'Filter')

    at Object.execute (G:\EscapeFromTarkov\user\mods\ProgramK\src\databaseModule.js:123:96)

    at Mod.postDBLoad (G:\EscapeFromTarkov\user\mods\ProgramK\src\mod.js:215:24)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    at C:\snapshot\project\obj\Program.js

    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

    at process.runNextTicks [as _tickCallback] (node:internal/process/task_queues:65:3)

    at Function.runMain (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1984:13)

    at node:internal/main/run_main_module:17:47

    Press Enter to close the window

    What could have caused this?

    Are there known incompatible mods?

    Thumbs Up 1
    • What caused this error? what was the last thing you did after this error popped up

    • Do you have any mods that change how containers work like pistol cases and whatnot?

    • Last thing I did after this error popped up I Pressed Enter to close the window.

      I have Nootropix-BigCases.

    • It could be that, the error says that there is something wrong with pistol cases when it tries to put the new pistols in its filter, but I cannot replicate that issue on my end as the case works perfectly fine.

      Could you delete the Nootropix-BigCases and tell me if the issue still persists, would appreciate this feedback so I know to look into it and try to make it compatible! Thanks!

      Backup your profile btw!

    • I have bunch of other mods that modify containers and cases.

      From what I can see Your mod adds new traider with new weapons, attachments and ammo.

      What does that have to do with weapon cases is beyond me.

      I have bunch of other traiders also with new weapons and items, they all work fine with other mods.

  • sorry I cant download the newest update

    • Forgot to share it on google drive should work now

  • Does this allow me to import helmets and stuff?

    • What do you mean?

  • Came across this bug when trying to edit an HK-416 preset. It doesn't happen on every rifle and I'm sure that's due to you saying not all stocks are supported yet.SqU176F

    I would put this into a support section for this mod, but there isn't one.

    • It has been fixed in latest release which will come sooner or later

    • Awesome!!

  • What does this mod actually do? Who is it aimed at?

    • Take a look at the overview page pog

  • The textures do not load, the dog appears, but only on the icon :(( help

    • Try cleaning your temp files, open SPT launcher click the settings button in top right and click clean temp files

  • Great mod so far but i have one issue, so much stuff in the vendor has the DogeCube, like the Gornostay 420mm Barrel or the Ammo. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Try cleaning your temp files, open SPT launcher click the settings button in top right and click clean temp files

  • Mod is good but, are there any changes to stock or is it compatible with your stock mod?
    My sks stock doesnt work

  • Firstly, wanna say this mod is fantastic. Adds some nice spice to the main game. Only one question and that is about adding a particular sight into the game. Would it be possible to add the Holosun AEMS sight into the game? It's such a nice looking little sight. Otherwise the mod is fantastic.…e584cd723826ee04b99aa.jpg

    • Thanks for the feedback kana_o I noted the optic for the 1.1.3 roadmap!

    • Really?! That's awesome! I eagerly and patiently await! animehappynod

  • I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask,

    1) Is it intentional that .366 buckshot is worse than .366 flechette in nearly every way (that I could tell)?

    2) Is there only five quests? As after completing about that many I've failed to see more.

    3) Is it intentional that the last quest (Wipe Day Part 2 I believe, where you need to kill 12 scavs on shoreline with the 5.56 bolt action) supposed to have the same text as the previous one? (Exact same reward, description, and quest finish comment).

    4) Is it intentional that four different quests unlock the same revolver? (60DS I think)

    5) Is the ranging on the scopes correct? Because on multiple occasions it feels like the ranging is completely wrong as using them I'll be sighted for 50 meters and even shooting ~100-200 meters away I need to aim below my intended target, or is it just MOA messing with it and the ranging is fine?

  • There is an M4 handguard that gives the Dogecube, it's the AR-15 Geissele SMR MK16 13.5 inch M-LOK handguard.

    • Do not seem to touch that item in any way, send me your logs

      send all 4 files

    • If you have other mods that change items or add new items those mods could also cause this issue

    • It's possibile, let me check the other mods.

    • ProgramK doesn't really touch that item or it's bundles and there is no issue on my end so it must be another mod

    • I think it coul be an update of an another mod that i Just dropped in. And i think i know what mod is.

  • The 2 Chiappas dit not fit the requirements to be dropped in the Pistols Case, can you do something about it?
    Thank you.

  • Thanks for your nice mod,sir.

    Can you add AK-9 Assault Rifle please? :love:

    Basically,it's a AK-102 with shorter barrel and gas tube,shooting 9*39 ammo.…-assault-rifles/ak-9-eng/

    • Yeah I think that is something I can achieve, will note it down for the 1.1.2 release

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