Extended Stock Slots 1.0.1a

This mod adds 3 additional buffer position where you can place your stock



  • Version 1.0.1a

    Changed the package version to 3.3.0 so it does not create a warning in the server when using the mod

  • Version 1.0.1

    Cleaned StockOverhaul Module
    Added configuration for individual stock slots

    1. Code
      "EnabledStockSlots": {
              "Slot2": true,
              "Slot3": false,
              "Slot4": true
      Turn either value to false/true to turn off/on the individual buffer tube stock slot


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Yo, k4a. How u do that? :huh:

    The level of detail could be amazing if the vanilla game have this but in a ground branch customization scale (optics who can be precisely put in every place on the rail). 8)

    How can I, if it is possible, add a mini red dot slot in the Valday PS320? :):S

    • hello there, I do agree that ground branch level of customization will fit extremely well in tarkov but that is very difficult to do with modding and I will not start working on it anytime soon at least

      For the Valday you would require to edit the in-game bundles which could be tricky if the bundle doesn't already have an additional slot

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  • Some questions for you k4a - does this mod alter the recoil effect at all or is it more for the aesthetics? And how many stocks will you be altering with this mod?

    I have shot weapons with foldable/collapsible stocks & fixed stocks and it has bothered me for a while that weapons or more specific the stocks in Tarkov always look collapsed and not extended. I think it's an FOV thing, like if we can see more of the stock and the weapon we would have more sense of how long and what it would be like to be using a extendable or fixed stock.

    • I think Fontaine's realism mod uses my this mod to add additional changes to it which includes changing recoil and ergonomics I am not sure

      But this mod is only aesthetics as I do not think it will make sense to change ergonomics and anything else

  • Okay, now can we do something similar with the foregrip placements on handguards?

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    • Someone tried to do that before but they did not finish it ;(

    • I'm 10 days late to reply to this but if someone could create of a mod that could change the foregrip placements would be hugely appreciated.

  • Very nice mod. As a fully extended stock shooter myself it always bothered me how PMC's stocks are 100% fully collapsed at all times.

  • hi i change the amount of slots and my game freeze, why is this?

    • This is a guide how to fix it, sorry for the inconvenience!

    • hi i click the link and nothing happens, how fix?

    • alt + f4 should copy it automatically

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  • Also, how does it work with bot's generated weapons? Shouldn't there be bugs?

    • As I mentioned in overview page it does not touch bots

    • This is pretty cool!

  • This mod is absolutely dope.

    HK416 when?:)

    • When I will finish the current updates I am working for programK I will be integrating all buffer tubes

  • sadly cant try the mod since my version is 3.2.2 but this is something that should be in tarkov as base so nice mod assuming it works as intended

    • It should work