Program K 1.0.9

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Adds new weapons/calibers/ammo/attachments with the purpose of enlarging the variety when it comes to weapons

This mod is a WIP. There might be some bugs and there will be more content coming on.
Program K has the purpose of adding more content to the game, balancing some calibers, adding new attachments, adding new ammo and more to come.


Available content currently :


.366 Flechette - a .366 buckshot rFlechette
.366 DGW - a round that has increased penetration, faster muzzle velocity compared to the AP-M
.366 Buckshot - a .366 buckshot round
MCX Virtus - MCX but in 5.56x39
TG2A - TG2 .366 rifle converted to be able to fire in full auto
VEPR Pioneer - VEPR hunter but 7.62x39
VPO 212 - VEPR hunter but .366
SOC97R - VEPR hunter but 5.56
VPO 208 - SKS but .366
STM366 - STM chambered in .336
Remington M700 .338
VPO193 - VPO215 but in 5.56

Muzzle Devices:

SKS .366 Muzzle adapter - adapter that attaches to the SKS that allows for other muzzle velocity (no texture as of now)
VEPR Hunter series suppressors (5.56x45 / .366 / 7.62x39)
.366 Muzzle brake
MCX 5.56 Barrels (171mm and 229mm)
MCX Barrels (171mm and 229mm)
STM 366 Barrels (10.5 inch / 12 inch / 14 inch / 16 inch)
VPO 193 Barrels (420mm / 520 mm / 600mm)
VPO 215 Barrels (420mm / 520 mm)
Remington 700 .338 Barrels ( 508mm / 660mm)
PPSH41 extended barrel (456mm)
Dovetail Kobra picatinny mount - A dovetail mount that whole purpose is to give a sideways tactical slot (allows for VEPR hunter tactical slot and other)
Left NcSTAR MPR45 Backup mount - the NcSTAR backup mount but on the left side of the gun

Long NcSTAR MPR45 Backup mount - A longer NcSTAR backup mount that allows for bigger sights to be attached and lasers and flashlights
Long Left NcSTAR MPR45 Backup mount- A longer Left NcSTAR backup mount that allows for bigger sights to be attached and lasers and flashlights
Vortex Spitfire 5x trijicon RMR mount

Dust Covers:
Vastion - A bastion dust cover converted to fit the VEPR Hunter
Extended dust cover for the PPSH41 to fit the 456mm barrel
PPT 3x32 Rifle Scope 25.4mm
Spitfire HD Gen II 3x Prism Scope
Spitfire HD Gen II 5x Prism Scope
Magpul 30 round magazine .366
Wyatt 5 round magazine .338
Wyatt 10 round magazine .338
Remington m700 AB ARMS MOD GEN 3 .338
Remington m700 Overmolded ghillie .338

There is a lot more content I want to add if youre curious you can see a list of stuff I have planned to add here :

Special thanks to everyone who helped me in the process of creating this mod especially to LukewarmPudding for helping me figure out a lot of stuff and to yoshka for the trader example mod

If you have a suggestion or you found a bug please contact me in the discord server K4_a#1534, feedback is heavily appreciated


  • Version 1.0.9

    Added the Spitfire HD Gen II 5x Prism Scope
    Added RMR trijicon mount for vortex 5x
    Added Extended Barrel for the ppsh41
    Added Extended Dust cover for the ppsh41


  • Version 1.0.8

    Added the PPT 3x32 Rifle Scope 25.4mm
    Added the Spitfire HD Gen II 3x Prism Scope

    More optics coming soon, if you have suggestions write a comment or message me on discord! :senkosmug:


  • Version 1.0.7

    Added the STM366

    Added STM366 magazine 30 rounds

    AddedSTM366 Barrels:

    - 10.5 inch

    - 12 inch

    - 14 inch
    - 16 inch

    Added Remington M700 .338
    Added Remington M700 WYATT .338 magazine 5 rounds
    Added Remington M700 WYATT .338 magazine 10 rounds
    Added Remington M700 .338 stock Overmolded Ghillie
    Added Remington M700 .338 stock MOD X gen 3

    Added Remington M700 .338 Barrels:

    - 508mm

    - 508mm stainless

    - 660mm

    - 660mm stainless


  • Version 1.0.6

    Added the VPO 193
    Added VPO193 Magazine

    Added VPO 193 Barrels

    - 420mm

    - 520mm

    - 600mm

    Added MCX Barrels

    - 330mm

    - 400mm


  • Version 1.0.5

    Added VPO 215 Barrels
    - 420mm
    - 520mm
    Added MCX Virtus Barrels
    - 330mm
    - 400mm
    Fixed VPO208 tuning mount not having a texture

    Rifles based on the VPO 215 are coming in the next update, 5.56x45 | 9x39mm
    MCX .300 will get barrels also in the next update kana_o

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed InterK not selling the muzzle brake
    Fixed all items not having the proper parentIDs
    Fixed items not being able to be sold to traders
    Fixed the SKS tunning adapter not taking any attachament

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thanks. I love all modders but mods adding extra weapons are usually a must for me.

    Just wanted to know is everything you're adding real life accurate?

    • Yeah more or less accurate to real life

  • I didnt realize that I still had a mod item in my stash when I deleted the mod folders and now I get an error when I try to buy something, how can I fix this?

    • You have to find the item in your profile.json and delete it, use the profile editor

  • I'm big dumb. I can't figure out how to get this mod to work. Sorry in advance.

    • Just drop the 2 folders into your user/mods folder that's it, it's 2 separate mods basically one that adds the content and one that adds the trader that sells it

  • would it be possible to separate out the sights and other accessories into a separate part in the future.

    • What accessories? Like for example if you take the barrels there is specific barrels made to only work on a modified rifle so for example the m700 .332 barrel won't work on a normal m700

    • sights, extra canted rails and the dovetail rail, ect

  • What are the stats for the .366 ammo types?

    • "Faupi - Munitions Expert" will solve this

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  • dose this work in 3.2.2?

    • Yes

  • Yo man, please add the Monstrum Tactical P330-B Marksman 3X Prism Scope cause it is drippier than all hell. And thank you for your service fellow .366 enjoyer.

    (and sorry for the huge image idk how make smaller)

    Monstrum Tactical Marksman 3X30 Prism Scope - Wilde Arms

  • Seems interesting, are you balancing them around vanilla for effectiveness and pricing?

    • Yeah once I get stuff sorted I will make some items quest locked and I will add limited stock for items

  • nice

  • Hi K4a

    Your mod is really great thank you, would you add older weapons like a Thompson SMG, M1 Garand and other WW2 and PostWW2 weapons?

    • Right now I am working on modeling and texturing new sights which will take quite some time but I will sure experiment with implementing custom brand new guns soon

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  • Thanks to you, the .366 caliber finally got some love. Always wanted a full-auto version to fire EKO and AP-M rounds and now I can! Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks! if you have any ideas or feedback let me know

  • This is gonna be a silly idea that i just wanna put out there, but any thoughts on making double sided NCstar mounts?

    • I did think of this from the beginning haha, I will add it in the future I was thinking to make it not 45 degrees but fully horizontal I shall see once I finish more stuff from my Trello list


    • Ayeeeeeeeee animehappynod

  • Been playing with the mod a bit, and most things work really well. I noticed two issues however.
    1. The AK dovetail picatinny rail will have lasers hit your hand so it doesnt really work all that well, it's fine if you use a foregrip though.

    2. The automatic AK is stupid tiers of innaccurate with the buckshot rounds. Its almost like the classic video game shotgun meme. Even at the second target dummy in the hideout you miss like 50% of pellets. and thats like 5 meters.

    Overall though im really enjoying the mod so far, and keep up the good work.

    • For the first problem it's main purpose was to give picatinny rail to the vepr hunter but it also works on other guns, so yes there is cases where it will not work but it is what it is, for second problem I will try to make the spread tighter but it's not meant to replace real 12 gauge buckshot because there are a lot less pallets inside and they are very small so ofc it will be less powerful but I will look into it

    • ihmo, reduce the pellet count but make it more accurate then, because the main issue right now is that its incredibly unreliable.


  • Can we get an AR47? Like the Mutant, but uses AR mags. You don't even need to add a model for a new mag if you add Unimags (25-round capacity for 7.62x39).


    • Noted

  • Do the weapons work for the associated quests? I see the .366 are all classed as shotguns, but do they give mastery and quest progression?

    • I did not test that but I will look into it for sure

    • That would be good. especially for the bolt action rifles and such. and sniper for the coming R700

    • Yeah I looked into it I can do that its quite simple the only problem is finding what quests need to be tweaked

  • Traders dont buy the items, so if one finds some as loot one can't sell them

    • Fixed in 1.0.1 as well as other bugs such as trader not selling the .366 muzzle brake, please update!

    • works, Thanks

  • Will this work on 3.2.2? Amazing mod, can't wait to try it out, either if it works on 3.2.2 or when I make the switch.

    • I think all yellow marked versions should work I tested 3.2.2 and It does indeed work

  • love your creation

    have you though of RACS chassis for R700 ?

    Reply from k4a ():

    Isnt that basically just another AB Arms MOD*X GEN 3 but looks different


    Better modder then LUA for sure! :senkosmug:

  • Finally!

    Oh, is it Christmas already? What a gift to the community! Variety is key to longevity and this mod sure adds some of that. Highly recommended <3

  • nice mod i reccomend having this mod and bigger bang mod