Alternative Krechet Reticle 4.0.0

Changes the Krechet's reticle to an alternative one

Disclaimer: I'm new to modding, so I put this together to just start to learn how this stuff works and get familiar with the SPT hub UI.

Please don't say "oH mY gOhsH tHiS iS tRaSh I cOuLd MaKe ThIs In 26.444555559 SeCoNdS"
I personally like this reticle and I'm assuming other people might as well, and the krechet's normal reticle in game is a bit underwhelming already.

This may be a simple mod to make, but I helped people who can't be asked to do it themselves and get all the software and crap needed.

Some feedback and reporting any issues would be very appreciated


The reticle is changed to look like this one:


I did also test it, and it is accurate, your shots do land in the middle of it

This mod was based off of Chomp's BundleLoadingSample example mod btw (…ipt/11BundleLoadingSample)


  • Acces denied for the download, mhmmmm, is it normal?

  • Want to be able to switch between in-game vanilla and new one with Alt+RMB.

    • I am not that advanced yet, sorry.

      when I get gud I might try to add that

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    • You are already much better than most other people:)

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    well it works and its cool but its just another sight mod nothing really incredible

    Reply from SUPERBUBU3000 ():

    the incredibility depends on how much you like the new reticle and how much you hate the old reticle