Manual Flea Price Updater

A mod that is based on Lua's Flea Market, but much more basic and manually-updatable instead of fully automatic.

Sets keycard prices to a pre-defined price, sets all the items that has price of 0 to 10000, and sets all rest of the items to their prices.

You can run TarkovFleaM.exe in the config directory, which updates the prices. If you don't run the exe file, it will not change the prices since the Data.txt file will not change. You can manually change the prices by searching for the item id in Data.txt file, but don't forget the prices will be fixed to database if you do run the exe file.

You guys can drop your ideas, I will add them with time

  • Version

    I had to change the Updater's code since it was not able to get prices, it works fine now.

  • Version

    Just added an optional file for no 0 to 10k price change on updater.

  • Version

    The data reader part had an important bug that prevents your additional data to not be readed somehow, so I have done a small change and it seems it is working now.

  • Version 1.0.4

    The non-working updater, the Exe file is fixed. It was not working due to no library with it. It belongs to a new folder now, which is Updater folder. You have to drop the Data.txt it creates to config to update the prices.

    There is an Extras folder now. Which contains ten files of blank loadouts. You can fill them with your manual prices. Currently, it may have some bugs. But let me know if you get encountered with a bug. The files that is in extras are using the empty line format, not the "-" separation like DataAdditional.txt.

    There is BasicDataFiles folder which contains two basic files for manual editing. They are in that folder to not override the user's old data files, if you don't have one from past just drop them to config so the game detects it.

    There is an additional data file, which is RecommendedPrices.txt. It contains my own manual prices which I update according to the tarkov-market. You can give me yours if you want them to be added and they are based on online prices.

  • Version 1.0.3

    Some bugfixes about manual additional prices. AdditionalData.txt => DataAdditional.txt

    IMPORTANT: With the change of the name of additional price file, it's format also changed. Just one "-" will be enough to make the algorithm detect item separation. But it seems like it also works with the old format. For the people who doesn't want to place "-" between items, they can just add NF (No Format) to name of the text file. DataAdditionalNF.txt it should be.

    Reformatted console outputs. Added a couple more code explanations. Made the code a little more optimized.

    Let me know in any case of quality-of-life suggestions, don't be shy if you think the idea of yours is stupid. Because they are usually not, and your ideas will make the mod better!

  • Version 1.0.2

    Bugfix that solves the dollar-euro trade fee bug on flea and adds an additional data.txt file to let the users do their settings in safe.

    1- New Txt file: AdditionalData.txt is for your configurations. You won't need to mess with the Data.txt file which contains 3k items, at least to update the items manually. You can place your custom prices in the format I made, which is:


    id:ITEM ID


    Be careful about the amount of -'s since if you add one less or one more it may go crazy and break the algorithm. Just copy paste, and it will be okay.

    2- Euro-Dollar based trade fee bug: Since the database doesn't have the currencies as data(or something else), I receive their price as 0 rubbles. Which triggers the function that makes all the 0 priced items raise to 10k rubbles, and makes the dollars and euros to reach god-like prices. Fixed that by adding manual prices to AdditionalData.txt

  • Version 1.0.1

    Small changes and some reformatting, classic hotfix after release

  • Version 1.0.0

  • And how do I make a bitcoin coin at a flea market cost at least 150 thousand?

    • Steps:

      1- Open RecommendedPrices.txt in mod/config

      2- Start a new line in the file by pressing enter on the end.

      3- Copy and paste this line pack to the new line you created:


      After you restart the server, average price of bitcoin will be 160 thousand rubbles.

      The file should look something like this as format after you have added the lines:

  • Could I suggest please adding an alternate updater to the mod that doesn't append any "10000" prices to the Data.txt for missing items, but just skips them instead? I run the blacklist remover so seeing what should be super expensive items for 10k (and roughly 800 of the entries are, which are a bitch to delete) really screws with the flea. D: The default values included with the server seem to work just fine for those, outliers are far easier to fix than turning all of them to 10k.

    • Done! There is an additional file set that you can change to get no 10k price change. But right now, the database is down so potentially you won't be able to update for a while, just letting you know.

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    • Still appreciated! <3

  • im getting this error :>

    Not always but sometimes

    • Seems like some null offers are staying in the pool, done a small part about skip of null offers. But I didn't encounter with the error during my runs.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Maybe you know what is causing it? since it comes randomly and then i need to restart the game .

    • Actually, I have no idea what is causing the error you get. Tried to reproduce it, but I was not successful on that way since mine works fine. If it is not fixed with the latest patch I made, probably not because of the updater.

  • Do i launch exe before Aki server or when server launches?

    • You can run the exe whenever you want before you start the server. It updates the prices of the data file which we use to update the prices of the game. When you launch the server, the mod will take the data out of the prices file that we got by launching the exe and use it on the flea prices.

      So, the steps are:

      1- Launch exe file (You don't need to run it everytime, just launch it when you want to see the prices updated)

      2- Start server

      3- Check the server console to see if the mod works:

      "Work Check

      Items Updated: 2971 (this should be something higher than 2900)

      Additional Items Updated: 4 (this can be anything from 0 to 3000)

      Prices are updated successfully"

      If you see the text above on the server's console you launched, it means the mod works as it should be.

      Note: You don't need to close the game to see the prices updated, you can just restart the server and it'll get the new prices on the game.

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  • I added an additional text file for the people who wants to update the prices based on tarkov online but also wants to keep their specific price configurations. Just add your manual prices to the AdditionalData.txt, and you are okay.

  • Есть ошибка. Кейс SICC стоит 9000 рублей, тепловизионные очки 9300 рублей. Это плохо. Если выдаете вещи на продажу за евро, за комиссию 15 миллиардов рублей. Установили аптечку Ifak за 200 евро — комиссия 15 млрд руб.

    • I am fixing the SICC and Thermal Googles item prices right now. About euros, the game somehow detecting euro as it worths more than 10k, and I will be working on that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • There is a bug with it.

    I was charged a fee for over 15 billion(!) rubles for putting a 2 million thing on flee.

    When I switched to Luas, it was 200k or something, which seems resonable.

    Any idea how?

    • scammazed.. that went straight into Yakhmet's pockets

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    • You just been scammazed by the top G on the Flea bruh... Hustlers university taking yo $$$'s.

    • Welp, if you have placed the item I'm gonna check my bank account.

      Besides of the joke part, I am aware of the thing, I am not sure if it's a bug though. If you place item higher than the max price or lower than the minimum price, the fee goes crazy. Since I am new in Tarkov modding, I don't know how I can manipulate the fee costs.

      Would like to get some help about this part if someone knows the solution

  • Excellent mod!

    Just a small suggestion: if you want to stop the warning message on log screen:

    - go to \SPT-AKI\user\mods\Yakhmets-FleaMarket

    - open the file package.json

    - change this line:

    "akiVersion": ">= 3.2.1 < 3.3.0",

    to this:

    "akiVersion": ">= 3.2.1 <= 3.4.1",

    Hope you like it. :thumbup::)

    • Thanks for the contribution! Done it, and will be in the mod on the next update.

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  • how do i change the prices since when i open tarkovfleam.exe it just closes

    • The exe file gets the prices automatically from the tarkov market database and saves to Data.txt when you launch it. If you want to change prices of specific items, just open the Data.txt file that is right in the same folder, find your item's ID through Item Finder and then change the item's price in the Data.txt file.

      Item Finder:

  • After using Lua's auto market updater for awhile and still seeing inaccurate prices on the market, (ie: GPU's were at 180,000, while 240,000 on live..) this now allows me to set my own prices that are identical to live and tweak as prices fluctuate. Must-have mod. :thumbup: