Jiblet-LeKaiju-Orbitas-AmmoPouch 1.0.1

3x3 Pouch for holding Ammunition. Strap it to your arm, or stick it in your secure container. Or be a devil and get two.

I wanted the old ammopouch mod to work (credit to LeKaiju and Orbitas for that).

So I put it into a blender with Revingly's Medical SICC and pulsed for 30 seconds.

The resulting Ammo Pouch is available from Ragman for 50,000 rubles at LL1 (editable in config.json).

It is 3x3 cells (editable in config.json) and can hold bullets and ammo boxes.

You can put it in your secure container. And thanks to Poltergeist on Discord, you can even strap it to your arm in the armband slot if you like.

  • Version 1.0.1

    ⚠️Upgrade at your peril - you may lose ammo in existing pouches as I've reduced the default size.⚠️

    External size is now 1x2 with an internal size of 2x3 so be careful if you choose to upgrade.

    All configurable via the config file.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hey thanks for keeping this mod updated, is there any chance you could make it go in to the secure container? I'm currently in the middle of creating a hardcore playthrough with a new profile and certain mods but I'd like an ammo pouch in my arse, I guess you could call it security.

    • Have you already tried putting it in your arse?

      Because it should fit nicely already and be accepted without a problem. I even made it 1x2 slot in the latest version so that it fits the part, so-to-speak.


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  • When worn on the armband, it sits on the shoulder near the neck, so ingame it actually clips into your view and blocks your screen when you're holding your gun at certain angles (like peeking a window)

    Would you be able to fix that?

    • See other comments where this was raised below, but in short: I'm afraid not.

      Put up with the clipping, or don't use it in the arm slot.

      I started to look at putting it in the Special Items slot, but:

      1. Those slots don't seem to work the same as all the other slots (don't appear on the default inventory object)
      2. I don't know whether they'll accept containers in those slots.


  • If you could make it like a pocket it could be better imao.

    • What do you mean by ‘like a pocket’?

    • Like the pockets we already have on our character. When you equip it in the armband slot, it gives you extra 4 slots of pockets. I don't know how posible it is tho.

    • This isn't possible as you describe, However, I've just uploaded a mod that lets you alter the size of your pockets, so that you can fit the ammo pouch (a 2x1 item) into your pockets.

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  • Making it an armband is nice, but that also makes it somewhat cumbersome to access as it's far from the vest with the mags.

    Maybe make it special slot compatible?

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    • It's open-sourced; go for it.

    • OK. I don't know how really, as I'm not a coder, but ok.

    • you got this

    • It all reads like ancient Egyptian translated into Spanish by a drunken Russian.

      What VERY few things I know about this stuff isn't relevant to the code involved. And what I'm guessing is the relevant code, I have no clue how to adjust it. Let alone doing it without breaking the mod.

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    • Doing the bits and bobs that I manage with my mods is all pretty easy. "AlterExtracts" is probably the simplest one of mine to look at and figure out.

      The only file you need to really look at is mod.ts , the others are just there to make it load.

      However, making the ammo pouch work in a special slot has so far eluded me. I may have to ask for help on Discord :)

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  • Always been a fan of using the armband slot for utility, good mod, thank you!

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  • It's strange but I can't put it on the armband slot ;(:(:(

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    • I have the same issue

    • I'm amazing; managed to release a pre-release that didn't have that functionality and should never have been anywhere near a release. Go me!

      Fixed now, make sure to delete the old version though.

      If you have this line in your mod.ts file you should be fine:

      tables.templates.items["55d7217a4bdc2d86028b456d"]._props.Slots[14]._props.filters[0].Filter.push(itemId); //Make it an armband too
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    • For some reason the item is visible in first person and is positioned around the throat so it blocks my view when I run.

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    • That sounds amazing, I've not seen it. Screenshots?

    • Link zu file.io
      Screenshot of the character view, video when running in factory with pouch in arm slot.
      The more you look down, the more you see the ammo pouch, but even when looking straight ahead it'll move into the lower right side of your screen occasionally when running.
      Sorry about the quality.
      I assume thats the thing @Rhyufer meant

      Edit: Still a great mod, I just leave it in my secure container.